Nov. 5th 2011 – Move Your Money! It’s time to make Wall Street pay!

On Nov. 5th it’s time to make Wall Street pay! Move your money from one of the big banks who helped crash our economy to a community bank or credit union.


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  1. Beth A. says:



    This is just too interesting to be a concidence. Pass the popcorn…oh, but let’s take a run to the bank first.

    • lvent says:

      Beth A…….Sounds like a bank holiday…….they know what we are planning, they will tell people their computers are down tomorrow….Whenever there seems to be alot of withdrawals they tell people their computers are down….One time the bank told me, they were out of money!!!! They barely had enough cash to allow me to withdraw a few thousand….This proves to me all of their wealth is ELECTRONIC WEALTH…IT DOES NOT EXIST…We put our money in and WHERE THE HELL DOES IT GO? THESE CROOKS STEAL IT!!!! I believe the mortgage payments and all of the credit payments are paid electronically by the banks and they just steal the cash we deposit…They are all one GIANT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE….THE BANKS ARE ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL WITH OUR CASH…

      • lvent says:

        And they are robbing all of us to pay their bills as well as robbing each other….Their debt is unsustainable…but, the robbery of the people continues until they BANKRUPT EVERYONE..!!!!…WAKE UP AMERICA…STOP PAYING THE MORTGAGE AND CREDIT BILLS…THEY ARE ROBBING YOU TO PAY THIER DEBTS THAT CANNOT BE REPAID..!!

  2. lvent says:

    Hope this gives the banksters alot of angina and hemmoroids….Nationwide Mortgage and Property Tax Revolt is also needed…Stop paying the tyranny who has hijacked America, robbed us blind and are trying to steal our country…File BK on everything…Cut up those credit and debit cards… and don’t buy homes, cars or take out any student loans from these dirty bastards…They are all PONZI SCHEMING THEIVES…who lend NO MONEY OF THEIR OWN…and still collect the interest money from that money they never lend…they want you to fail… don’t borrow any credit backed by U.S. TAXPAYERS dollars from the Big Bank/FED debt cartel…..! Bernanke is talking about doing more QE 3 Ponzi Scheming with mortgages and U.S. Treasuries/Bonds..ABOLISH THE FED…

  3. Hit them harder and stop paying your mortgage and “Sue The Bank”!

    Together by sueing the bank this will make them take notice and ameliorate the mortgage. Prove they have standing to collect on a debt that does not exsist. Visit us at our website and get free information on how to take action!

    United We Stand! We The People or the Republics. Mucho Love!

  4. J. Alonzo says:

    I will. Its a start. Why not make a day for everyone to stop paying their mortgages? If everyone joins in. Then the banks will crumble. Or the printing press will buckle. One will have to give!

  5. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    It appears that a North Carolina court has ruled that the “police” are actually working for private entities (private companies) and are not associated with The State of North Carolina.

  6. Ace says:

    Weekend Chores for America:

    Saturday, Move Your Money out of the TBTF

    Sunday, Move your clocks back

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