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Wake up America – We’re being screwed!

A few years ago I heard a story about a regular guy who, through no fault of his own, kept losing jobs due to outsourcing and insourcing. That story is what prompted me to write “I Wanna Be A Pirate”. This man’s factory was shut down and the manufacturing was sent to China (probably with the help of your tax dollars). So he went back to school and got an IT degree. Guess what? He lost that job too because there is a visa program that brings folks into this country who will generally work for less than Americans. That’s what it’s like to be an American worker today! While all our politicians are talking about creating jobs, behind your back they have voted to pass trade agreements that end up sending your jobs to China, India, Mexico, anywhere cheap labor can be found. This started under President Reagan, but really took off under the Clinton and Bush administrations. That’s right – no one party is to blame. Mark Bello, an attorney I met online, reminds me that, while many Americans are losing their jobs, many more Americans are being damaged from tainted products being imported from China, etc. So we lose our jobs and are then rewarded with cheap, dangerous products.

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  1. Earlier this year a group that was brought over here to work at the Hershey factory i believe in Pa….walked off the job. Maybe someone from Pa. can fill us in on the story…or google it….that was the first I had heard the government was doing this…and I would believe the government was paying the company to hire them. I have come to believe that if this country knew all that was done behind our backs…..holy hell would be raised….Yes America…they fly people here from other countries to do our jobs…..

    • housemanrob says:

      Marilyn………Some of the employees here in Jupiter…….at Walmart’s DO NOT SPEAK ANY ENGLISH….and all the employees are not the robust young or middle age american types…….this is happening all over the city… of the wealthiest in the country!

      • Rob….Everything has changed over the years…..the government and the corporations had it all planned…. and it may all backfire on them….. they have opened the doors for anyone to walk right in…. and it may be that walmarts may have to hire X amount of foreigners….an agreement with the government…..who really knows….there is so much dirty shit that has gone on that we don’t know….everything is opaque…….I am not for others not to come here…but what jobs are left should be for the citizens….they need to halt any immigration at this time….kinda late for that with 14 million at count not long ago….from Mexico alone…..all this just fries me….Well…if this country goes any further than it is right now as you and Malco talk ….those who have come here are in for a shock…..did they come here for freedom ? For a job ? Hell, the jobs are in other countries and where is the freedom…? Some may change their minds and leave…

  2. blackwidow says:

    I became a pirate today!!! I filed my pro-se complaint today in Greenville, SC. I have been fighting Chase since 2008 after being illegally evicted from my home. The South Carolina State Supreme Court issued a halt to all foreclosures in the state in 2009 and 2011. Lucky for me, I found this site and decided to FIGHT BACK!

    I gotta go but would welcome your support and guidance as now “it’s my turn”!

    Thank you,


    • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

      Pro se is a very tough row to hoe.

      Read the rules of civil procedure, and evidence. Literally again and again.

      Learn to research case law.

      Plan on losing in the circuit court and do EVERYTHING in the lower court to preserve the arguments and errors. Appellate courts are ruling much more in accordance with rule, fact and law.

      I don’t mean to be discouraging, but that is how it has typically been going for folks.

      So plan on an appeal.

      • blackwidow says:

        I deeply appreciate your concerns and I do agree, however I am the widow of a trial lawyer who spent 15 years as his paralegal. I would encourage you to read my complaint and would welcome any advice or encouragement.

        I have filed under the SC RICO ACT, Fraud, Temporary and Permanent Injunctive Relief; Violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, Unclean Hands and other relief. The complaint is 33 pages with documented facts with cases on point.

        South Carolina is the only state that has stopped all foreclosures. The first state to uncover violations of the law regarding our men and women in combat, Rowles v. JPMorgan Chase.

        In addition I cited the OCC Consent Order issued to JPMorgan. Prior to filing my complaint I requested a review of my foreclosures which occured in the “Foreclosure Review” time frame. Of course I was contacted by Chase and told “we are no longer the servicer of your mortgage” and therefore we are not responsible for the actions taken during our tenure as the loan servicer” ….are you kidding me!

        The first foreclosre was filed before the assigment was recorded. The bank attorney stated in his foreclosure (Lis Pendens) “assignment to be recorded”…..

        I fully understand I am out gunned…..but …I am determined to fight. If I am successful on the TRO I will in all probability obtain counsel. I just paid $25K to a law frim to settle my late husbands estate, his partners raided the company and I am holding a note in second place position behind the bank for $1.2 Millon. Trust me ….if I had the money owed to me I would hire a firm to go after the “Wall Street:” mob.



      • housemanrob says:

        ….profoundly correct…..

  3. malco says:

    Whoever posted this , lets do it !!! I am not working and have way too much time on my hands , may as well have some fun and take our SHIT BACK !!!!!!! I , for one , fear no man , I am no bad ass , but I will get one or give one , and I have a lot of pent up anger so lets organize and literally go after these thieves ! Is that any worse a crime then what they have done to us ? Remember back in grade school ” but he started it ” ? My Father taught me to always get even , back when you were allowed to fight in school , if someone beat me up , the old man would send me back after the kid and I would keep going back win or lose until I won . Thanks Dad , for instilling in me that instinct for survival . The fight or flight thing , well my back is against the wall and that is not a good thing . So where do we go from here ?

    • housemanrob says:

      Malco…..We are going to need many, many, many…………like you willing and not afraid to go to battle……..I am with you!

      • Rob….Got a feeling there are many others just waiting in the background….when needed they will come out from everywhere….many are not expressing out loud…but they are there….and I believe that is why Obama is not bringing home the military….cause he knows they will fight for this country….

    • housemanrob says:

      Malco…..Seems to me your dad taught you…………you are a bad ass, but it is in your DNA!

      • malco says:

        My Dad used to tell me we were “Royalty” from Ireland , I laughed and asked if that meant we could fight better or drink more , well I am sober after many years ( dont think this stress hasn’t made me want to drink ) so all I got left in me is FIGHT ( BTW after doing the search of my family tree , we actually were in the county of Cork Ireland in the late 1700’s ! ) I E Mail Brian Moynihans office 2 x’s a week – he is the CEO of B of A . I am bringing the fight to them and they do NOT want to talk to me – I have been assigned to AT LEAST 16 different “Account Specialists ” who just cannot seem to answer my barrage of questions . Rob , thanks -We MUST stick together and organize ( great now I have been labeled as a terrorist ) . Well maybe I am , keep pushing and find out . Marilyn , I agree , I got sick of just reading and said to hell with it , I will speak and type my mind , and I do think that quite a few are in the shadows , afraid to speak up . That is not what this country is about , we should never fear our government – key word there OUR . They seem to have forgotten who they work for. I hope all have a good weekend and take a few minutes to relax , we have a long fight in our near future .

      • Malco, you may enjoy reading about what your Royal kinfolk are doing about this situation!
        check out

        john/ las vegas

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