Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law | And Your Front Door – Another Week, Another Bank Break In, Another Example of Bank Crime Unpunished…

Another Week, Another Bank Break In, Another Example of Bank Crime Unpunished…


Earlier today, another client called with another one of the stories that make me FURIOUS!

My client was a victim of a home burglary.  A break in.  Her sense of privacy and security has been totally violated.  Her delusion that laws exist to protect and that law enforcement exists to protect her has been seriously shaken.

But as we all learn again and again and again.  The banks are above the law.  The banks can steal billions of dollars. The banks can commit gross and systemic fraud. The banks can engage in widespread abusive practices. The banks can take hundreds of billions of dollars from the United States Treasury and do nothing for the American people.

But the one very real example that shows how gross and out of control the banks are is when they are permitted to kick down the doors, break into a home in broad daylight. And when police are called, they just turn around and walk away.  In this particular case, the police interrogated my client and tried to force her to prove she owned her home.

Oh, and the kicker…..the client is not even in foreclosure.

That’s right ladies and gentleman….another bank break in featuring a client who is not even in foreclosure.

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  1. Fury says:

    it is possible to set up a hidden home surveillance system that broadcasts video wirelessly to an outside source.
    video documentation of any break-in would be safe at a second location. the camera could be hidden and the thugs couldn’t tamper with it or cut a cable.

  2. I vent….I had a feeling it was WAMU…the originator…and Chase took over just being the servicer in October 2008….but the payments were to stilll go to WAMU….. the first letter we received was in that month just to say we, Chase, purchased WAMU….something like that…I have all the papers here at my home….The second letter October 2009…tells of being the servicer……it tells that the payments are now to be sent to Chase…no where… anywhere does it mention owning anything…the affidavit doesn’t…and the letter from the FDIC that everyone from WAMU their foreclosure was never sent to to the people at time of purchase….seems like it was worded in a way to make it sound like Chase was now the owner…..for some people they may have taken it that way……I know I didn’t….that letter told me Chase got very little….my daughter kept all letters in her file but was not in foreclosure or near it at that time…she was current with payments…glad she did not throw them away…..but I can almost say your sister has very little in her foreclosure if it is only on the home…WAMU did not even give the Notes to any trust… to no one…I read every prospectus and PSA filed with the SEC and it was all bullshit…not one mortgage was listed…nothing…in the schedule E where all info on the mortgages was to be…it said..” DELIBERATELY OMITTED “…..I READ THEM ALL FOR THE YEAR 2003 INTO 2004….IT WAS A SCAM… so nowhere could any info be found on any ARM’s mortgages….there was no trail…period. And I believe it was WAMU that started this ARM’s in the spring of 2003…they planned the frauds to gain in many ways…knowing all ARM’s would fail in a matter of a few short years..and than after making big profits on each mortgage …they would foreclose and gain more…It was fraud over and over beyond criminal…and the gov’t committee that Senator Levin from Michigan headed was a complete joke…the results was the CEO’s knew of all the fraud’s but did nothing to stop it…BUT they got to walk away with millions upon millions in their pocket….not a damn thing done to them…BASTARDS ..ALL OF THEM.
    I am typing this fast…so any thing you do not understand..just ask me…I am here for you and your sister…but I want to say …there is a way to halt this case…from them being put out… her files that WAMU had is the note (copy) with the stamp endorsement of WITHOUT RECOURSE…WHEN THE NOTE WAS ‘ CASHED ‘…THE FORECLOSUE ONLY SHOWS ANOTHER COPY WITH NO STAMP…THIS IS A FRIGEN SCAM…..THE NOTE WAS CASHED…PERIOD. I figured it out…the copy in the foreclosure of the note with no stamp was from the Title Co..cause it has 2 holes showing where it was in a folder held by title co…the other copy came from Chase…and it shows it was cashed…..the title co would not have the stamped note cause the bank cashed it after the closing.

    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        They are all terrorists Marilyn, and sneaky ones at that!!! Just like the Nazis were…in fact they are Nazis..!!

      • I vent… Washington is to blame…Washington was in on this whole scam….they all need to be skinned…..prison with all pensions and perks lost…stripped of all wealth….hey..they did that to Madoff…cream the bastards…..put them where they feel cold concrete and get fed one meal a day…I read that there is a prison in Peru…in the mountains…that has only heavy bars on the windows…and the winter cold fills the cells…
        Our government took the jobs out of America…deliberate…to weaken the country…to fast pace it to ruins…let’s take them out of Washington so they too have no job…straight to jail…and take it all back that they got while involved in tryanny…TREASON….

      • lvent says:

        I agree Marilyn, it is the Government(s) but, this is also Fascism…Fascism is the joining of Corporations and Government… That is what this is…Bernie Sanders the Senator from I think Vermont, said that Wall Street owns CONgress….I would like to add that they are all joined at the hip… ! And who owns Wall Street via many proxies and the Fed and the Big Banks..? We know it is the Revived Roman Empire of course..They are all nothing but a cabal of money laundering drug dealing thugs…! Have you watched that video yet? Their main concern has always been their dirty secrets…..Rule bySecrecy…They instill fear, brainwash, kill maim, deceive and lie…. all to hide those dirty secrets, without those things, they have nothing.. They blew J.F.K’s brains out in front of the people, to instill fear in the people…same thing with 9/11….These are really evil, dark entities that are promoting this NWO agenda….Obama just pledged like 108 Billion or something like that to the IMF…TO BAIL OUT GREECE….AND HE HAS DONE NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…THAT BASTARD NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED! Lou Dobbs said tonite on FOX that Obama is over in Europe acting like a BIG SHOT….and even offered a THIRD BAILOUT TO GREECE IF THEY NEED IT…! Lou Dobbs said that Obama is doing all of this while the MIDDLE CLASS in this America are being destroyed…I like Lou Dobbs…he used to have a show in CNN until he made a comment after the collapse in 08, that they robbed the people..and he said I do not understand why the people are not marching in the streets…He got fired that very night…You are right Marilyn the Jobs went with NAFTA…this was all an evil Hitler Plan and the end game all started with Nixon, taking America off of the Gold Standard in 1972…then remember we had a recession in the late 70’s….and then Reagan deregulated the Banks and we had the S&L scandal in the late 80’s and then Clinton repealed Glass-Steagal in 1999.and the SEC removed the UPTICK RULE in 2007 and 2008 we had the intentional stock market collapse…Obama is just another Presidential traitor.. and Obama, his wife and all of their minions and cohorts are getting really wealthy from that treason…..!

    • I vent…what you have to find out ..if it was an ARM’s mortgage…and when was it done…cause Washington Mutual FA…key word FA…was changed in 2005..I believe. If her mortgage was after the year 2005…it cannot say FA…..but I am still floored with this attorney she has….He had to know if WAMU was the originator as he had to see on her mortgage…he had to know what to look for and prove…even if the foreclosure had gone thru as in Sept 2010…he had to know how and what to do to stop the foreclosure…the sale…I would say she is dealing with another scam with this attorney…and he wasn’t even in court to stand for her….the court docket would show if he did anything at all…did he file anything to stop the sale…that needed to be done before even going to court last week……I would be foaming…..That is why I was on my daughters first attorney’s back from the start… I did not trust…and I proved she was a scam…on the bankers side…fast money….bitch..I hope I never see her again…on the streets of Sarasota…

      • lvent says:

        I am floored by that attorney to Marilyn, but what floors me even more is they are going back for more….That loan officer from the bank my husband spoke with last nite told him that all of the attorneys are working for the banks…the banks, the Government…same thing…this is Fascism Marilyn…My sisters husband does not get it….even though that attorney threw them under the bus…My sisters husband does not want me to help Marilyn…he believes the attorney even thought he threw them under the bus…There is nothing I can do for them if that is the way he feels..

      • Well I vent….If he feels that way about it…than he is his own enemy…that is a shame cause he leaves your sister with no choice….I take it …it is her that is so devastated and made helpless…now see I vent…some people just do not get it…they cannot think to use the computer….I know if I were told I lost the go to title co and sign off on title……there would be no way I would sign anything…ever…if it was not in my favor….I would tell them to go get f——–……but that is me….I do not give in easy….but if they feel that attorney will do anything now..they are in for a big awakening…why would these attorneys go thru more work when they can let you lose the house real quick for the same amount of money…. few attorneys have won cases so we know it can be done in certain cases….it is not impossible…but the scammer lawyers are looking for the easy quick buck….I have been there and done it…..thinking further…if they already signed off the title as you say…the house is gone…so there is no summary judgement or sale to be stopped…..that would be if the title was still in your name….at least that is the way I see it now….I could be wrong on that.

      • lvent says:

        How about Marilyn…I would have told the title company to jam it…I guess the woman at the title company was a real biyatch and told them…I don’t want to here any excuses….JUST SIGN!!!!! Unbelievable!! People are brainwashed Marilyn…and get this, he went to real estate school….! So maybe that makes him more brainwashed, who knows…He told me last week, well these banks are owed alot of money…….I told him, do you know they committed 600 TRILLION DOLLARS in COLLATERAL MORTGAGE FRAUD…..BACKED BY ZERO? He seemed shocked at that..but said they have been doing this since the 1930’s or some shit..I said they did not sell mortgages off like this then….multiple pledging and the like…He is just a bit stubborn..and yes my sister is devastated…my Mom even told them they can’t do this to you without a clear title and my brother in law said…If they were able to foreclose than they had a clear title…See what I mean…? That attorney is going to lie to them and tell them that all the paperwork was right or something…I told her about the WA MU stuff, she is going to tell it to the attorney…My sister is beat up from this whole ordeal really bad…! Thank You Marilyn for all of your help..I hope her husband snaps out of it…or they are going to get kicked out..

  3. marilyn lane says:


    • Marilyn L…..Was your name gone again ? Well…someone is doing that for sure…It may happen to others and they just don’t say…..I really don’t see anything wrong with your comment….maybe the truth hurts someone peeking in….I know for a fact that my name always appears…only when I have to shut down the computer or it gets shut down by a little dog freaking out with a little noise…that my name is gone….but like I say…I have had comments flip off ….gone….and last month I was notified that a site was blocked ( not on here)….said it was some medicare drug store on line….and when it said medicare I thought government right away….and it has happened once since….oh well…if anyone is looking in…hope they get an eye full.

  4. I vent…Was your sisters mortgage originally with Chase or did Chase get it from the originator ? Like we are dealing with Chase but they are only the servicer….they did not get the mortgages tomorrow I am going to listen to Mr. Babcock again on that…..I know we got a letter from Chase shortly after taken over some area’s of WAMU…the letter states they are the servicer…and nothin said they were the owner..I take it not everyone got that letter…and the crappy sloppy affidavit with the foreclosure stated nothing..just WAMU was purchased by Chase…but only certain area’s were purchased…Good heavens…why didn’t they get copies of what was on record…it only takes a few minutes…I got the same thing and made copies at home as what we got from the court copies….it didn’t give me much but I had them in case….Does she live to far from you so you can look over her papers and documents? You know who was good for information but I have not seen him on here lately..Tim Bryant….and also Jim B……can’t think of his last name….they were great on all this court stuff……so what your sister got was summary judgement yesterday ? And has to go back to court to find the date she has to get out? Is that it? Cause I don’t know how this is done but I thought you could stop the sale…..I think someone on here said they did that and it has been like 5 years and they were still in the house…….Maybe I am thinking of everything to help her….wish someone would come forth and give some advice…Gee…that is what we are here for…advice and help….

    • lvent says:

      Marilyn, I offered to help but they just dont think I can help them or I dont know what they think..You can’t force people to believe the fraud exists and that it is rampant…She is an hour away from me but that is not the issue. Her husband said there is no fraud in their docs so what can I say to that? I think they have been in denial…They were foreclosed on in Sept. of 2010, they got foreclosed on the day before the moratorium…they were sent to the title company to sign off on their home..They did not go to court because they were afraid. At the time they were going through that, I did not really know very much but I told her I think there could be fraud in their loan history and they should go to the recorders office…..They were going through this around the time i wasdenied my loan mod that August and I was trying to get to the bottom of my loan mod mess….They foreclosed on them fast, they had no income and those were the first to go…Now the Judge told them Friday they had to pay CHASE $266,000.00 or get out..its gone on long enough…I have tried to tell my sister alot of things as I have gone along..but I think they are frozen with despair and feel helpless and hopeless without jobs……..her husband told me that the banks are owed alot of money..They are a bit brainwashed as well.They have been fighting eviction for a year with some asshole attorney that someone told them to hire and he threw them under the bus…I warned them..I offered help…they trusted that attorney..Remember the Judge told me in court last time without an attorney I am at my peril without an attorney…well I would have to say, I would rather be at my own peril than be at the peril of one of these attorneys..I sent my sister some e mails with some links and I told them about this website along time ago…You just can’t make people do things. I think now they are shell shocked..It is just awful…

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, I think my sister told me that Chase is the know, same old shit with everyone..

      • I vent…Do they have a family…kids? I understand what you say…some people just don’t have the drive…sometimes I feel they can’t comprehend what they are being told….due to fear..scared…or near a mental breakdown….it hits all people different…..and alot are in denial……
        With no jobs…no money…how will they rent? And don’t tell me that they will be in a tent…that will bother me….Does your Dad have a house where they could stay for now..maybe with him?
        My daughter worries of the same thing…her 2 autistic ones and all their pets…her house has over one and a half acres….but each house has about the is nice and open so no one is upon each other….and she has plants for online nursery…but I told her we will get by..With 2 good size bedrooms ….I have a good size family room and large dining and front room..all open with no walls to confine..just convert and put a bed in both areas…nothing else garage is 2 1/2 car size…store stuff there…I cannot panic at this time…I am over that…now it is survival….I have hugh screened in launi and good size lot for plants…NO ASSOCIATION EITHER…I would never live where there is an association and I have always live in nice neighborhoods with no problem….The way I see it now…….if you are out of the cold…. out of the rain with a roof over your head and a clean bed to sleep in….and some food to eat…that is survival….till a better time….that is sharing and caring……but if my daughter can win the case all fine and well…but I can’t wait till than to make some plans in my head…I have to plan in order to focus. That is what is hard to believe that some can’t even focus on tomorrow…that these bastards have harmed them when we did not cause this……disgusting………..

      • I vent…If Chase is the servicer….( Did they have WaMu as the orginator at closing ?) regardless..Chase would not have the original Note and Mortgage…they owned shit…the notes were destroyed… see…if they had listened to you or had gone online to seek the knowledge…and gone to court no matter if they were scared or not…but by not going to court back when…Chase did not have to prove anything…it was handed to them…..but I would say Chase had nothing to prove they owned the note and mortgage….I believe Mr. Babcock said …the note in the hand does not prove you own the Note…that only proves you may be the holder of the note…that is not the same as owning…… otherwords Chase would have to be named on the note be it written as creditor/lender/payee or endorsed to them… something…an assignment …whatever….just being the servicer taking in the payments is not the owner of the note…..Does her area have public records online ? If so…I would go to the court docket where they reside in and check….ask her if you can do it for her sake…than seek advice under her name if asked…and see if they can file against the halt it…the Law Library in Chicago has all that info for sure….we found them to be very helpful on finding case laws..etc…You sure got me going on this…no sleep for me tonight….LOL

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, they have one son who lives at home he is in his twenties and they have a cat and a dog..They could go live with my mom…I hope it does not get that far…I am not sure if Wa Mu is the originator or not.I know it was not Chase…..I told her to go get her recordings along time ago and let me take a look at their closing docs…As I said, they trusted the attorney and they never went to court on thier own behalf…….They have been through hell for sure and they are really frustrated because they can’t find jobs. I will tell them what I heard on the Citizens Warrior Radio show…They are going to have to try some last ditch efforts and pray that works…I am really sick about it..I hate this Government.

      • lvent says:

        Thank You Marilyn for all of your helpful suggestions…She has not answered her phone the last couple of days…Her son is laid up with a bad ankle sprain that happened in the parking lot where he works..the agony just does not stop. I will do what I can to help if they will let me..I have already sent them some e-mails about some stuff….I hope they read them..They are in the depths of despair…this is just not right in the United States of America..the forefathers are rolling in their graves…They gave us all of the protections that we needed and look at what these traitors have done to the American people!…It is a disgrace!

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn Abdilla, I just talked to my sister….It was a WA MU loan…! I told her what is going on with WA MU and CHASE…My sister told me that they are going to talk to that attorney about everything…I told her that no one should be getting evicted if WA MU was the Originator…They are going to try and appeal this..I told her that IT IS NOT RIGHT that GOVERNER QUINN has done NOTHING to STOP FRAUDCLOSURES on people in this state who can’t find jobs…IT IS NOT THE PEOPLES FAULT THEY CANNOT FIND JOBS…..THIS IS OBAMAS HOME STATE….THEY ALL HAVE EGG ALL OVER THEIR FACES….!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF DIRTY RATS!!!!

      • lvent says:

        Thank you 4closure fraud for that great info on your radio program yesterday…! You guys are my heroes!

  5. I vent…You would not believe….my little dog heard some little noise and he went bomkers running…under my desk and some of the plugs on computer came out enough to shut computer down…I had just typed a comment to you but didn’t send it yet…so I lost that comment…I fixed the plugs and got it going again and started another comment to you ..finished it and it said error…I did not notice that my name and info needed to be entered again and I lost that comment…I fixed that….than I noticed computer time was hours off…the calender date, year month and time all messed up…fixed that….now I think I am home free…and people wonder what you do with your time……

    • marilyn lane says:

      @Marilyn A

      I also get that same thing. I type a comment .It disappears without my dog doing anything to the computer. and then when I want to post it comes back error, you didn’t put in your name etcand you lose the comment.

      My computer is programed with my name and email address on 4closurefraud, Livinglie etc .Odd for them not to know who is posting
      . I know there is another computer set up somewhere else by Astoria Federal
      using my IP address. After a while I figured it out. Now when I write something I try to jot it down on a paper so I can keep the thought alive.

      I sometimes also take a photo of the error pages so that when a computer tech comes I can show it to him.

      • Marilyn L….That has happened to me off and on…my comment would just fly off the screen…I thought maybe I had said something that was a no no… last week I don’t know what I did or even if I did anything…but my comment was on the screen and I reached for a pencil and the screen flipped off and it was a white and blue WORD PRESS PAGE….lost that one too….but for awhile there tonight…I was ready to scream… was like climbing a hill of mud and kept slipping backwards…….

  6. lvent says:

    Fox News reporting…the American people have transferred $4.5 billion dollars out of the Big Banks so far…..BRAVO AMERICA!!

    • I vent….I don’t think the people are all done taking money out of the big banks…bet there is more to come forth…with no money going in and alot going out…as it should be….they will feel it….no doubt…and the lawsuits piling up…..KEEP SENDING THOSE POSTAGE PAID ENVELOPES BACK TO THE BANKS..LOAD THEM WITH WHATEVER….THEY LOVE HEARING FROM US……..NO COST TO YOU…….

      • lvent says:

        Right on Marilyn! time for all of us to cause some chaos for all of them! All of those dirty crooks on WALL STREET disguised as legitamite businesses…and the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank…bullshit…money laundering drug operations is all they are! And those Politicians, those dirty bastards are all going to pay for their involvement…..Heard a report today on FOX that Jesse Ventura wants to move down to Mexico permanently…because he is sick of the U.S. GOVERNMENT…Jesse should stick around a while, we could really use a few more seasons of Conspiracy Theories and that is how he could help us terrorize all of them..that is what they are really most afraid of….that we all might find out and believe the truth instead of all of their lies…..and start showing up….!!

      • I vent…How can the Federal Reserve be a private bank….they are criminals of counterfeit money….boy…are they in a dream world….all the wealth is counterfeit…worth nothing….if this country gets rid of the FR and we have our own currency….pray tell me…how do they exchange something with no value for something of value… such thing can be done…and the counterfeit dollars will not be excepted anywhere in the world…it will be useless of value….the dollars say right on it…FEDERAL RESERVE…not the United States of America….so who would want those dollars? They would be just a piece of paper……………..

      • I vent…The reason I say this is I have a jar of coins and paper dollars from all over the world….older ones…and a coin collector told me they are of no value cause the money is not the same today….that once money is changed it has a time period to cash in..after that no good….only if someone collects older money as a collecter…than I may see some profit….but trade or turn in it has no value….but we would have to shut the bank down as counterfeit criminals and stop excepting the counterfeit money back into the country….like you say it …the FR…is an empty building of cobwebs and drugs……. and alot of skeletons in the rooms……they all would not fit in the closet.

      • lvent says:

        Hi Marilyn, the people are really catching on to the Federal Reserve debt tyranny and all of their debt cartel minions on Wall Street..Did you watch that video yet?…It states that AIG was founded by the CIA…An attorney told me a few months ago when I brought him all of the fraud….You can’t win, do you know who AIG is? …he really meant do I know who owns them.Notice the intimidation factor…I am not afraid of these dirty all……I knew the Vatican owns and controls Wall Street and they have hijacked our country via their financial institutions and the Fed Reserve and the Central Banks… They have many tranches…Too much corruption with these politicians who are all traitors that allowed this…That video does not talk about the Jesuits or implicate them…but we know the truth…they do say in that video that these people have been at this evil plan for World Domination for thousands of years…so we know it is the Jesuits they are talking about…they are behind the whole thing…they infiltrate…that is the same philosophy of Saul Alinsky..who wrote Rules for Radicals…that book is said to be Obama’s bible.Saul Alinsky was a socialist. That is what they sneak in first, it is socialism and then communism, and the totalitarianism…This is a Hitler Plan…and that is why the class warfare is raging…that is how they did it in Nazi Germany…first they waged the Nietszche class warfare to bankrupt the country to pay back war debt to the Jewish banksters…who were really Rome in disguise..then they created the blame the Jew scenario, like the blame game here in America.they tried to .blame the Homeowners for buying homes they could not afford….. then they stole their homes and guns and it was off to the concentration camps…No one is safe..We must all be aware and concerned of these draconian measures they are imposing on WE THE PEOPLE today, and remember what happened in the 1930’s..

      • lvent says:

        I should reprase that, they bankrupted the German people under the guise of they owed too much debt….It is what they make you believe that is the most dangerous part of this Hitler Plan.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Ivent – I finally made it to my bank (Suntrust Bank) to close my account. I opened my new account @ Florida Central Credit Union. And guess what? My debit card is free, my checking is free and I get paid 3% on my checking balance each month!!! I can even use my debit card at any ATM machine and if that entity charges me a fee, I get it refunded to me each month by Florida Central. I felt soooo good and I have been banking with Suntrust for 14 years. Oh, and one more thing…for every customer that I refer to Florida Central I get $25…….

  7. Fed Up in Mass. says:

    I had a goon sititng in a truck parked down the road from my house last week. I drove by him, and and he was trying to stare me down, and I just stared back. Little did he know he was parked infront of a police officers house. I almost called him in. I don’t know….. in Mass?? ” I was in fear for my life” is all you need. I am almost positive someone has been in, or tired to get into my house. Not paranoid. Not stupid either. Just some things are making sense now. Game on!! And by the way I hope no one gets shot either. Just sayin’.

    • Fury says:

      if you have a video camera, digital camera w/ a video function or a cell phone with a video camera,
      nothing scares away thugs like warning them that you are videotaping them and will post the video on youtube.

      they don’t want to be caught breaking and entering and have it documented– that is a criminal charge.

      bad cops don’t want to be videotaped either….

  8. lvent says:

    Please watch and share this you tube video with everyone that you can….If the American people still feel that they need a reason to move their money out of the big banks…and fight this illegal Foreclosure tyranny…this video is sure to make your mind up for you….The banks and Wall Street may not feel this move financially but, this video proves we are all doing business with TERRORISTS by doing business with these banks..and that includes any kind of loan mod or re-fi…Please watch, study and take notes on this you tube video…if the video does not post, you tube search the title…Who Killed John O’Neill? It is long, around 1hr. and 45 min. but you can watch it in segments..We all have a duty here as Americans to share and spread the truth..It is horrible but what they really fear is, all of us finding out the truth about who they are and what they are doing..and have done……That is the reason for all of the lies and cover-ups through out history….The program The Five on Fox today slipped out the fact that what they want is COMMUNISM……Did you hear that Bill Black??…and you are now pushing the NWO AGENDA which is a nation of renters? SHAME!!
    Who Killed John O’Neill?

    • lvent says:

      Everyone…must watch this extremely important video…!

    • I vent…I am only 5 minutes into the video and I am already hyper….will have to stop and get something done plus I need quiet to concentrate of the video….talk later………………

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn Abdilla…It gets alot uglier Marilyn….but it is a must watch…They get into the J.F.K assassination and how it is all connected to this massive Global Drug Trade, Money Laundering operation and the CIA. It talks about how AIG was founded by CIA agent CV-Star…and how the fact is they don’t own us…they control us by mind control slavery and that we are slaves to their dogma…It is an emminent front…it is a put on….It is Corporate Fundamentalism that brings everything to market, like for example…. all of us, the UN declared we are all human capital…. and our homes and the securitization mind game….We could have never knew what they were planning because that is what they really feared was all of us finding out what they were up to. GLOBAL COMMUNISM FOLLOWED BY GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM……that is why they terrorize us… to control us..and hide the truth..Max Keiser said it a long time ago….The Federal Reserve has nothing in it except for alot of cobwebs and Pablo Escobar and mountains of cocaine…I love that Max Keiser..!

      • lvent says:

        Fox reporting that fraudclosures are down 38% since July…Could it because the dirty commie bastards are all getting caught up with..? It is apparently taking up to 900 some days to steal someones home in a Judicial state…UH, maybe it is about time for some criminal indictments????…My sister was told by a Judge in Lake County Illinois that she has to leave her home…Shame on Obama!!!…Obama can’t even stop fraudclosures in his home state? BULLSHIT!

      • I vent…..Remember the Iran-Contra deal? ….the ‘ Gov’t ‘ …DEA…CIA..whoever…paid high dollars and guns to have drugs flown into the U.S……this went on for quite awhile..Some years later… the time I heard this from ‘ someone in the know ‘ …I found alot of info on the internet…and it was so involved I had copies made to read at leisure….it mentioned names , dates, who and where the drugs came from… Three I remember was Bush Sr…Reagon…North…but it had more listed…so it was going on in the Reagon time and on….maybe even before that. To distrack the people from what they…the gov’t. .. were doing…the media kept printing articles on how bad the drugs were in this country and the TV News always blamed the people…..but the planes were smaller planes and landed in small airports and landing strips where no one was there at night…Florida was the area that was the area of entry I heard about….but it went on all over the country….and last year I read JP Morgan Chase laundered drug money..but I would say they all did it…it was big money for them…no taxes on it told how it was laundered thru what banks…it had a pattern… wonder all these bastards are wealthy… this point I want to say I do not believe any of them ever paid one cent in taxes to this country….they kept it all off shore…..Nothing but dirty bastards…all of them…and they are still stealing……death would be to good for them…unless they were beaten to death. ….

      • I vent….It may be the foreclosures are down because the bastard banks are waiting to see if they get away from liability….and whatever…from what settlement the AG’s give them….there is no way in hell that these AG’s needed this length of time to do what they were to do…it all is a frigen farce…ridiculous….an insult to the people……and to top it off…they didn’t do what the people demanded them to do…..the crime..the frauds…not to sit there over cocktails and let the banks tell them what they want done in their favor….piss poor Chief Law Enforcers is all I can say……..

      • I vent…..Does your sister know when she has to get out? This time of year is a bitch moving in the north….got to feel for her and her family… where Obama has the power to keep the congress in line….but from the looks of it…he had no intentions of anything….and yes….I do believe the commies know we are breathing down their necks…we are that close…..prison will be their safe haven…cause they have no chance on the streets……and they know it.

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, no my sister does not know when she has to leave her home..After listening to the Citizen Warriors show today I am going to let her know about that number for the individual foreclosure review..1-888-952-9105..Maybe it will keep them in their home until they can figure out their next move…They have to become more proactive in fighting for themselves because as I said before, there are no attorneys in this state who are fighting for homeowners..I tried to warn her that she was wasting her money paying this attorney…She thinks this attorney bought them another year in their home but they should have never been foreclosed on in the first place..They were fraudclosed on by Chase the day before the moratorium last year…People who did not have any income were the first to go..That rat attorney told her last week that CHASE told them they do not have to produce any docs once they have been granted a foreclosure…There is alot of sneaky business going on…They needed to really do some of their own research on their public recordings and their loan docs but they would not listen to me…I told her to go to the recorders office and get copies all of her assignments and things but she did not do it……My hope is maybe she can find an honest attorney licensed in Illinois that is from another State but they are broke. They can’t find jobs..They really should go get their recordings before the house gets sold out from under them..They erased all of my brother in laws public records on him after WELLS FARGO via the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION… illegally fraudclosed and evicted him from his townhouse over 2 years ago…….he had no day in court…in a judicial state.he did not even get foreclosed on until AFTER HE WAS EVICTED….!..My sister told me that a real estate agent showed up in their backyard one day two weeks ago and told them he was going to be the one selling their home…I asked her, they are going to sell the home when you guys are still living there? She said no, they have to get us out of here first… They really got railroaded by CHASE and that attorney that they hired after they were fraudclosed on should be held accountable…he clearly took money from them and did nothing for them..Their story is another American horror story and none of this should have ever happened to them..For sure, this is criminal what has happened to them..

      • I vent…That rat attorney they hired…..what kind of attorney doing a foreclosure would say the bank said they don’t have to show any doc’s once the foreclosure is over….wouldn’t this attorney know that before hand..before they paid him money? It sure seems he would know what you can do and can’t do….plus he didn’t show up in court…sent someone just to appear….he didn’t show up cause he was under that oath..same reason there are no lawyers to help the people…same reason lawyers said they would help you but not represent you in court…that is what that attorney pulled on them….

  9. Ron Moss says:

    If GMAC-Ally CEO wants to spend the rest of his days in JAIL , SO BE IT. He is a criminal in my case .

  10. marilyn lane says:

    When you look back at what made this wonderful Country into a corrupt cesspool
    you will always be led to the name William P Foley CEO of Fidelity Title and Fidelity Info Services.

    Foley more than anyone else has orchestrated all the fraudulent efficiency of the Banks and
    the Courts.

    Folwy has been a Cancer to this country.

    He has to be investigated and tried for treason.

    Occupy his entities AND his properties.

  11. marilyn lane says:

    The Chief Judges duty is to demand lower court Judges follow Federal law
    and uphold the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.
    To allow otherwise is to abandon all of our rights under the 5th and 14th amendments.

  12. marilyn lane says:

    CORRECTION something disappeared out of my below post. It should read

    Judge Jonathan Lippman wants it to remain hidden between the courts and any nexus to the
    credit bureaus and the title companies in particular Fidleity National Title

    Remember, Fidelity National Title is the parent company of LPS Docx
    and as soon as all the dots are connected it will be easy to see the fraud and I hope prosecute the part
    William P Foley CEO of Fidelity played in all the Courts and the Land Registrys. .

  13. marilyn lane says:

    Another week and it is easier to see why Judge Jonathan Lippman refused to hear
    my Judicial Review when Judge Alice Schlesinger and Frank Malone of Fidelity National Title
    and David K Fiveson of Coronet Title perpertrated Title Fraud
    pursuant to the US Supreme Court case Elliot v. Piersol.

    In a newly brought case in New York Supreme Court case of Whelan v. Lippman
    11112376 NYSC centers on a landlord/tenant dispute but it shows how CoreLogic,
    SafeRent etc. pays the State Court $20,000 plus $350 a week for information about
    Housing Court appearances.

    It appears that Judge Lippman’ wants to attempt to keep hidden how the courts are really run.
    and any nexus between Fidelity National Title
    to the Supremacy clause of the US Constition

  14. J. Alonzo says:

    The day a home owner decides to defend his property and shoots the intruder. What will happen then? If someone breaks in your home. You have every god given right to defend yourself and your property. The banks have bought us all. We are all owned. We are the sheeple. Fight back!

    • see says:

      The best thing to protect yourself is to find out what your state law is for defending yourself because you will not believe what you may find out. Intruders seem to have more rights than you may think. For instance, in my state the intruder better be in the house and have a weapon in their hand. You have to prove that you were in danger or YOU will be in serious trouble with the law.

  15. Jen Quinn Realtor says:

    Some of us Realtors with some guts can vouch for this legalized criminal activity that has been going on for over 4 years now … Banks & their servicing companies have been given a license to steal cheat and break the law on the tax payers dime. Yep, this is were the money went!!!!
    Wake up america you have been sold…

  16. XXXX says:

    hope no one gets SHOT

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