Dylan Ratigan | Beau Biden on his Fight to Investigage the Banks



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  1. Bobbi…Do you really think his Daddy has not taught him more than what he is putting on ? Come on…blood runs thick….don’t drink the kool-aid he is serving….I say he very well knows the history of where, when and how this all started…. he just skips over what he does not want revealed to the public…..he is off the same DNA….

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Yeah, I guess you’re right Marilyn. I guess I wanted so much for a politician to be on the side of the 99%….but his plan(s) always seem to head in one direction….modification and principal reduction, which is NOT what the 99% want. Modifying fraud…that is ridiculous! Thanks for bringing me back to reality!

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    I commend Mr. Biden for taking a stand…but he really is not educated as to where the fraud begins. the fact that the banks were using “credit” from the Fed Res PRIOR to funding the ‘anticipated’ mortgages means that the banks were essentially using credit to fund credit and that is illegal. That’s where Mr. Biden falls short on where the starting point for fraud begins. The banks were using Fed funds to fatten their assets for lending so that the eternal wheel of fortune kept turning. The fact that any loan approval needed “investor approval” prior to funding a mortgage should lead anybody to realize that credit was being used to fund these mortgages. Ask any lender’s underwriter whose guidelines they were using. These mortgages were sold even before they were closed!!!! That is where the fraud starts and that’s where Mr. Biden falls short on his education. Maybe he really does know the truth but afraid a widespread panic will follow,,,I don’t know. Or maybe he just does not realize how many of the 1% already know the truth. Maybe some of our Deleware bloggers need to give Mr. Biden a little more ‘push’ or education….

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