Elizabeth Warren – The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Although the above video is a PARODY, and a great one at that, the article below is a well written piece on Ms. Elizabeth Warren.


The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Millions of Americans hoped President Obama would nominate Elizabeth Warren to head the consumer financial watchdog agency she had created. Instead, she was pushed aside. As Warren kicks off her run for Scott Brown’s Senate seat in Massachusetts, Suzanna Andrews charts the Harvard professor’s emergence as a champion of the beleaguered middle class, and her fight against a powerful alliance of bankers, lobbyists, and politicians.

On the afternoon of July 18, in remarks from the Rose Garden amid the bruising showdown with congressional Republicans over the debt ceiling, President Obama made what the White House billed as a simple “personnel announcement.” In a brief speech, the president announced that he was nominating Richard Cordray, the former attorney general of Ohio, to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the new government agency set up to protect consumers from abusive lending practices. In his remarks he described the agency, part of the massive 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as creating “the strongest consumer protections in history,” set up “so ordinary people were dealt with fairly.” After which he turned to thank the woman standing to his right, Elizabeth Warren.

A Harvard law professor, one of the nation’s leading bankruptcy experts and consumer advocates, the 62-year-old Warren had come up with the idea for the agency in 2007. She had advised the Obama administration on its creation in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse and helped to push it through Congress. Warren had also spent the last 10 months working tirelessly to build the agency from scratch—hiring its staff of 500, including Richard Cordray, organizing its management structure, and getting the C.F.P.B. up and running for its opening on July 21.

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7 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren – The Woman Who Knew Too Much”
  1. Wanting to blame Obama is ridiculous. With every president it’s always the same thing. When will people wake up and realize the president has no real power, especially when it comes to issues of money in this country. Even if a president wanted to fix things they couldn’t. The last one who even thought about it got his melon rocked in Dallas.

    This country was built on murder, theft, rape and lies. As long as evil greedy racists have money it will always be corrupt. They teach us bullshit like we defeated the British and yet the very system they wanted was implemented anyway. They did this from the inside out with the help of attorney pawns. Of course none of it could happen without the stupid regular people who follow and believe whatever they are told and taught.

    We have a legal system doing illegal things, that operates for money to protect money, not law, not people. We have a law enforcement that operates for money to protect money, not law or people. It always has been and always will be about money, not law or people. Our money, our work is all being used against us. We give corporations our money, and they use it against by lobbying (bribing). These people live off us, can’t live without us, and yet they will throw us out of our own homes without a care in the world. Why? Cause people are stupid and still do business with Banks and Corporations and Courts.

    Way to go America! Next time you want to blame someone point the finger at yourself for allowing this to happen.

  2. Remember…Obama see black is white and white is black…see’s wrong as right and right as wrong….proof..just look at who he appointed to serve in the White House….not one of any value….he judges others by how good they can lie..cheat and steal from others….not by what good they have done…. he was not my choice when elected…..and for 3 years I have waiing for the start of the petition to impeach him….it has been a horrible 3 years…what a drastic mistake this has been…

  3. housemanrob says:

    ……is she the only American hero who has been derailed?…..Obviously not……..time for war!

  4. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Sorry, again, I want to Vote for Elizabeth Warren !

  5. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Sorry, I want to Vote for Elizabeth Warrwn !

  6. Eugene Villarreal says:

    I want to Vote foe Elizabeth Warren !

    • CaitlinO says:

      So write in her name on the 2012 ballot. It’s what I’m going to do. Obama has utterly betrayed the 99% and the Repugnant candidate, whoever that may be, is guaranteed to be even worse. Electing someone from either of the 2 major parties is useless given how the oligarchy has hijacked all three Federal branches of government.

      We need a new sheriff in town and a lady whose grandmother at age 11 could drive a wagon at top speed with her little brothers and sisters bouncing around in the back across the prairie to stake a claim in the Oklahoma land rush sounds to me like she has probably inherited the grit for the job.

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