Occupy Everywhere | Rioting Breaks Out Across America (VIDEO)

Rioting Across America – The Great Depression.

America in the 1930’s.



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  1. banksterslayer#301 says:

    Wow.Just plain…wow…I can feel the turn in the energy…not home free(oops,bad choice of words!) but a DEFINITE crest/cone of power rising amongst the People.Occupy Albany had 9 representatives meeting with “insiders”@the Gov’s Mansion but the news had no specifics as of earlier.I’ll keep you posted.It is 29 tonight….POWER TO THE PEOPLE!POWER TO THE TRUTH!!! NO SURRENDER!!!

    Salt and Light….
    Jeanette With Dog

  2. Readdocs says:

    I know you’re very interested in the history of what’s caused the crisis we now face,
    and you have done lots of research. Here’s the smoking gun of how the seeds came
    to fruition after the CRE being signed into law in 1983, and expanded in 1993. Here’s
    were the fruit originated:

    How about OWS occupying the homes of these 10 folks, plus the White House, along
    with all the congressional buildings in Washington DC? These are the “Johnny Applseeds”
    who planted the seeds years ago to bring about the destruction of our financial system.

    • lvent says:

      That’s right Readdocs…it was the politicians who caused this catastrophe…they are lousy sell outs and traitors to their country..I believe this all really began when CONgress snuck in the Federal Reserve Debt Cartel..Nixon took us off the Gold Standard, Reagan deregulated the banks in the early 80’s, in 1982 we had the S&L crisis… Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall in 1999, then we had the intended crash in 2008…the SEC repealed the uptick rule in 2007 (how convenient) right before the intended crash by insider trading in 2008..I was told by a very reputable source that the evil plan that we are all living today began in earnest after they assassinated J.F.K…and 9/11 was the begining of the Foreclosuregate cover up…

  3. Peter Everts says:

    Eat the rich.

  4. lvent says:

    Great post…! They have kept all of this hidden from the people….Those who were were alive during this time are now all dead…My Grandparents were young kids during this time….They told me some stuff but none of this…they .just remembered how poor they were. They always told me not to trust the banks and the Government…they never forgot..They never kept much money in the bank…they hid their money all around the house….and they had many guns hidden….They hated credit…I miss them…I wish they were here but they didn’t deserve to have to live through another one of these…In 08 when the stock market crashed, my dad told me, he never thought he would see this happen in his lifetime…The same players waited until the memories faded and came back with a vengeance..and they never thought they would get caught, and if they did this is their plan that we are all living, lie and cover up…deny, deny,deny.we will fix the fraud !!!!!..the 99% are now waking up and realizing this was another Hitler Plan… and are saying oh no, not so fast, you dirty bastards…!

    • I vent…they are not all dead…elderly..yes…but not all dead….that was in the 1930’s….I vent…I am from the later part of the 30’s….and I am sure the hell still going strong….my Dad was on the Detroit Police Dept. at that time….so I heard stories he would tell….talked of it for many years….but I do remember some of the war…even though it was not here….I had 3 uncles in that war….and we all had rationed food stamps…I still have a book with my name on it…..the day the war ended people threw money at us in the street….we ran like wild kids gathering the money…..I have aunt’s and one uncle living that went thru the depression…. but were farmers and did not see the riots…riots were in the big cities.

      • lvent says:

        I am talking about your parents marilyn….the people who were adults at the time who had families to feed and bills to pay……My Grandparents were only kids during this time…their parents, that is who I am talking about…

      • lvent says:

        My kids will have a different take on this then we do…they are living at home…they are not fighting fraudclosure and struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on…they did not have any investments in homes or property or they did not lose their business that took 25 years to build…..They feel a pinch sure..but it is a different kind. They don’t trust the banks now that I know for sure and they feel uncertainty about the future in obtaining their own home and the American Dream but, they did not lose everything that they worked their whole lives for in the blink of an eye…That is the part of history that your parents would remember, the part I would like to hear about first hand…those who walked in our shoes…saw the riots and stood in the breadlines….the first hand accounts and how it all played out……

      • I vent…My Dad joined the Police Force in 1928….he ran track for the department…he had just graduated from college in Michigan and was state champion mile runner…and the police hired him on to run track for the department….in that year of 1928 the Olympics were canceled so my father went with the police instead. …So he was right in the Depression time and we all heard the stories…horror stories….but he had 3 kids to feed during that time..not sure how long it was bad.. and he knew many important people that helped him with food…..plus my grandparents had a 500 acre farm not far from Detroit…but it was still bad…they had no money in a bank…they rented a nice size house and later bought it…but the riots were terrible. from the stories I heard…my Mom tells how she would not go outside and the riots were not where they lived on the outskirts of Detroit….she was from the farm and it was a nightmare to her what my Dad would tell her and the radio didn’t help it any. Mom baked all her bread from grain my grandfather had ground to flour…and the butter was churned by hand….they only got meat when a cow or pig got butchered and the meat was caned in jars…so they ate but it was very little…more soups made from anything….and I remember in later years my Mom still cooked like that…potatoe soup..just potatoes…I hated it.. My brother would tell her ‘Ma..its over now…can we eat like other people…”…This was years later and she still was like living those deprssion days. She lived 84 years and still made that damn potatoe soup. Now that may be what I will be cooking soon if this shit keeps up……

  5. lvent says:

    The debt zombie apocalyse is near…that is no doubt why many of these so called elite… are building underground hideouts…They know the 99% have had just about enought of all of their lies and bullshit…That is where they all belong, under the ground…

    • I vent…they built them all over the world….that say’s they know they are not safe anywhere….they are running from the world…….they showed one in New Zealand or the Netherlands….and have guards posted for no entry….dried food is stored already…..said the strongest earthquake cannot break it apart or even crack it…..I think they have some deep shit plans for the world….the world had better wake up real fast…….

      • lvent says:

        marilyn, I think they are who is going to be running and hiding…to their bat caves…from all of us…..the 99%….I remember listening to an ex-CIA agent talk about the fact that in reality, they are outmanned and outgunned by all of us….They just like to cause fear and intimidation…and if the world does succumb to an apocalypse of some sort…what good is living under the ground going to do anyone?…that is no way to live…

      • lvent says:

        that is no way to live esp. for them….they are so used to living the good life…Imagine never being able to go outside for and indefinite period of time and eating freeze dried food all of the time..? No maids or butlers because their money and their gold will be useless……they sure wont’ have technology if the world ends…they will have the truly miserable existance they deserve…..And what if they got sick…? There would be no hospitals or doctors to care for them…All of the money in the world and an underground bunker is not going to save you if the world ends..It is just a more slow, painful, agonizing death….An asteroid could hit tomorrow and what good would their hideouts do them? and I don’t know if I believe the earthquake proof part…I would not want to be underground for an earthquake.. I believe they built those to hide from all of us…that is what I believe.

      • I vent……I am not disagreeing with you…but ……they may not be planning to stay forever under ground…..it may depend on what the bastards plan to use on us….after a given time…they may come out. …they have this all planned and I do not trust them one bit…they may have plans to set something off all over the world……I would say that is why these underground tunnels are all over….you know I vent….To catch a crook you must think like a crook…….my Dad taught me that…we must think just like them…..Yes…we will be thinking evil but that does not mean we are evil….we must think in their thinking….another thing he taught me….Was….a crook or killer always returns to the scene of the crime……I vent…I proved that to my husband when someone threw large rocks thru our 14 foot picture window when we were out of town. I made my daily call home to see if all was ok….my daughter tells us about the window. so we went home to the mess. The police had the window boarded up with an emergency call. But the glass was everywhere. The rocks were still there..large rocks. The police told us that it had to be someone very strong to throw the rocks the distance they went into the house. It happened at 3 AM when my daughter had just gotten home from her lab job.. early Saturday morning…so the next Saturday at 2AM I made a thermos of coffee and turned the van around to face the street…we had a long drive way so I parked the van 30 feet from the road. ..There sat my husband in the passenger seat thinking I was crazy when I said the same person will come by. the house…..we lived on a dead end street….and at exactally 3AM a car turned the corner fast…and flew past us (we were leaning back) and the car went down and very fast turned the car into a driveway and backed up..speeding past us again…I knew the car and started the van and was on the cars rear end in no time…it failed to stop when I flashed the lights so I got beside it and started to move the van into his lane…sending him off the road…it was a guy we knew for many years who went fishing with my husband…my husband sat in shock…I said to my husband…” HE RETURNED TO THE SCENE…SAME TIME..SAME NIGHT..ONLY A WEEK LATER…” ….A visit to the police..made a report…and they went and got him…and he admitted doing it….the insurance Co..pressed the charges along with us…and he paid very dear……So I can say what my Dad taught me was and is the way I believe….WE MUST THINK LIKE THEM…WE MUST THINK HOW THE EVIL THINKS…and must not waste time….those tunnels are not forever…..WAKE UP AMERICA……..when they all come out of the tunnels….will they be returning to the scene of the crime?????

      • lvent says:

        That is an unbelievable story Marilyn..and you are right about how the criminal(s) usually return to the scene of the crime and many times you know the perpatrator very well…Our house got pelted with eggs.. a couple of months ago…and the kids came back a second time to do some more damage..my husband and my son went chasing after them and caught them….one of the kids was a “friend” of my daughter…they said they thought it would be funny to egg our house…I scrubbed egg off of the house and windows for two hours that night…..as far as what “they” are planning…as I said before, I believe there is another side to this that is looking out for us…and it might be who we least expect..I do not believe a few hundred idiots are going to be allowed to get away all of their evil plans. America has saved the world from this evil before..this is history repeating itself on a much bigger scale but, there were many who knew this was coming….The truth movement is proof of that. The internet might be just the thing that saves us. I think it was one of the Rockefellers who said the internet was going to ruin all of their evil plans…he could be right about that..

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, as far as them returning to do this again..I heard they won’t try this shit again for another hundred years…when all of us are dead and buried….and people again forget about how rotten sneaky they all are and what they are capable of….

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn and Vent……They should be pitied because they have fallen so far away from the truth…..that their evil deeds are going to condemn their souls forever….their is no salvation for those that worship evil…….

      • lvent says:

        Believe me Rob, I would pray for all of them..even though they tried to lay waste to all of us…I am not vindictive..For me this is all about….what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right..Everyone is EQUAL under the law.. We are not the criminals here……We wanted a better life for our kids and we took some equity out of homes for mainly home improvements…they on the other hand took exponential advantage of all of us…and tried to not only blame all of us for all of their fraud but wanted to force all of us to pay for it with everything we worked our whole lives for as well as our childrens future….This was an evil plan and they got caught and now they should be held accountable. If any one of us did this stuff where would we be? They would want us prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, they would want us held accountable if we robbed EVERYTHING from them..and they would want their money back…I am so incredibly sick and tired of hearing about how the foreign investors got hurt and they were defrauded by these financial institutions…they knew they were taking a risk…most of them did not even know what the hell they were buying but they had credit default insurance as well so they KNEW there were risks…The homeowners had NO WAY OF KNOWING WHAT THEY WERE DOING WITH OUR SIGNATURES……AT ALL….and if we did, I believe most would have RAN OUT OF THAT CLOSING…… the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices part, the unfair dealing….All of their dirty little secrets….that is what I am talking about….and the living hell that they caused….the stress and anxiety which led to.. suicides, illnesses, deaths, broken families, homelessness, job losses, and countless other trajedies and harms they caused…I will pray for them for causing all of that horror just because they ALL wanted WORLD DOMINATION…..But I also want them held accountable just as we would all have to be held accountable…They say don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time…! Never thinking that you would get caught has never kept anyone from going to prison that I know of…!

      • Rob and I vent…First…Rob…I am with you on your thinking…..I am a person who believes there is a stronger power that comes thru and strikes evil down…one way or another…I feel evil does not win …..it may go down thru blood shed but it goes down….I am a strong believer and we are survivers….good people are given that power….and the world is filled with good people…it is the evil that the people must fight….everywhere…
        I vent….It is the internet that has helped spread the word…In Egypt when holy hell broke out…the internet was shut down and cell phones cut off….but word still got out….that is why this government was talking of the same thing…shut everything down…but it didn’t go thru so they spied instead on what was being said..this was when the videos were being released …and the truth was hitting the internet with crimes done by the government(s)….Remember how Holder and Obama ran like rats trying to shut the truth from being said…Guilt was all over Washington DC….
        I, too, also believe there is another side that will come forth when the time is right……it’s the timing that is important…when all will be caught off guard…evil hides in Rome and leaves the fools out in plain site to face the world….to look like they are the villains of wicked evil..to take the sole blame….this shows that evil is a coward….it hides behind the Catholic Church…evil hides in any crime being done or has been done…but I do believe who or what comes forth when the time is right will be ‘ someone ‘ we least expect….’ someone ‘ with power …..I have that good feeling we will not be let down……….many may not believe as I do….but I am a believer ……..

    • I vent…Good points and well said….it hurts us all….we feel the pain…we cry and struggle to live from day to day…..not knowing what tomorrow holds. It is a time of waking up….it is a time to be together…we can all share our feelings and opinions….we are here to help others….but let’s all keep the good fight going….peacefully….we will get our rewards….it is coming…many may not see it or believe it…but time will prove what I am saying…..we will conquer….

      • housemanrob says:

        Marilyn……..It grows late. Peace may not be the answer….

      • Rob….Please have some hope….it just seems you are down more than up…everyone is in the same situation as you are…..put your energy into some positive force….it helps relieve some of the depression of being down….Yes..I realize we all express our anger..our opinions…and all try to suggest things…but to say it grows late…peace may not be the answer…just what may be the answer if peace may not be it? I have hope that the powers will send the help to fight this evil…I am not day dreaming…if I don’t have hope than all is lost….and everyday would be hell on me…..I do believe at the right time…’someone ‘ who has the knowledge of the evil plan, has power and money will come forth….and like I vent and I both feel…it is ‘ someone ‘ we least expect……..

    • I VENT….I think you may have missunderstood what I meant when I said…” When they all come out of the tunnels…will they be returning to the scene of the crime “….what i meant was will they see the damage they caused…when they come out of the tunnels….not returning in a hundred years as you may have taken it….I meant whatever they set off to destroy the people while they hide underground…..and this is possible….IF they made these tunnels it was not planned to be forever..it would be for a spell of time…than they would come out to view what they planned….and who knows…they may have planned it only to happen in this country…remember…DON’T TRUST… but as time goes on… I do not feel it will get to that point…. someone knows the inner works of the evil and will come forth to help America……and it may not be anyone in any government…..it may be someone with power, knowledge and money…….

  6. indio007 says:

    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review February 1975
    “When the Federal Government in June 1969 stopped trying to do anything about inflation it turned its activities toward developing scapegoats in order to get Americans to blame their neighbor for their problems. Had the scapegoat strategy not been so effective, it would be humorous.”” ….

    Did you hear in the video how the narrator blamed it on “neighbors” ? Obviously it’s the common tactic for divide and conquer.

    I dont think they can fool anyone nowadays. Except maybe the police.

    • lvent says:

      indioo 7, I caught that right away…divide and conquer…blame the victim..the same players behind the scenes then and now..They thought they had us this time for sure. Not so fast you dirty bastards!!…they almost got away with it but, thanks to some really honest people…they got caught again.

  7. talktotennessee says:

    Tennessee agrees to stop arresting OCCUPY. OCCUPY went to court to get a restraining order against Governor Haslam! How is that for a bunch of ragtag hippies!

  8. papergate says:

    Wow – only thing changed in 80 years is the film stock b/w vs. color – this really needs to be seen by everyone in every state who thinks it isn’t happening in their neck of the woods – that think this is some random, extraordinary situation only happening in NY or LA – obviously it’s not – it’s a result of those in power and control over our lives that have crossed the lines – yet again because of regulations being removed . . . the only thing is I really feel concern for the public servants who are in that tough spot of having to protect lives and property – and being the police, etc., they are bound by their jobs and unfortunately they have to do what duty calls for – don’t blame them – they are doing what is ordered of them – they probably go home at nite wishing they were in a different line of work – for those at the cause – they know who/what they are.

    • notmyhomeyournot says:

      That is the keyword…………….ORDERED, if any man takes an ORDER to disban an angree protest, that has not taken any form of violence, then that man should think about standing up for humanity instead of corporate America. The hell with your job, is your job worth the value of life for your own family, when the government gives these bankers full permission to take your home, and they will take your home, it is just a matter of time before you run out of time, and they take your family off to FEMA camps under the guise of public safety. Be a protector of humanity, not the Government run system that takes everything from it’s people, for the gain of Power over the people. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TOO BIG TO FAIL system!!!!!

  9. housemanrob says:

    Love those old films and broadcasts. OWS needs one of those “Hard Times” wagons…

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