And In Other News… Lender Processing Services Irritates Crowds at Riverside Arts Market

Riverside Arts Market marred by diesel exhaust

The Riverside Arts Market has a promise from a neighboring business to avoid venting diesel fumes that irritated crowds at the popular Jacksonville bazaar.

“They said that would not happen again, and they certainly don’t want to interrupt the market,” said Teri Coutu, who directs the market held Saturdays under the Fuller Warren Bridge.

People there last weekend blamed headaches, sore throats and other problems on exhaust from a diesel-powered generator at Lender Processing Services’ property at 601 Riverside Ave.

It was the third weekend since September that there had been an exhaust problem, said market regulars.

Full report here…

LPS is such a lovely bunch…


6 Responses to “And In Other News… Lender Processing Services Irritates Crowds at Riverside Arts Market”
  1. lvent says:

    Max Keiser reporting today that CHASE holds 90 trillion in derivatives risk with no counterparty protection……Max said they are a dead bank walking…

  2. Michael says:

    Running a generator that requires that many diesel engines on Saturday when energy usage from other businesses is lower?

    I wonder what is LPS doing on the weekends that requires that much power?

    I don’t even mean this sarcastically .. I literally wonder what LPS could possibly doing that requires all that electricity. They said people can park in their lot so they must not even have a full staff in. Anybody know what happens at LPS every other Saturday?

    • leapfrog says:

      Maybe its all those robo-pen machines.

    • housemanrob says:

      ,,,,,how about a humongous document shredder………that shreds and then incinerates lots of paper? LOL!

    • Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

      It has to be a COMBINATION of the shredders for t he original documents (or any copies with excessive blemishes), the massive printing machines for all those documents, plus the power for the e-signing supercomputers. Then there are all the false documents they need to produce to dummy up the supposed delivery of the notes and mortgages to the trusts.

      Has anyone seen any semi’s delivering reams of paper? How about any dumpster for recycling? Even the shredded paper need to go SOMEWHERE.

      I presume they do not have an incinerator or there would be reports of that too. Now maybe the trucks are there to also power air conditioners to offset the heat from the combination of all the other equipment.

      Come to think of it, the diesel fumes would mask any incinerator, while providing the power to offset the heat.

      HMMM? Satire or no? Take your pick.

  3. leapfrog says:

    Did you read any of the comments from the trolls on that article? No wonder Florida has elected people such as Bondi and Scott if the comments in that article are any representation of the collective thinking. Could have been LPS employees astroturfing the comments though.

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