Falling Foreclosures Mean Falling Revenue For Courts (VIDEO)



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  1. Prosecute the fraud says:

    The courts need to robo docket quiet title actions to remove all the fraud on the titles and homeowners have their house clear.

    Clear title by the homeowners will get the economy moving again.

    If the banks have committed fraud, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. To the banks, its a fraudulent balance sheet, to homeowners its their life.

    Amazing how the new mortgage rescue program is going to help homeowners who are still making payments and are not behind. What the government and banks fail to tell you is that they will do this “favor” for you, the homeowners, so they can clean up all the fraud in the paperwork and have the ability to foreclose later and obtain clear title.

    Just more fraud. Amazing.

  2. lvent says:


  3. Mary says:

    Quick rant to make my point:

    Why can’t I find a job? I have 15 years in Real Estate as a Top Producer and Agent of the Year Award recipient.
    15 years in Purchasing & International Supply Chain Management. And just recently became a Certified Paralegal from Boston University. I can tell you why I can’t find a job… employers today are pulling your credit. My credit would not suck if the economy didn’t tank like it has. My credit would not suck if my credit card issuer did not jump my interest rate from 5.9% to almost 30% in just a few months, when at the time, I had no late payments. That was CHASE BANK. Well, that caused my minimum payment to skyrocket to where I could not afford even the Minimum. And, when my home went into foreclosure, again CHASE BANK, I did not know at the time that my documents were Robo Signed and the Notary has since had her commission revoked.
    Thankfully I had another home to move back into. Yup, that one went into foreclosure as well. This time, I knew better. I fought back. I won Pro Se with lots of help from sites like this. Which lead me to go back to school for the Paralegal Certification. So you see, I am intelligent, well rounded, works very hard for personal and professional success, and turns failure into success. So that is why I went back to school. I am also a very ethical person. So why am I having a hard time finding a JOB. My credit sucks… Because of the actions of the BANKSTERS and what they have done to ruin this NATIONs economy!
    NOW to read that the reduction in Foreclosures is causing a financial burden on the courts~ Well, La-De-Fuckin’ Da! It is very TAINTED REVENUE. Courts should be making their revenue from cases against the BANKERS, ROBO SIGNERS and every other person, Government officals, all of Fannie & Freddie, MERS, etc… who created this mess of swill. These Richer than Rich 1%’ers who are pulling all the financial strings of the American People are who should be in COURT. I hope they all rot in hell. But they won’t. Because they get multi million dollar bonuses for screwing over the working class and stealing our homes.

    I tried to buy a car today. Mine is on it’s last leg and I need to drive to interviews. The car dealer who told me they see people with credit like mine all the time and they can help me. Yea, they wanted 29% interest with 35% down on a car from their BACK LOT. So they wanted to rape me in the interest rate, hit me for a huge down payment, and then tell me what kind of car to drive. WHY? Yup…my credit sucks.

    The fall out from what the banks have done is going to haunt me and millions of others who are in the same boat I am in. Everytime my car needs a tow, or a jump start or a new anything else, it’s going to haunt me.

    We shall overcome this. It’s called VOTING.

    • see says:

      You are right about he court system depending on f/c filings to help finance the courts. They should have known that the f/c wouldn’t last forever. What did the courts do long before the foreclosures. I can see people behind closed doors jumping up and down about the revenue they were getting and they were probably depending on that revenue for many years to come. They hired worthless senior judges who made a mockery of the system. Now they are WTF how will we maintain the courts. They should have thought about that before they got too used to f/c money. The courts did this to themselves.

      • see says:

        Don’t know why this ended up under Mary’s post when I replied under lies post.

      • Mary says:

        I live in Lee County Florida aka; the Armpit of Fraudclosures. The 20th Judicial Court building here just underwent renovations. Hmmm… I wonder how many homeowners lost the roof over their heads due to Robo Signed documents and unethical banking practices it took to afford it?

        *grrrrr* Pisses me right off!

    • lvent says:

      Mary, it is the keyensian monetary system that is causing the crisis and that was intentional..The criminals are robbing all of us to pay for all of their fraud….their debt is unsustainable and they are insolvent…WE THE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ABOLISH THE FED AND THE NWO!!! ISSUE OUR OWN CURRENCY BACKED BY GOLD OR SILVER…RESTORE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION TO ITS ORIGINAL FORM..The States must secede from this debt slave tyranny…

    • see says:

      Mary lot of us are facing the same situation as you. No one would rent to us because of a BK and foreclosure on my husband and mine credit report. We live in a single wide trailer that has mold, smells like rat crap and is cold. There is about once a week the cops at the entrance of the trailer park arresting people right and left for drugs. Besides my cat the other pets were roaches and a rat.(took some doing but we got rid of the roaches and rat, hopefully) We live here because no one else would rent to us and we have tried to find someplace else.. And believe me the mold has taken a toll on all of us. We find jobs to do here and there but they are temporary and we get stressed as to how are we going to make the next rent payment.

      You hear the politicians says the foreclosure have to continue so someone else can buy the house and they can rent them out. My question is to whom when a large portion of the population has their credit destroyed?

      I totally get the vehicle trouble because we are also in the same situation as you. Once the vehicle dies that is it for us. No more transportation which will make going to those small jobs impossible.

      Lots of decent hard working people have lost everything because of the greed and corruption that has affected so many and will continue to do so. We all need to stand up and say no more, we will not put up with this shit any longer. My opinion for whatever it is worth.

      • Mary says:

        I am so very sorry to hear of your situation. My friends are living in a rental home where the landlord told them there was no credit check because they understand how so many people have credit trouble.
        I offer them to let me check their lease before they sign it and also let me know the address so i can check the courts for any foreclosure activity or signs there of. Being a Professional Realtor and a my own personal experience in Foreclosures (200 hours logged at least on the subject & my own case work) I told them it would be in their best interest to have an experienced set of eyes on their side. Let me add that I do this for free, they are friends of mine.

        Well they didn’t take me up on my offer. Not only did they pay 1st, last and security, they paid a $250 pet deposit for each of their 2 dogs. So $3,800 later, they moved into a nice pool home. Only to find out it was on the Rocket Docket and weeks away from the Summary Judgement hearing. They found out the same week they moved in. But NOT in time enough to stop payment on any of the checks paid.

        Renters need to be made aware of the dangers lurking around the corner. Or end up shelling out thousands of dollars for a fist full of ‘ugly’. Moving sucks enough to begin with. To get totally screwed like this because of not doing a little homework just adds insult to injury.

        I hope every single person who is registered to VOTE does so!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      @ mary I live in hernando county and i watch around me as there are so many foreclosures in the spring hill/weeki wachee area. so many foreclosures that the grass grows as high as the roof and bee have hives in the homes. homes that you an i would love to live in but sit abandoned because families thought becuase they could not affor their home they moved away. they did not know what was going on in the 2005-2006 how fraud was devistating our cities. i for on watched everychild around us in east hollywood florida NOT graduate form high school. get into drugs, pregant. i saw the change in 2002 when my son was in 4th grade. we moved away hoping to educated my children but got stuck in miramar florida with a 7k tax bill we sold in 2006 to …get this…… avoid foreclosure. with our 789 credit scores we moved. didnt know about “stated income loans” because i sent the wells fargo mortgage broker my paycheck stubs. i have emaiks to prove it. what she did is atrotious she added about 700$ to my monthly income. you know as i do the salaries in south florida are alot more then in the west coast of florida. i felt the strain on my finances when i moved. no i did not fill out this application i was a distance buyer and trusted the wrong people. we had 2500 homes fore sale in hernando county at the time. i could have purchased any home if she only would have not lied and did a stated income loan i would have not been approved and life could b e different. the stress is killing us. my kids feel it to. the chase credit card scam is fraud to chase did that to to i had 7-8% intrestt. i used the card to save my home in 2009 when i lost my job. i signed a forebearance which affected my credit and chase increased my intrest to 22% i did a credit card mod but could not keep up with the double payments. it went to a credit collection in 3 months. i had a lawyer call me that the credit card debt was securitized to and that chase was the servicer did not own the credit card balance also increasein g the intrest rate that much from 6-7-8% to 20-30% is illegal. we need to research it but he told me they do not own the debt chase so if you ever have to go to court ask them to prove they own it. i am a nurse whom became severley under employed last summer after the bp oil spill. are you a conspiracy theorist i think the banks paid someone to blow up the oil rig to cause more foreclosures in florida people were not leaving their homes fast enough. sept 2010 i was current. when i called wells fargo for help because i could see us running out of money in the near future, they told me not to pay. yup greedy phucking barstards stole my house. when i was thee months late the took my hamp application but again had it in for me. my file was moved out of review. then again i applied jan 2011 again they lost my paper work. it does not want to stop and i am not sure what to do. at this point. i hanging in writing all i can and venting seems to get all my pain off my chest. thank you all for being here. do not know what to do despair is setting

  4. talktotennessee says:

    Personal opinion is that the fall in foreclosures is not the result of fewer defaults. I believe default is actually higher but we aren’t getting numbers on pre-foreclosure defaults are we? Why? Because this is shadow inventory being held on the books of servicers until immunity or amnesty is in place. Complicating the problem is the fact that sales are flat. The financial industry is in control, regardless.
    Food for thought. . . . .

    Nat ional Association of Realtors is saying inventory is falling not because of sales, which are almost non-existent in some markets but because people are removing their listings or just waiting. They can’t clear the mortgage and pay fees associated with selling or closing, much less repairs,etc that usually go with selling. To make matters worse appraisals fail to support break-even sales in many cases. People aren’t going to take a heavy hit. They will walk away, short sell or stay, hoping things improve. Defaults are held on servicer’s books, often left in a homeowner’s name. The banks are sitting on reserves to cover losses or charging off fees to investment trusts they service. Can you say MANIPULATION? Nothing is transparent? IF banks gain immunity, they will dump REOs to recover something as long as they can find preferably [cash] buyers. Prices are falling severely as US investors fear title issues. It could take years to clear bank-owned inventory?
    But. . . . .Is there a market on the horizon?

    Global marketing of U.S. houses: Excerpt from Oct. issue of Real Estate p. 46: “NAR (National Association of Realtors) Goes Global: Taking U.S. Listings BEYOND OUR BORDERS by Nick Caruso. Realtor.com, the official website of the National Association of Realtors will soon go global all over the world, translations in eight languages with currency and measurement conversion services. . . . Available at no additional cost for all agents whose MLSs are currently listed on the site.: (an appeal directed at unsophisticated foreign buyers?)
    So, could wealthy foreign investors bail out our banks, again? Foreign investors, unfamiliar with our laws, could clear inventory if they are ignorant of our chain of title, fraud or litigation issues. Foreign buyers may seek high demand areas in Florida coast areas, Nevada, California. Prior boom areas could benefit by buying the banks shadow inventory cheap and still benefit the bank. We are already seeing many foreign investors buy cheap rentals locally, banks cutting their losses. If this occurs globally, REOs could flood the market to meet demand. Not a help to homeowners who have already lost or are losing their homes, however.
    The above scenario is observation or personal opinion.

  5. lies is all they tell says:

    court revenue should never have depeneded on foreclosures. foreclosures is a direct reprecussion of subprime mortgage scandal, and the loss of construction and jobs. stop the foreclsoures, modify mortgages to 10-205 BELOW todayds property values. families can again move to where the obs are sturrin gup our economy. keeping things status quo, more and more families will become homeless. is this the kind of lives you want our children to have. my husband lost his job and is unable to find one due to the economy he actuually got a denial letter for a job as a garbage man not kidding tampa waste manage ment said the chose someone with more experience. wow thats over the top

    • lies is all….The court system works on a ponzi system….future monies pays what is needed to continue…if the court system worked as it is suppose to…such as fines on all frauds filed in court..perjury fines…and the banks were told to file the summons again with correct documents…the court would have the money….but the court chose not to do the system the correct way…there were no fines period…and the banks were allowed to just correct the documents and re-file them…at no cost….So courts can eat shit for money. And I know you have been a regular on this site….so you have read the modifications are a scam…you cannot get a modification so forget that….the bank did not lend any money to any homeowner and do not own a hill of beans. Do you want to deal with a bank who you owe no money to ? The banks WANT you to be homeless….its more money for the banks…it’s the NWO…..they want all to be renters……to own nothing…..to be slaves….And of course this is not the life we want for our children….what do you think we are fighting for…..WAKE UP…..

  6. Beth A. says:

    As we often say around here, “Whatduzthat tell ya?”

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