Short Film | Danny Schechter – INSIDE OCCUPY WALL ST: HOW Occupy Wall Street Operates

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Danny Schechter, known as the News Dissector is a blogger ( Filmmaker (Plunderthe and fellow troublemaker.

He is former producer for CNN and ABC News and even did a stint at CNBC. But these networks are not open to independent perspectives even from former employees and award-winning  professional producers. He had to go to Iran’s Press TV to find interest to make a short documentary about HOW Occupied Wall Street operates on the ground at Zuccotti Park.

His program that has already been on TV all over the world–but not in our own own country, What does that say about our media? Most mainstream media, alas, serves the 1%, not the American people.


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  1. lvent says:

    Plunder the Crime of Our Time was an excellent documentary that was aired by RT news a couple of months ago……….Obama should watch it…I will try and post the video from you tube…if it does not post, you tube search it…this documentary like Inside Job, is a must watch for the entire country….
    Plunder the Crime of Our Time:

  2. XXXX says:

    Looks like a new “Peoples Government ” coming out of this,could be very interesting, hope they can stay on the track for “The People” then we will see a CHANGE for the GOOD OF ALL!!!
    Yep time to pay the piper, I pray this goes in the right direction!!! as I see many indications of this being hijacked for the wrong reason

    Stay strong

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