Survey | What Frustrates You the Most about State Government Corruption?

What Frustrates You the Most about State Government

State governments are struggling with budget deficits, polarized debate and all-too-frequent corruption scandals. In one ten-year period, Florida convicted 824 public officials… and it is hardly alone. Yet many state officials and employees work tirelessly to provide essential police, social welfare, education and other services. Often, those same people want to see reforms to make state government more effective and honest.

The Center for Public Integrity, in conjunction with Public Radio International and Global Integrity, is organizing a two-year collaboration between journalists, civic groups and the public to measure government openness and reduce the risk of corruption in every state. We’ll be ranking states and issuing report cards showing what is right and wrong. And we need your help.

We’d like to hear from you about your experiences with state government — good and bad — and what areas of state government you feel are in most need of reform. Whether you are a parent or teacher dealing with state education requirements, a businessperson working with government, or a current or former state employee or elected official, we need your insights on state government honesty and corruption. Your stories and expertise will go a long way in helping our national State Corruption Investigation.

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9 Responses to “Survey | What Frustrates You the Most about State Government Corruption?”
  1. Kathleen Burt says:

    Foreclosuregate and the changes to early voting, closing the polls on Sunday; making it difficult for new voters to sign up!

  2. Bill Mcauliffe says:

    “The Corruption” part.

  3. Stephanie Lowman says:

    Corrupt officials have a price tag, and it really isn’t that much when one considers how deep the corrupt banksters pockets are. Banksters have captured government. Two, out of date, steps that may not change a thing: identify the corrupt public officials, get them out of office. The new mode of operation is to TAKE to the STREETS! Occupy!

  4. marilyn lane says:

    The fraud in the Courts.

    The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of our Constitution
    gives the Judges the task to protect our property rights .

    The dumbness and corruption of a Judge like Alice Schlesinger
    whose intent is getting as much money as she can from corrupt
    Title companies at the expense of destroying our Constitution .

    Thank God there are Judges like Arthur Schack with brains and honesty.

  5. Bloodsoaked says:

    Doe’s anyone have any of Thomas Jeffersons DNA available. Mabey we could graft some onto the rats back and grow some good human bings to be politicians and mabey some of it will seap into the host bloodstream and kill the corrupted cells like cancer and make these BANKERRATS into nice little cuddly hamster’s. Then all the FATCATS will die from their own CORRPERATE DISEASE and all the little gerbles scurry from there pockets looking for a NWO will find no place to hide.

  6. Readdocs says:

    The fact there’s not enough effective justice on the state or federal government
    level. By pursuing the same level of justice to those who work for the
    government as though who were tried as private citizens, the fear of being
    caught and prosecuted would stop some of the illegality going on in the
    state or federal government.
    Put the real fear of prosecution and paying by spending years in prison
    into all employees, elected or assigned.

  7. tonycat says:

    Amen! Just cannot understand it – there HAVE to be some honest officials/politicians/Attorneys General somewhere! I really thought North Carolina might have had one. So far, he seems to be going along with the majority in the foreclosuregate negotiations with the banks.

  8. lvent says:

    The entire FORECLOSUREGATE cover-up..

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