OCCUPY | A Message To The Police: “You Have No Power!” (VIDEO)



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  1. Bloodsoaked……So right….Washington DC needs to be cleaned out….empty….they are of no good to the people and have proven they are traitors and … TREASON is over all the heads…not a halo…… these bastards and those in the past have allowed this to happen. What are they all going to do..stay inside in Washington.?……they all know what lurks and awaits them is unknown……we tried to be peaceful in the protests….only they have done the damage…..nothing but dirty scumbags….. evil does not win over truth…..and all the police know that their families are in the 99%….they are working for the enemy and casting their families aside…spitting on their families…..wonder how those families feel knowing they too are in danger right along with the rest of the country…..a traitor lives with them…..what a sicking thought……….

  2. hannah says:

    Excellent point. “You’re children and grandchildren are going to have to live in the world that you created.”

    In Germany, people following Hitler were usually “Just doing their job,” too.

    They aren’t even benefiting NOW, never-mind in their own future or through future generations.

  3. I must say I had goose bumps watching this video…..I didn’t know if I was going to cry or scream ” YES YES “….this whole horrible crime that has caused so much pain to everyone is beyond even words. I agree with the video…and I have said it when the police started their rough tactics in New York….take the guns off their hips..and the billy clubs…and you will see them, the police, all fight to survive…they all are being used and all are in the 99%….their power is in the guns and billy clubs…not in the men using them. .their life is on the line just like everyone of us. ..there are many sharpshooters who wear no uniform….so none of them are safe either…..I am from a law enforcement family and I speak that the power is in what they carry and use for survival…it is not the badge nor the uniform that has the power. None of them know what lurks in the shadows…..this is why the government wanted to take all guns from the people…to make everyone defenseless…they all need to be charged with treason…..they are all traitors…..Washington DC is our enemy.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Marilyn – for me, I cried, and cried, and cried! It hurts my soul, the very inner being that I always assumed that every American citizen had within their bodies. I was wrong. I no longer have one single bit of respect for police officers – NONE! Who are they without their uniform? Garbage. They are only garbage bags dressed in uniforms!

  4. XXXX says:

    this is very sad, this “MAN” (SCOTT) did his duty for ALL outside the borders and here on USA INC land so he is once fighting at home once again for freedom of the people as we know they are trying to contain our freedom and they WILL NOT. Oakland is obviously a very corrupt department with no regards for anyone or anything, I say to the Oakland coward that threw this onto this brave man PUT YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER OUT THERE AND THEN LETS PLAY YOUR GAME OF COWARD” YOU DISGUST ME WITH YOUR COWARDLINESS AND YOU HIDE BEHIND ALL IN SUCH A COWARDLY WAY, GOD WILL DAMN YOU!!!!! We truly do not know who is funding what out here but it will surface and they will pay for the EVIL they have bestowed on the people.
    God Bless you Scott and your family. God Bless you!!!

  5. XXXX says:

    this is very sad, this “MAN” did his duty for ALL outside the borders and here on USA INC he is once fighting at home once again for freedom of the people as we know they are trying to contain our freedom and they WILL NOT. Oakland is obviously a very corrupt deaprtment with no regards for anyone or anything, I say to the Oakland coward ahtt threw this onto this brave man

  6. lvent says:

    That’s right…this is a disgrace..This is just the next installment of the plan…. they want to use terrorism tactics to cause a tipping point…This is all part of the Hitler Plan to steal all of our rights, wealth and homes…The black uniforms and the flash bombs, the tear gas, are all tools of intimidation but, they are also trying really hard to piss off people into reacting..This is AB– USE OF POWER and they KNOW IT…..They are trying to cause a tipping point so that the people react and they declare the next phase of their sick Hitler Plan…a GLOBAL MILITARY STATE…..The begining of the video talks about the Arab Spring, I think that is from RT news..that is the only media outlet that is speaking the truth everyday in this country..they do not downplay anything..Every bit of what is happening these fascists expected it.because they intentionally created these unjust economic conditions for a REASON….. THEY WANT IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES, AND NOTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE AND THEY WANT TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES……This was not about monetary greed at all with these Globalists, this is a HUGE POWER TRIP…….all of their tactics are preplanned….Including the B.S. “fixes” for all of the fraud and bankster malfeasance…They committed the biggest robbery of our wealth in history..and now they want to regulate the market and give it some morals…..?? BULLSHIT….THE ENTIRE DERIVATIVES SCAM WAS ALL A WELL PLANNED AND A WELL EXECUTED HITLER PLAN IMPLEMENTED BY TRAITORS FROM WITHIN…. THIS WAS ALL ABOUT STEALING EVERYTHING FROM THE 99% TO WEAKEN US,FINANCIALY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY THEY DID NOT NEED THIS MONEY…THIS IS A NWO POWER TRIP TO GAIN CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES…THEY WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT MONEY WE MAKE…WHAT WE HAVE IN THE BANK…AND THEY DON’T WANT US TO OWN ANYTHING OF VALUE…THAT IS WHY THEY ARE STEALING OUR HOMES, THEY WANT A NATION OF RENTERS…….THEY ARE TESTING ALL OF US TO SEE HOW MUCH OF THEIR SHIT WE WILL ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH……THE COVER UP FOR THIS ENTIRE NWO PLAN BEGAN ON 9/11….. THEY KNEW WHAT WE WOULD DO WHEN WE FIGURED OUT THIS WAS ALL INTENTIONAL…THEY WILL ALL PAY..NONE OF WHAT HAPPENED OR WHAT COMES NEXT IS BY CHANCE……..We need indivisible peaceful actions….WE THE PEOPLE MUST REVOLT ON ALL OF IT…PEACEFULLY…….This Globalist Plan is all no more than a sham and a fraud..A BIG MIND GAME……The U.S. GOVERNMENT IS A COMPLETE CORRUPTED FAILURE… BTW, Erin Burnett, who somehow clawed her way on to CNN…is a member of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and an ex-Citi Bank minion…she is a traitor to America….

    • Bloodsoaked says:

      Ivent your spot on as ussuale. WE THE PEOPLE need to foreclose on the white house and throw the entire government out. Not on the streets but into one of those FEMA CAMPS they are planning to put us all into until the GALLOW”S can be arrected to hang them for TREASON ON THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. THEY HAVE SCREWED EVERYONE NOT JUST THE USA! NO Trials for OBAMA OR BUSH’S OR THE CLINTON’S. They oviously do not beleave in the constitution or bill of wrights or our justice system so why should they be afforded what they have denied the people for whom they where supposed to represent. THE VATICAN IS THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE OF TERRORISM (In my opinion). I heared today that some court justice wants to sue AL-KIDA Terrorist Group for 911 for 9 Billion dollars or somthing like that. Thats a fucking JOKE! I don’t beleave they had anything to do with it. That would be like seuing LEE HARVY OSWALDS family. The shitty thing is when the rest of the world wakes up to what these POLITICAL THIEVES have done. The AMERICAN PEOPLE and the JEWISH PEOPLE will be the ones that will pay the price as they will be blamed for it all and many will die. As the CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY HIDE in safe havens around the world. IMPEACH ALL CORUPT POLITICIANS AND PUT THEM BEHIND THE FEMA FENCES TO WAIT FOR A REVUE OF THERE SERVICE RECORD’S. IF THEY HAVE CLEAN HANDS THEN THEY WILL BE SPARED. So lets brake out the soap and see if we can clean things up. BLOOD IS HARD TO CLEAN UP! WILL GET YOU BASTARDS!

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