Prize for Sheer Stupidity | Linda Green FAIL – Corrective Assignment of Mortgage


A correction was made on the document to fix the date. (see right side of document text)


No mention that it was a forged document to begin with!

And LPS says they stopped filing Linda Green assignments in 2009…



Linda Green Corrective Assignment

5 Responses to “Prize for Sheer Stupidity | Linda Green FAIL – Corrective Assignment of Mortgage”
  1. Litgant says:

    Judges will not penaltize those who buy their hot dog lunch at the court house cafe and pay college tuition for their kids, or who buy them exotic vacations: all under the table, I mean bench. Justice in the circuit courts is a joke. And who makes these dens of jokers such a happy lot? It is the chief judges who are the masters of the jokers. Can we get our courts back? Should there be OCC (Occupy Circuit Courts). Forgot, in Florida the public has been banned from the court rooms to witness the fraud and the judges accepting it. Help us God to bring this corrupt system down.

  2. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    Heck, if I were a criminal I’d keep doing it to. Why not? Clearly there are no penalties for this.

    • housemanrob says:

      Uhhhhhh…..because it is morally wrong,,,,,?

    • lies says:

      yes you have that right even our own ag had been bought and sold. look at judge victor tobin. every foreclosure he preseided over should be null and void. but no we not see this happening. we are losing our houses and there is no stopping noted. there are no jobs in florida so we can not pay our bills. then when you try and even think about a BK inept lawyers who do not know the fraud want you to give up your house in bk., instead of learning the laws and how to help homeowners keep the house that is underwayer out of foreclsoure and in foreclosure court so a proper discovery can be made. i am so stress so many inept lawyers out therel lazy do not want to educate themselves. status quo is better. i am a nurse and for 25 years have to do education every year hope thats required for lawyers.

    • lvent says:

      Uh, Stupendous, Forgery with the intent to defraud is a class 3 felony in my state…if you can prove it……This is an attempt to steal a home they have no legal right to take. I think that is intent to do permanent harm..I think this is blackmail and extortion as well. ….If the pretender lender gets the house…that is larceny….Once they sold the loan to Wall Street…and it was converted into a stock…there is no converting it back to a note…a check…they have to destroy the original note/check…and there must be an assignment to the trust..The assignment of Land Trust for Collateral Purposes MUST BE RECORDED if it relates to land situated in counties with a population of more than two million…under the provisions of Section 3 of the Illinois Land Trust Recordation and Transfer Tax Act….with a signature of the Trustee and that assignment is required to be recorded, with the Recorder of Deeds or Registrar of Titles of the county in which the real estate that is the subject of the trust is located, within sixy (60) days after the Trustee accepts the instrument which transfers the beneficial interest. THE ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE UNTIL THE RECORDED ORIGINAL OR A FILE STAMPED COPY OF THE RECORDED ORIGINAL OF THIS INSTRUMENT IS DELIVERED TO THE TRUSTEE WITH THE ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT TO BE RECEIPTED BY THE TRUSTEE…..
      a.) Assignment from Originator to Sponsor
      b.) Assignment from Sponsor to Depositor
      c.) Assignment from Depositor to the Trust
      An unendorsed note means there must be both a delivery and an acceptance receipt…or no fraudclosure for you bankster..

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