OWS is Spreading to the Marines, Navy, Army and Airforce

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  1. lies says:

    we need to write in elizabth warrren for president. she is the only one that will save us.

  2. YODE says:

    The enemy of We the People=Banksters, The board of Directors (Owners) of the Federal Reserve System…..

    Their (our enemy’s) Goons= OUR Government and the Bar…

    If we would come to our senses we could see that the answer is so simple. OUR Constitution and a demand to return to Constitutional Common Law Jurisdiction in OUR courts. The criminals have taken over our Government through subversion and the usurpation of OUR Constitutional Rights. They have made themselves the “gate-keepers” to OUR Grand Jury thus effectively blocking us from “due process of law” granted us by OUR Constitution. Take back OUR courts, Take back the enforcement arm of the law which is the key. IF THEY DON’T OWN OUR COURTS….THEY CAN NO LONGER GET AWAY WITH TREASON… And in case you didn’t notice folks…That’s exactly what we are witnessing all around us…..
    “We Surrendered Nothing to Our Servant-Government”- Thomas Jefferson
    We the People are the owners of all laws, with adjudicative authority…. We are “self-governing” per OUR Constitution. Why do you think there has been an attack upon OUR Constitution for as long as you can remember? Why do you suppose that the United States of America is the last Nation to maintain her Sovereignty? Why do you suppose the Banksters fear Sovereignty so much that they have their minions at the MSM try to create a negative association with the word?
    We were given a Republic and a Constitution to protect it. We have allowed foreign agents to institute THEIR laws upon us with the implementation of THEIR Bar (Which is nothing more than a club). This was and still is Constitutionally UNLAWFUL.
    Demand Common Law Jurisdiction in YOUR courts and then, Demand that they cite for you, from the Constitution (which all judges and Sheriffs’ swear an oath to “support, protect, defend”) where they find the authority to deny you Common Law Jurisdiction. I will state this again. We the People are the Owners of All Laws and possess the absolute adjudicative authority. The Constitution does not permit the taking of real or personal property from We the People EXCEPT through Eminent Domain.
    For Heaven’s sake people…….. It doesn’t matter what their fraud is…it doesn’t matter what distraction they attempt to place before us… In a Constitutional Common Law Court (Which you have every right AND IN FACT A DUTY TO DEMAND) the criminals who have enslaved us are through……. Come together…Become Common Law Intervenors for each other, Demanding and Invoking Common Law Jurisdiction in each others cases. You must understand…the signature of any Sovereign American carrys with it more power than that of the President of the United States….. Crazy right????? Not if you can grasp a Common Law knowledge of OUR Constitution. I’ll try to get the thought juices flowing here….. Is the President a Public Servant? How can the Servant adjudicate over the Master? To put it another way.. If you throw your socks into the hamper, but one of them misses and falls to the floor and you fail to pick it up and place it in the hamper……. Does your house-keeper have the right or authority to fine you?
    Read and Learn YOUR Constitution.(the one from before the lawyers began to subvert it) It is all you need to know………

  3. XXXX says:

    It was just a matter of time that our brave soldiers got sick of it too and I know in my heart they have been watching this for far too long so bravo to the brave ones, the ones that have sacrificed much and still do.

    All soldiers military or not… fight the good fight ALL good solider for humanity and reason!!!

    getting ready to take needed good to my home town Occupy Atlanta as we speak there are way you can support this movement get out and help, we need everyone to help our own as you help yourself in the process…win win!!!

    • lies says:

      yode……the problem stems from the federal reserve. our government and constitution have basicallly been highjacked. the fed is a cartel. the definition for a cartel is a non-government run agency that works with the governemnt to pass laws. there fore it is considered a quazi-government agnecy but is private. its kind of out there. you need to look up and google federal reserve, the creature of jekyl island, and watch the inside job. ny ag eric schneiderman and deleware ag beau biden are awake some how. the fog has lifted from their eyes??? do not know how. we have a state like florida that is crumbling yet pam bondi ignores it. i live in tampa bay area. citrus county where crystal river/hommossasa is wants to raise the sales tax anothe 1/2 cent to make up for a 44 million dollar short fall from property taxes to help keep the schools afloat. they never mention the foreclosure problem which lowers property taxes. no jobs. unemployment is so high. if they would demand pam bondi fix the foreclosure. keep families in their house. re do mortgages below propert value so families can sell if they need to move where the jobs are they will have money to move. the county keeps homes at property value when sold verses an auction. we need to decide on a canidate we can all write in. with out a voice on of those creeps caine or romney god help us all

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