New World Economic Order | Vatican Calls For Radical Economic Reform Of World’s Financial Systems

Vatican Calls For Radical Economic Reform Of World’s Financial Systems

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican called Monday for radical reform of the world’s financial systems, including the creation of a global political authority to manage the economy.

A proposal by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace calls for a new world economic order based on ethics and the “achievement of a universal common good.” It follows Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 economic encyclical that denounced a profit-at-all-cost mentality as responsible for the global financial meltdown.

The proposal acknowledges, however, that a “long road still needs to be traveled before arriving at the creation of a public authority with universal jurisdiction” and suggests the reform process begin with the United Nations as a point of reference.

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  1. Wow! This picture got a lot of reaction and I believe warranted and earned by the devil running this church. Remember the show “Thorn Bird” it was about a wealthy family whos money was kept and controlled by the the catholic church. The young priest had a life time affair with one of the heirs of the money the church controlled? It may have been fiction but it is so true. This church is greedy money hungry wanting to control the entire world.

  2. I vent and Rob….Notice the hand gesture…..the fingers….I saw somewhere awhile ago a picture of Bush and it said to notice his hand gesture….the fingers…..and it was the same as in the picture up above…. now that is soooo frig’en sick……that anyones mind would be so warped and twisted…….

  3. lvent says:

    A caption I would like to add to the above pic……”Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name, but what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”…..

    • lvent says:

      Rob, When the election of this Pope was televised and the College of Cardinals was electing the next Pope after John Paul II died….One of the reporters in the media said, the next Pope they choose might be a Black Pope. I do not believe they were talking about the color of his skin…the result of that election I believe is pictured above……I read that Pope John Paul cried when he thought it might be himself who would be the fullfillment of the third secret of Fatima. Which went something like the Pope would be usurped by the anti-pope and he would spread the errors of Communism throughout the world….

    • housemanrob says:

      Hey Vent………Just heard 3 new microchips have been invented to track people…….they have eye and facial recognition, get imbedded in the upper arm, hands and forehead….but the one from Saudi Arabia has a lethal dose of cyanide in it, released upon the push of a button…..and these things can go off if you happen tp go near any magnetic fiels….like cell phone towers…..this shit was predicted is scary and people should wake up now!

      • lvent says:

        I believe it Rob..They have had a microchipping program for children in the State of Illinois for many years now…It was snuck in under the guise of protecting your childs safety….They will never put one of those evil things in me…That is a prophecy, the mark of the beast……you will not be able to buy or sell without one..Remember Andy Rooney tried to sell this idea on 60 minutes..the video is still on you tube..and so did ABC…they had a whole family on that microchipped themselves…I think all of the world leaders and rich assinines already have them….in case they get lost or stolen….!!!.I guess It will be back to the days of bartering again for most of us…I read another prophecy that when this all ends..people will live and believe like they did in the olden days….Sounds about right….!

      • lvent says:

        The cyanide is I guess when they decide it is time for you to go…you are not cooperating or you are too old to contribute…like what hospice does…evil bastards…..!.

      • I vent…Well…he looks like he is not far from the hospice stage himself….. 3-4 sea sick patches on neck will dehydrate real quick…….faster 5-8 patches….

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, it doesn’t matter if he kicks tommorrow…He is not really who is running the show….it is being run from behind the scenes by the Black Pope. He ordered the hit on J.FK…and 9/11…Benedict may be the one who tries to usher in the NWO…maybe the next one or the next…..No one knows for sure…but prophecy points to him…I have been reading up on this stuff for a long time…All we are told is there will be signs and always be ready…………..but do not live in fear..
        ..I don’t fear it, if it happens it happens. I take it one day at a time…If it happens there is supposed to be 3 days of darkness and only blessed candles will burn…and you are not supposed to let anyone in your house…not even your own family members….no one gets in or out during the 3 days…horrible things will be occurring outside. That is the prophecy I have read..

      • lvent says:

        BTW…I read a prophecy that there would only be one more pope after John Paul II..then the anti pope and then….a long era of peace…the longest era of peace on earth ever…like a thousand years or something…I hope so!

    • I vent LOL LOL…..only you would think of that…..but we won’t have to guess his name…we already have many waiting to be used….

  4. Cynthia says:

    He is just plain creepy….there is evil in his eyes….God help us

  5. Wayne says:

    Thank God … I live in Arizona where you can still carry a gun.

    • You need a sign I just pulled of the internet. It has a big arrow pointing at the neighbor and says My Next Door Neighbor wants to BAN all GUNS!……..Their home is NOT ARMED! …..Out of respect for their opinions I promise NOT to use MY GUNS to PROTECT THEM.

      This is one more right our constitution gives us they are trying to take away.

    • housemanrob says:

      ….it ain’t gonna’ be long Wayne before they pry our cold dead hands off of them….

    • Wayne…I don’t think it matters where you live today…..people will carry whatever it takes….the world now knows the truth…..and i agree with Cynthia…the evil is just plain creepy and evil radiates thru his eyes and his veins……..

  6. Dont trust the Vategan They are behind the whole financial scheme to take all wealth, behing Goldman Sachs. It all ties to the Vatigan money.

  7. XXXX says:

    printed psychobabble as always from the crap masters

  8. Mario Kenny says:

    that beast in the picture is just what I said a beast.

    • lvent says:


      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…..we have been discussing this for a long time…..we said, it started at the Vatican…..and with OWS and the other groups, now challenging the world govt…….the Pope is calling for a NEW WORLD ORDER……displaying the truth out into the open…….I only hope that, in their frantic effort to retain control that they have played their hand too quickly! MAY GOD HELP US NOW!

      • lvent says:

        I remember at Confirmation…they ask you Do you reject Satan and all of his evil works….? Little did we know when we said yes…we were rejecting not only the hierarchy of the church we were standing in but, almost everything we were being taught to believe our entire lives……Satan’s time to turn the whole world his way via mass deception is short that is why we have to reject and not cooperate with anything they are doing or trying to do…..

  9. CaitlinO says:

    Somehow I don’t think this is what ivent’s been worried about.

    • lvent says:

      Thank you for that CaitlinO…BTW…. I posted that they were going to declare Capitalism the problem….That is a BIG LIE….CRONY CAPITALISM is the problem….and the Vatican owns everything via many proxies..They tell us do as we say not as we do….They have monopolized the planet as a Sovereign so they don’t have to play by the rules and the rule of law…..all of their wealth aquired mainly by fraud, deception and outright theft from the people, the tax payers..The misalocation and Ponzi scheming of the tax payers money has been going on for decades…with no accountability whatsoever from the Government(s). How many of us don’t have any health insurance? We The People pay for everything through our taxes….they just steal it, borrow it or misalocate it.. and they gamble on our investments, our homes 401K’s and so on…then they overleverage and overspeculate on all of it, in order to steal it…. People should be demading accountability by the Government(s) as to where ALL OF THE TAXPAYERS MONEY IS GOING?…AND ALL OF THE MONEY THAT THE FED IS FEEDING WALL STREET?..WHERE IS ALL OF THE MONEY? …. millions are going into fraudclosure because of the economic conditions that Wall Street was ALLOWED to create…. milllions have lost everything and are continue losing their jobs or the income can’t keep up with the inflation/deflation the FED is causing..and who owns the FED? The World Bank…and who owns the World Bank? The Vatican…The World Bank is bankrupting the World to prop up their bankrupt institutions that they own….Though they are bankrupt on paper, they are TRILLIONAIRES in their hidden overseas bank accounts and investments in other Governments…..Theives all of them..

      • lvent says:

        This is how they want to usher int the Global Currency, the Mark of the bankrupting all nations to pay for all of their financial institutions fraud and declaring the countries are insolvent but really their financial institutions are insolvent because they committed massive fraud …They are also the U.N…and NATO…they have hijacked all Governments and standing armies via proxies just like in the financial system….. in order to steal everything they do not own…This can only be accomplished by traitors and treasonists from within the Government…Members of the UN/NEW WORLD ORDER or many GREEDY corrupted individuals…an Inside Job…

      • lvent says:

        This is precisely why the forefathers gave us a U.S. Constitution and a Bill of Rights…To protect us from them…The hierarchy of the Catholic Church uses religion a ruse from what they are really up to.. A NEW WORLD ORDER…The U.S. GOVERNMENT BROKE THE SOCIAL CONTRACT…STOP COOPERATING PEOPLE…REVOLT ON EVERYTHING….THEY ARE TRYING TO INSTITUTE A GLOBAL TYRANNY, they want to micromanage the lives of everyone…They want to own not only everything, but everyone via TYRANNY..TOTALITARIANISM IS ON ITS WAY if we don’t stop feeding the beast and allowing it to control every aspect of our lives…First they deceive, then they steal everything…….including your country….Obama is speaking today about HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS…FACING FRAUDCLOSURE…We DON’T want their HELP….WE WANT A NATIONWIDE MORATORIUM ON FORECLOSURES……will Obama ever stop saying….Heil Hitler??? CNBC is now speaking out about the FACT that it is UNBELIEVABLE that no criminal prosecutions of WALL STREET have occured to date……Well they would have to throw the POLITICANS WHO ALLOWED THIS DEBT CRISIS TO HAPPEN IN JAIL FIRST…THAT’S WHY!

      • housemanrob says:

        ….hate to say it……..but the Pope looks and acts like little more than a zombie……when it is the BLACK POPE that is pulling the strings….and I don’t mean racial color…..I am speaking of evil…..time grows very short……WAKE UP AMERICA!

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent……….we are about a half click from world war…..only this may be the final frontier……..the HUMAN RACE AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, I think WW III began on 9/11 and it is really a war on all of us, our wealth, our rights, our freedom, our National Sovereignty……under the guise of a war on terror….It almost looks like Benedict is giving the devil horns….

      • lvent says:

        The Jesuits are hiding behind the scenes of all of the destruction and chaos they devise, for sure..The Black Pope ordered the assassination of J.F.K and he ordered 9/11 to kill the Shia is what I have read..but it was also a war on all of us…..The Church of Jesu…in Rome, where the Black Pope resides…You Tube search can look inside the Church of Jesu…..there is alot of Satanic symbolism in there….You might want to bless yourself upon entering..!.

      • housemanrob says:

        Vent…… ya’ think people realize that the SPAIN BOMBINGS OCCURRED EXACTLY 911 DAYS AFTER 9/11!

      • lvent says:

        Rob, you are right…many have to connect the dots yet…..but the devils are hiding in plain sight….They are not hiding behind the scenes anymore as this article proves…they don’t own us yet,they have hijacked us, they are still testing us to see what we will let them get away with…. but if the people don’t wake up and reject them and demand our Constitution be restored and our stolen wealth and property be returned…..if we allow them to get away with that…what comes next will be even worse…The article says the Vatican wants to end poverty and restore human dignity. Don’t believe it for a minute……they create the economic conditions that cause poverty.. and it is intentional…so they can steal….No one wants their opinion, we want them thrown out of our country..including the traitor politicians who have aided and abetted the Vatican hoarders…A/K/A THE NWO…..

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