Justice Served | NYPD Officer, Anthony Bologna, Who Used Pepper Spray On Protesters To Lose Vacation Time

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Sources: Police Officer Who Used Pepper Spray On Protesters To Lose Vacation Time

As hundreds of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters marched to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on Tuesday to demand prosecution of alleged police brutality against demonstrators, a police officer who was seen on video using pepper spray on a protester last month was found to have violated city guidelines.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, seen above, was seen using pepper spray on a crowd during a demonstration on September 24.

An NYPD investigation has found that Bologna violated the department’s rules on pepper spray use, and he will lose 10 paid vacation days, sources say.

Bologna can reportedly accept the punishment or bring the issue to an administrative trial.

President Roy Richter of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association said in a statement on Tuesday, “Deputy Inspector Bologna is disappointed at the results of the Department investigation. His actions prevented further injury and escalation of tumultuous conduct. To date, this conduct has not been portrayed in its true context.”

Ron Kuby, the lawyer for the woman who was sprayed, said the punishment did not go far enough.

“He needs a lot of vacation. He needs to go to a place very quiet, far away, for a very long time,” Kuby said. “He’s supposed to be there in an advisory capacity, to ensure that the young patrol officers aren’t doing what in fact the deputy inspectors are doing.”

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11 Responses to “Justice Served | NYPD Officer, Anthony Bologna, Who Used Pepper Spray On Protesters To Lose Vacation Time”
  1. CaitlinO says:

    Great article on how Anthony Balogna, Tony Baloney, feels he’s being “tortured” for pepper spraying Occupy protestors and is stunned at the overwhelming anger being expressed toward him – including death threats.

    His justification? He was actually trying to spray some invisible men on the ground who were grabbing the legs of police, not the women. Invisible men who nobody but him saw and who don’t show up on the videos, of course.

    Most condemning is that another video has surfaced of this rogue, sadistic cop spraying people at a totally different demonstration on September 24.


  2. Garytx says:

    If you or I used pepper spray on someone who presented no threat, we’d do jail time. As should Bologna. I’m an ex-cop, and embarrassed to say that, given the behavior of NYPD white shirts.

  3. John Anderson says:

    It’s a wonder to me that they are going through the process of appearing to punish Officer Anthony Bologna. This was done to appease the sense of injustice felt by people viewing the incident. Cop Tony no doubt has many vacation days owed to him,as most save their vacation days to use for early retirement. A lot of cops have 6 months to a year of vacation time/sick days accrued, before taking retirement. He will appeal the loss, and in a few months when snow clears out the protesters, there will be a hearing, “unannounced & unreported” where it’s given back.
    I am very proud of the protesters, and urge everyone to visit local OWS protests, and bring food & water to give them. The only reason that there has not been more violence by the police is the huge # of video camera phones, as since Rodney King, the only thing they fear is video tape.

  4. foreclosureweary says:

    I hope the girl who got pepper sprayed sues him for everything he’s got–the people can’t fight back even if the policeman is beating you for no reason–someday justice will be served–sooner than later I hope

  5. JayMagoo says:

    Since Insp. Bologna had no reason to pepper spray those young women, they weren’t disobeying police orders, they weren’t unruly, they weren’t threatening, the only logical reason he could have had was that he wanted to stage his own counter-demonstration against them and their political cause. So he used his police position and police weapons, to attack them and the very thing he was sworn to protect — their First Amendment Rights to Assemble and make their grievances known. Inspector Bologna committed assault, at the very least, and dereliction of duty, and the much graver crime of deliberately violating someone’s constitutional rights. He should be arrested, tried in a criminal court, and if found guilty, reduced in rank to patrolman and forced to leave the police department. If his actions are condoned by New York State Criminal Justice system, we might as well throw out the US Constitution and let thugs and Fascist bullies like Bologna take over.

  6. housemanrob says:

    Think about for a moment…..his name translates in English to………..TONY BALONEY! You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. XXXX says:

    Hell No!!! Not good enough…we would be in jail!!!! if we did this
    they will probably give him some time off down the road without people knowing his sissy A$$ is having fun from the paid by the people money oh with Chase in giving the thugs money now but we can still beat them at their own game. We are just now starting up in force so truly who knows what strength will be amassed!!
    spray his A$$ and then cause humiliation and pain and embarrassment and maybe some psychosocial punishment would be a little icing on the punishment cake
    but ya know the whole world saw him and people will def remember THAT NAME!! he is full of bologna
    when your own underlings are appalled at what you did and it is on audio and video, it does says a lot damn it.
    The Whole World Is Watching, I have a feeling the world is hoping America (The People) not USA inc will infuse some straight justice into the backbone of the world as it has been bent over with evil far too long and the people are damn tired of it and they are fighting back in numbers, feel good to say that for a change I must say

  8. Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

    He needs to lose ALL his vacation time AND his pension. He needs to be CHARGED and TRIED with the felonies he committed.

  9. Jeff Redger says:

    Justice served? Say what? Stormtrooper loses his vacation time for felonious assault and battery.

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