#OccupyBoston | Man Yells “We are Veterans of The United States of America” as Boston Police Attack (VIDEO)

Pay close attention at the 1:50 min mark and beyond.

It appears to me that a man is yelling “We are Veterans of The United States of America” and then gets thrown down to the ground by police…

Is this what these men fought for?

I think not.



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  1. disableddad says:

    What the hell happened to our FREE SPEACH AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY RIGHTS?

    I said this many years ago (15 to be precise) that there was too much separation of the rich and the poor and it has nothing to do with education.
    I have seen so much nepotism in the financial and business world and the destruction of careers of some of the finest and intelligent people I have ever met. It was apparent even then the direction this country was going. Put your friends in position to ripp off the rest.

    When you see city employees(city and county managers, etc) like those in Bell, CA and others,that make statements like “We have to pay that kind of money to get the best” Do they think that we are that stupid? For every $300K opening out there there is an experienced or a fresh college grad that knows more and will do the job for half and will be happy as hell. But if we get our buddy or son or brothers friend’s cousin in there they will always be grateful and quiet.
    Comeon it happens everyday and thats how this bullshit has been undercover so long.

  2. Litgant says:

    First the police, then the national guard, then the federal troops. THat is the way the US will deal with its protesting citizens. The US government is the same as that of Omar. People are not free to assemble. They are not free to protest. They are beaten with clubs. They are attacked with police dogs. They are tazered. They are kicked. They are dragged off like beaten dogs. You would think they would remember Kent State, but no, here they are again ready to shoot people, kill people. The police are acting on orders from the White House. Governer Scott says to beat them and haul them away. When will a rouge cop trying to be a hero pull out his gun and killl some young girl or boy. When they start killing the revolution will become armed. This is a sad day for America, all because of the banks and big business ripping off the American people. Bank of America will be the destruction of America with all its GREED. Same with Wells Fargo, Citi Group, J.P. Morgan-Chase. et al. Banks are destroying America while Obama is out electioneering and trying to raise a billion dollars for his next election. This is AMERICAN SPRING. Support the cause. Speak well of the protestors, Speak negative about the cops who are beating up our people.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Amen Litigant! Hopefully God is at the wheel of this ship and at the epicenter of the hearts of those who are striking against the protestors. Do you think the protestors could march around the buildings of Wall Street and bring them down like the walls of Jericho????

      Let me tell you – God is there! If there is but one thing I could tell those in NYC…it would be to LISTEN…We have long left him out of our lives and now he is speaking…..we need to listen. I really wish that I could witness the entire OWS crowd chanting the Lord’s Prayer at nitefall !!! Really, could anything be more grande than that?????

      • Katheryn says:

        I deeply believe in the power of group prayer. We should all set a specific date and time as well as something very specific to pray for. We will then witness firsthand that power.

  3. At the 1:57 point…The fella yells…” WE are Veterans of the United States of America “……..that is horrible what these bastards police are doing….Sorry I have to even say that…since so many police and deputies are in my family….but when I see and hear this type of treatment…I must speak up….wrong is wrong no matter how you spit it out. These are non-violent protesters….the police are the actual violent ones….the videos have proven that. They have been bought by the frigen wealthy….the crooked bastards who have pushed their weight way to far…..

  4. Katheryn says:

    Hey everyone…we have graduated from “deadbeats” to “unamericans”. Hey Hannity..it’s people like you we have come to despise. You and your other buddies should look up the true meaning of what it is to be an American. I equate all of you to goldfish. If you keep feeding them, they will eat themselves to death. That is how you and your buddies are when it comes to money; no matter how much you have or get you’ll always take more if you can get it. You would take the food out of a child’s mouth if it put more money in your pocket. You make me sick! Captialism used to be a good thing. It created healthy competition and jobs and it also created opportunity. You, Hannity, and your banker, fraud street, and elite friends as well as our greedy politicians have turned capitalism into a vile and offensive means of greed and power and you have contributed greatly to the demise of this country..you, sir, and your buddies are the real “unamericans”.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    What we are seeing is that free speech is the privilege of only those who support the 1%. The remaining 99% of America has no voice or rights to demonstrate or speak our many concerns. The unions that are being dismantled, losing their bargaining rights, those who paid Social Security and need Medicare to live now that Corporate America has decided to discontinue pensions and health coverage for employees. GOP candidates and their supporters suggest we just “die” instead. Corporate America wants to destroy the Federal government, dismantle it so it is a mere shell of representation controlled by Corporations who represent the 1% of the financial industry, big banking, big oil, pharmaceuticals, insurance corporations, etc. ‘We the People’ are speaking but the 1% wants our voice and vote silenced, even veterans who want to end wars. The truth is that Corporate America makes money on ongoing war effforts, which bleed lives, money and energy. Our young people are dying while corporations use taxpayer money to hire independent contractors to support and rebuild these countries, in name only. The truth is that federal funds, taxpayer money, is a means to corporate ends that sucks up profits in their sham efforts. The GOP does not want the wars to end because Corporate America reaps huge profits from taxpayer money supporting unneeded wars. It is greed at work in the name of freedom or defense where there is no real threat except on our own soil. he massive money used for these pointless wars would reduce our deficit. Neither party wants to admit this fact. The tea party movement was seized by the Republican party to further a Corporate agenda even though teaparty goals were initially not consistent. The GOP did what it did with the Moral Majority, Moral Coalition and other means of controlling the political scene for plutocracy, politicians and Washington control. They manipulate and use people to further their agenda. Teaparty’s true voice was lost as a result. Now the party that amplified and seized the tea party are calling the voice of dissension in OCCUPY an unruly MOB because it is contrary to their goals..
    Speak up and support OCCUPY/OWS now as our voices represent many, many grievances of those of us who still believe in the U.S. guarantees freedom of speech,a vote for individuals, not corporations or banks. We on this blog have seen what banks do and we have had enough!

    • talktotennessee says:

      The police look a little uneasy and reluctant. Resistance strengthens our cause. The crowd is shouting, “We are Veterans of the United States of America!” A ‘police state’ would actually seek to ‘still’ the voices of the U.S. veterans? (Reminiscent of Vietnam protests?) How far have we fallen in this country? Only the 1% is permitted a voice?

  6. chunga says:

    VIDEO – Marine Vet At Occupy Wall Street Tells Sean Hannity To “F*CK OFF” For Saying Protesters ‘Hate Liberty’


  7. Katheryn says:

    They don’t care about our service men and women past or present. They have sent them into another useless war costing billions and billions for the sole purpose of profit some how some way. They call the 99% unamericans and deadbeats but as Ivent says black is white and up is down.

  8. Randolph (Randy) Frodsham says:

    This is the same kind of activity that brought on a revolution some 230 years ago. Both sides desparately need to study history and human nature.

  9. Bobbi Swann says:

    The NYPD, every single officer, is bought and paid for…corrupt and greedy. They should be recognized for what they are…..SCUMBAGS….nazi’s of the worst kind.

    • Bobbi…The Boston police are no better….They all have been bought….and Yes..I agree with TalktoTennessee…the police in Boston do act and look a little uneasy and reluctant….their life is on the line in a crowd of protesters….some police probably don’t even want to be there…but no choice is given if they want a paycheck. In New York the ‘ white shirts ‘ did the pushing of their weight while the blue shirts stood back…so far that hasn’t been shown in the Boston videos….so in Boston it’s each man for himself…………

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