Kick Em Out | Gov. Scott’s Plan to Speed Fraudclosure Process Draws Mixed Reactions

Gov. Scott’s plan to speed foreclosure process draws mixed reactions

DAYTONA BEACH — Gov. Rick Scott wants to improve the state’s housing market by removing the courts from the foreclosure process, a move supporters say will help prevent long delays.

Critics say removing the courts from the process would give too much power to lenders and removes protection needed by homeowners. Plus, courts would lose more than half of their funding received from foreclosure fees.

Scott and Republican leaders in the House and Senate have expressed interest in changing the process this year, although specifics have yet to be determined.

State lawmakers last year did not pass a bill to change the process.

“Right now it takes more than 600 days to get through a foreclosure,” said Lane Wright, Scott’s press secretary, in an email. “That’s just too long. When foreclosures take that long, fewer people want to lend money to homebuyers and the market can’t recover.”

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  1. Fury says:

    many brownstones in nyc have boarded up windows.

    it’s bad, people. very bad.

    it is not being reported in the main stream media.

    in nyc, at least we have money from tourists.
    thank God,we have things they want to look at.

    how about poor towns who have lost their industries?
    or towns who have been hit by hurricanes andn/or the bastard idiots of BP?

  2. Fury says:

    gov. rick scott, medicare fraudster.

    how was he ever allowed to run for governor of florida must less win?

  3. lvent says:

    Gov. Scott is obviously looking to capitalize on bankster fraud…despicable!!! The politicians are all criminals…It is like the politicians are trying to start a revolt.. It is getting to the point where we have no choice. Nothing is being done to help homeowners or the unemployed…the hardest hit by the NWO’s crime of the century…What Obama said the other day is despicable…if the President of The United States is saying the banks were just reckless, this is a huge problem….NOT ONE POLITICIAN is in our corner,,,,,,,,,,Not only are they traitors and treasonists,and greedy, but they are cowards….how do they all sleep at night? …….Today’s Keiser Report is calling for a nationwide mortgage revolt and stop using these banks and paying the credit bills….

    • lvent says:

      Check out:

      • Fury says:

        i saw helicopters hovering over the east side today,
        i have tried to find video of the march against the billionaires.

        my frail, senior citizen neighbor went alone down to wall street today.

        i am going back w/ her in the next few days.

      • lvent says:

        Fury, were they newscopters or black ops? I feel so bad for the elderly on fixed incomes in this horrible economy….It is going to be up to the strong to take care of the weak….This is a disgrace!! All the money we busted our asses to make to have a better life and pay for our homes, our kids to go to college, or for our retirement, these GLOBALIST NWO bastards stole it all and they still are!!….They won’t stop until we are ALL homeless and dying from hunger in the streets!!! Time for We The People to take our country back!!

      • Fury says:

        i couldn’t tell whose helicopters they were.
        i wish i cou’d find my late dad’s binoculars.

        i assumed the helicopters were NYPD and one news media.
        the hovered and seemed to be following a multitude of blocks—- 20.

        one copter left, i thought they must have had to refuel down at the heliport on the west side.

        my friend who went to cxcupy wall street said that she felt like it could have been a more coordinated effort but i feel like like that is what makes it so great….

        we are fighting for Democracy.

        and i don’t agree w/ those who think this movement is run by communists or socialists.

        i have to say that i have never even met anyone in my life who is a socialist or communist.

        we are all now fighting for our lives, country and for what is Right.

        a few days ago we saw the helicopters on the east side and we felt exhilarated, thinking that the protesters were overtaking the Brooklyn Bridge again.

        then, we found out that it was a tourist helicopter that had crashed in the East River and killed an english woman tourist and we felt bad and mourned her loss. others in her group were critically injured.

      • lvent says:

        Fury, The people need to make a stand. I have always felt there was an American side to this….Communism and Totalitarianism is knocking at America’s door, the NWO Global Tyranny… and We The People have to send it packing, now…before they try and steal anymore of our freedoms…The politicians need to be held accountable for this…they are who I blame the most…traitors from within…this could never have happened without inside help and it cannot be stopped without inside help…We may just have some real american patriots hiding behind the scenes of Occupy….it is up to all of us to run with this….!! Max Keiser suggested that if we can’t be at the rallies, we can all do our part…stop paying the mortgage, stop using the big banks and their credit….stop paying and feeding the beast ..!!

    • I vent….they sleep with one eye open…..nothing is saying they are safe….nowhere…..just as in the mafia…many were killed by their own family member….of course they are cowards…..just as gang members are…get one alone and he is chicken shit….the security is among others in their ‘ crowd ‘…until another has plans……….so who can they really trust?

      • lvent says:

        So true Marilyn!…they all wonder which one is going to get the horse’s head in their bed from the vatican assassins….Did you hear the Senate voted down Obama’s jobs bill? I don’t believe there ever was a jobs plan…more kabuki crap…They want everyone to be jobless, destitute and at their mercy..Screw them….the last thing we all need is their remedy for their poison…. I heard on the radio today the Chicago Transit Authority is going to be laying off a bunch of mostly upper level employees….more will be joining the frauclosure club…This is going to be getting really ugly soon….!!

      • I vent…You hit that one right on….the hit is when they least expect it…I remember when my Dad worked on Mafia cases years back ……I would hear him telling my Mother about ‘ in the barber’s chair ‘….’ opened a closet door ‘….I would sleep with the blankets completely over my head….thinking no one would find me….as it pay….Maybe in the mean time…Rome may have many visitors….and not to receive a blessing either……the world has awaken………..Ireland has…..there will be more to follow…..cut the cord….end the Federal Reserve…and get Washington DC cleaned out…… Obama has said and done enough….against the people…. TREASON……

      • I vent…I do not believe for one minute there was such a Job Bill…I do not believe anything that Obama say’s….anything to do with jobs is plain horse manure….it has not been important for almost 3 years…why would it be now…..Doesn’t this man know we are way ahead of him? The more he talks the more asinine he sounds…. he certainly does not make for a good liar….it is written all over his face……..

  4. housemanrob says:


  5. COCO says:

    Scott does not have a chance in getting this done. Too much NEWLY discovered evidence that there is fraud upon the court in almost all of the foreclosures. Speeding up the foreclosure process will NOT stimulate the real estate market as these houses cannot be resold as they do not have clear title. FANNIE AND FREDDIE KNOW THIS. They want to go into the rental business not put them on the market. Just google and do a little homework and you will see that this is true. Just remember, the true goal is to kick you out of your house, force you to move in with friends or relatives. We will be a nation of renters if the public does not wake up and contest all of this nonsense. Something tells me that there is a new wind coming. We still live by the Constitution not by whims of people like Scott. His agenda is not to stimulate the economy. He probably wants to be a huge investor for the rental market that he is trying to create. This agenda needs to be stopped in its tracks. Occupy is a good start. Occupy is forming all over the country. “The times they are a changin”

  6. What do you expect from an elected fraud criminal?

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      @ AC mod specialists – Tell me what does the AC stand for…just curious. I figure the rest of it has something to do with “modification specialist”.


  7. Katheryn says:

    The new motto….”move em through quickly then burn em down”. Our new motto….”kick their butts out of office and to the curb” quickly!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Ya know. It is really quite comical….the Federal government is trying through the Dodd-Frank Act to requlate mortgage brokers so that this financial crisis will not happen again….like we were the ones who are at the controls.. Under such Act a mortgage broker in the State of Florida must be licensed via testing, fingerprinting, background check and last but not least a credit report via the NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System). Under this enactment, we, as mortgage brokers must assert our knowledge as well as our character in acting as a mortgage broker. We are highly scrutinized during this process to the point of incringement of our privacy. Despite this blatent intervention into our private life to obtain a license, I have complied.

      Isn’t it ironic that NONE of our politicians who hold office and have authority granted to them by the citizens of this country are not subject to the same scrutiny? Would Gov. Scott had been elected if his credit report and background check were of public record such as those applying for a mortgage brokerage license? I think not.

      The state tells me that I have to be in compliance with Federal requlations with respect to being of good “character.” What happened to Bondi? What about Eric Holden? What about all the rest of the senators and congressman in Flori-duh?

      • Bobbi….Very good point…..just find someone who is already crooked and wealthy and have them get you into office….than both will reap the profits….gotcha ……..Another thing I want to ask you since you are a broker…..A Mortgage Co. hires ‘ brokers ‘ to do the application work…are these licensed brokers or are they working under the owners license…such as someone who calls themselves a plumber..( not licensed) and works under the owners license…and does the person who signs the application have to have a license….signs it as a broker……


      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Marilyn – Every person who touches, processes an application (called a 1003) must be licensed. That included all processors as well. That went into effect on January 1, 2011. All brokers must be listed in the NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System) with a valid license. This regulation made all brokers essentially 1099 employees because another part of the regulation directs how the income made from the origination of a mortgage is capped. You can no longer work under another “broker’s” license and you can no longer receive compensation from a lender and have those funds distributed to any other person in a broker’s office other than the one who performed the origination who must also be licensed. We have been forced to have signed agreements with the lenders under two scenarios: 1) Lender paid compensation and 2) Borrower paid compensation. You (broker) can only get paid from one entity chosen and that agreement with that lender applies for ALL persons working in that brokerage. It basically eliminated any competition for borrowers as everybody is regulated at the same pay rate! Sadly, the profits that have been lost from the lenders are being passed down to the borrowers in the form of higher underwriting fees, title charges, closing fees, appraisals and the like. I love it when a borrower says “I’m going with the broker who has the best deal for me”….laughable….there is no competition anymore. We only have ‘service to the customer’ as our only distinction. And by the way, the mortgage originators working at the banks are not under the same rules so the whole of it is designed to eliminate the brokerage side. In the real world, the brokerage side was the only key to keeping the banks on the straight and narrow – we were the ONLY competition for them. With us eliminated, they are free to set the rules and the borrower is left with NO choices.

  8. XXXX says:

    NO!!! he needs to be KICKED OUT ON HIS A$$

  9. debi p says:

    Remember that Rick Scott is the Devil and he has the pen! He is evil and corrupt. Of course he wants to kick everyone out! That’s the Devils way; but he forgot something! The plantiff doesn’t own these loans they have only the corrupt, fraudulent and forged docs– that’s hard for even the DEVIL to dispute. Way to go Rick you revolting example of the devils work so far. What a discusting and corrupt governor we have. He needs to let the devil have his full dues with rick without the general ledger. He is a criminal –he defrauded floridians and medicare for Gods sake. We must get rid of him at any cost. He is a detriment to society and a butt buddy of George Bush– need I say more?? Debi. 5613899339. Boynton beach florida

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