Susan Chana Lask Esq to Steven J. Baum RE Halloween Picture – “I’m not dead yet” Joins Forces with Rep Cummings and Plans to “Bury” Baum Legally

Well look what we have here…

Another FIGHT CLUB attorney that will not take it anymore…

You all remember Susan Chana Lask from Baum’s Halloween party right?

From the NY Times…

 A second picture shows a coffin with a picture of a woman whose eyes have been cut out. A sign on the coffin reads: “Rest in Peace. Crazy Susie.” The reference is to Susan Chana Lask, a lawyer who had filed a class-action suit against Steven J. Baum — and had posted a YouTube video denouncing the firm’s foreclosure practices. “She was a thorn in their side,” said my source.

And… Foreclosure Mill Fraud Busted by Susan Chana Lask-MERS and Mortgage Fraud Detailed (VIDEO)

The above video was released a little over a year ago but has become very relevant again in the last 24 hours…

Foreclosure Mill Fraud Busted by Attorney Susan Chana Lask, who exposes the bank attorney fraudulent filings. Lask’s video takes a complicated issue and simplifies it with actual mortgage filings as examples and easy to understand charts about how the banks, MERS and Foreclosure Mills work together.

Well, I just got off the phone with Susan and she informed me that she spent the last few hours speaking to Elijah Cummings and his staff about Steven J. Baum’s fraudclosure firm.

It was in response to Rep Cummings letter that came out late last week seeking information from Baum’s practices and planning for the Halloween party.

From what I understand, they want to take Baum down and Susan is more than willing to assist them in doing so.

I said it before and I ‘ll say it again. Those Halloween pictures will be Baum’s downfall.

This should get interesting…

Check out the letter below…



2011-11-07.EEC to Lask


77 Responses to “Susan Chana Lask Esq to Steven J. Baum RE Halloween Picture – “I’m not dead yet” Joins Forces with Rep Cummings and Plans to “Bury” Baum Legally”
  1. marilyn lane says:

    @ i vent

    Everyone who has every had any problem with a Bank
    has to see the film Ivent posted
    Invisable Empire (it is on this page)

    I only saw half of it so far, I clicked off to explore the Council of Foreign Relations.

    You will see why most in the government are only giving you lip service
    and not caring about your foreclosure problems

    Who is protecting our Constitution and Sovereign Nation????????????????????

    Ivent, you are again right their is a connection between NY Mayor Bloomberg
    and the the Council of Foreign Relations.
    His girlfriend Diane Taylor is on the committee

    . Maybe that is why Mayor Bloomberg is not sending the word down that the NYC land registrys
    be corrected to show who is the true owner of the properties.

    We need OCCUPY

  2. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent

    Unlike how John O’brien is correcting the Land Records in his county,
    maybe the reason the NYC Land Records are not being corrected
    to reflect the true homeowners is
    Mayor Bloomberg connection to Wall Street and the Banks.

    It appears that the Dept of Finance, the Registrar of the Deeds etc.
    are under the direct;ion of the Mayor.

    In Chicago is the Registrar of Deeds under the direct;ion of Emmanuel Rahm?

    When someone doesn’t want the truth exposed they try to create confusion.

    OCCUPY needs to go into this area.

  3. marilyn lane says:

    @ ivent

    here in nyc I found the connection to Mayor Bloombergs office and the acting registrar of deeds.

    Isn’t Mayor Bloomberg part of the 1%?

    Land registry and title companies should be an upfront issue for the 99%

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane…absolutely they are part of the 1%….none of them rise from obscurity….and they sure as hell don’t owe a mortgage….They get their homes for free by robbing from the 99%….!

      • marilyn lane says:

        i don’t know that much about Mayor Bloomberg other than he started from nothing and rose to the top by himself taking advantage of true capitalism.

        He deserves to toot his own horn, but does he think the rest of us should be part of the New World Order?

        Ivent is it New World Order or One World Order?

      • lvent says:

        Like George Carlin said we keep voting for these rich &*^^%&*** who don’t
        give a F–K about us…at all….so just maybe
        we should NOT VOTE
        for any of them, NOT ONE….
        …they are all filthy rich crooks who do nothing but lie and decieve so they can steal everything from the 99% for
        themselves and their criminal friends on WALL STREET…………
        They want EVERYTHING
        for themselves and NOTHING for anyone else!
        George Carlin warned us that
        they were coming for
        our PENSION MONEY… and our
        Social Security Money….
        …and they will get it
        for their themselves and their
        criminal friends on WALL STREET…and they did it…THEY STOLE IT ALL…
        those dirty rotten….%^$&% thieves…

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane…if you look a little deeper into his past it could reveal that he did not rise from poverty..That is what they want us to believe…Like Jimmy Carter was just a little old peanut farmer from Georgia….that never happens…….It is the NEW WORLD ORDER and they are all either members or have been bought by them…the corruption is nearly absolute….they thought it was absolute…Thank God they did not get to everyone..!…you can Google the words NEW WORLD ORDER…or you tube search it….They want a one world Government, a one world currency and Global Totalitarianism…

      • marilyn lane says:

        I vent

        There are so many more of us than of them.
        On November 6 2012 can’t we all write your name on the voting ballot FOR PRESIDENT?

        There has never been a country as good as the United States of America why do all the polititians want to trash the Constitution?

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane..Thank You so much for that very nice compliment…! I think that is what they truly of us becoming a serious contender……I found a really good you tube video about the NWO conspiracy…I hope it posts..if not you can you tube search the words….Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined….there are alot of really good videos about who they are and all of their evil plans for World Domination:

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, at the 15:30 mark, old man Bush talks openly about their evil NEW WORLD ORDER plans for World Domination…

      • marilyn lane says:

        i poked Around and saw his first residence was 100 Brainerd Rd Allston Mass, a medium apartment house,His father was a realtor but not a trump building and there are three foreclosures in the building now. I had heard in the past that he really did it himself. I do remember flipping the dials and hearing this Bloomberg program but it was never of any interest to me.

        He definitely is not a Prince William. What would make him change?

      • marilyn lane says:

        I will look at that NWO film etc in the morning.

    • marilyn lane says:

      I vent

      here is what I found listed as his bio but is this the whole story?

      Michael R. Bloomberg is the 108th Mayor of the City of New York. He was first elected in November 2001, two months after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a time when many believed that crime would return, businesses would flee, and New York might never recover. Instead, through hundreds of innovative new policies and initiatives, Mayor Bloomberg has made New York City safer, stronger, and greener than ever.

      Today, compared to 2001, crime is down 35 percent. The welfare rolls are down 25 percent. High school graduation rates are up 40 percent since 2005. Ambulance response times are at record lows. Teen smoking is down more than 50 percent. More than 650 acres of new parkland have been added. And the City has weathered the national recession better than most places. Since October 2009, the nation has gained back only one out of every four jobs that were lost in the national recession. Meanwhile, New York City has gained back nearly all of its lost jobs.

      Born on February 14, 1942 in Boston and raised in a middle class home in Medford, Massachusetts, Michael Bloomberg attended Johns Hopkins University, where he paid his tuition by taking loans and working as a parking lot attendant. After college, he went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School. In 1966 he was hired by a Wall Street firm, Salomon Brothers, for an entry-level job.

      He quickly rose through the ranks at Salomon, overseeing equity trading and sales before heading up the firm’s information systems. When Salomon was acquired in 1981, he was let go from the firm. With a vision of an information company that would use emerging technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the buyers and sellers of financial securities, he launched a small startup company called Bloomberg LP. Today, Bloomberg LP is a global media company that has over 310,000 subscribers to its financial news and information service. Headquartered in New York City, the company has about 13,000 employees worldwide.

  4. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent

    There is never ending fraud perpertrated by the Title Companies, notaries etc
    When is the whole country going to be aware of it the same way they have now
    become aware of the fraud of Robo Signers, Mers etc.

    Meanwhile it seems like it is you, and I a couple of dozen others
    getting the message out of title fraud and their
    connection to the land records.

    What do think is taking the land registrys so long to correct all their records?
    I think before the Registrars knew they were being conned
    ,by the title attorneys and the notaries they did things
    that might have turned out not to be

    Just like John O’brien said, we found a problem and we are correcting it.
    When will New York,? when will Chicago do that?

    By body is not quite up to sleeping in the street at Occupy
    but I think there are other ways to have your message heard at Occupy.

    I was stunned when I saw the video from Oakland and
    how the Police roughed up those kids.

  5. marilyn lane says:

    @ i vent

    this looks like another plan for the title companies to gain more control


    Industry News, Technology

    Friday, November 04, 2011

    Manhattan-based TitleVest announced a strategic partnership with The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), a New York real estate trade association. In this partnership, REBNY members will receive exclusive benefits to TitleVest’s Offering Plan Library.
    TitleVest’s Offering Plan Library, available at, is a large digital library of New York condominium and cooperative offering plans and amendments. Each offering plan is keyword-searchable, contains hyperlinks for easy navigation and is shareable among all parties to the transaction.

    While TitleVest provides digital offering plans for free to members of, REBNY members will now also receive discounts on printed copies of plans as well as a $100 contribution toward the purchase of any plan that TitleVest does not currently have in its library. In exchange, REBNY will provide promotional opportunities for TitleVest, as well as work with its membership to help grow TitleVest’s Offering Plan Library.

    “TitleVest’s offering plan service is by far the fastest and most convenient way to obtain and review condo and coop offering plans,” said Steven Spinola, president of REBNY. “We are excited to partner with TitleVest and offer these benefits to our members.”

    Founded in 2000, TitleVest is a privately-held New York City-based title insurance agency offering a full range of title insurance and related services throughout the country, from large, complex commercial transactions to residential purchases and mortgage refinances. TitleVest is a policy-issuing agent for First American Title Insurance Co., Chicago Title Insurance Co., Fidelity National Title Insurance Co., Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co., Stewart Title Insurance Co. and Old Republic National Title Insurance

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane; they are scumbags…Foreclosuregate can’t cover-up all of what they did…Like the ESROWEES who are also State Notary Publics….and then the forgeries and altering of docs..I want to sue them for title fraud…it is all over the place…and theEscrowees name from Chicago Title is all over the docs. The escrowee Patricia Picard also received a total of $40,000.00 in indemnification fees at the closing of the Original loan in 1992 according to the HUD-1 settlement statement….There is no bottom to the proof of their criminality..

  6. marilyn lane says:

    @ Susan Chana Lask

    Correction in my post below it should read- Baums fraudulent foreclosures.

    It magically disappeared on my computer.

  7. marilyn lane says:

    @Susan Chana Lask

    Baums would not have been possible without his connection to the Courts.
    And the conduit is Fidelity National Title., Chicago, Coronet, Old Republic .
    The Tittle companies have the connection to the Banks Attorneys, the Courts and the Land

    It took a long time to figure out how all all the parts and players intermingled.

    When Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman ruled that the decision
    of the lower courts was not constitutional
    Frank Malone Esq. of Fidelity National Title notified the corrupt debt collector
    attorneys Mullooly, Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn. They had not represented Astoria Federal
    for about eight years. So why would the title attorney inform them of Judge Lippmans decision.

    It was from their Straw buyers that the forged deeds were flipped along.

    The Title companies then registered the forged deeds they knowing bought and insured.

    How were the outcomes of the Baum lawsuits registered in the land records to show conveyence of title?

    Back when my false conveyence was going on I noticed the part credit cards companies played but didn’t know why.

    My name was now listed not just as Lane but Lan with my social security number.saying i was employed at a Nail Shop located under the condo. It was in preparation for the oriental straw buyer Fang Li .The motor vehicle bureau told me she was using my social security number on her 1099. The other straw buyer was aptly named CHEETAH Realty.

    Foley has a blank kind of face but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know anything. These frauds all take alot of under the table connections.


  8. marilyn lane says:


    Some of the clerks at the registrars office just like some clerks at the banks are very decent
    and try to help BUT they have to follow orders or they are out of a job.

    I had dealt with a very nice guy at the registrars office, an attorney,
    when I was searching down the straw buyer who had stolen the escrow money
    that Astoria Federal S & L had put in.
    but that was before all hell broke loose about the land records.

    And now after sending all my documentation of the proof of the fraud I haven’t gotten an answer.
    I assume they were all told to keep quiet, ignore it or whatever.

    The last thing I heard was they would get back to me but it is going to be a while and it certainally is a while.

    Meanwhile these crooks are living in my properties.

    Rep Cummings and Susan Chana Lask have to extend their work into the land registrys or whatever good they do can easily be reversed by Tittle attorneys that have infitrated the land records.

    I think William P Foley is now figuring out how to over ride all Rep Cummings and Susan Chana Lasks
    good work.

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane…I believe they stuck their neck out for me. They did not have to give me any information or clues but they really did alot for me by confirming what I found out to be true, I knew I was on the right track because of them and they helped me to build confidence for the next part of the journey in court…I figured out I had no liens on my house before I went down there but I did not expect them to tell me that…Now it was a much different scenario when I went down to the Will County Recorders office with a friend who was fighting fraudclosure….They were not nearly as helpful..she asked us exactly what we were trying to find out…I told her there are no assignments recorded on my friends records…She said sometimes that is done inside the bank…I told her what I knew and she said that I do not want to argue with you..This is all Obama’s fault for not giving loan mods….She did give us one bit of good advice though…She said you better have your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed BEFORE you go see an attorney….Oh boy was she right about that…..I am thankful for that excellent advice…You are right, they are employees and they have jobs to protect and they did not have to help me at the CCRD, but they did and I will be forever grateful to those honest and true American Patriots…

  9. marilyn lane says:

    I think that Susan Chana Lask and Rep Cummings have to extend their investigation ito how the land recorders are processed by the Recorders.

    Even after they bury Baum Fidelity , Chicago and the rest of the corrupt Title Attorneys are probably now planing how they can change the signatures, the notaries etc in order to cause confusion in the records..

    The correction of undoing Baum’s lousy foreclosures have to go all the way thru to to now accurately recording ithem. We need laws written that the records cannot remain half a$$ed.

    Just like they did to you Ivent.

  10. marilyn lane says:

    @ iVENT
    is this the Cook county your in with Eugene Moore.
    You wonder with so many disclaimers for inaccuracy, why does he come to work.?

    While the Cook County Recorder of Deeds (CCRD) attempts to keep this website up to date with existing law and policies, the CCRD does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained herein, including, but not limited to, database information and document images. CCRD also does not guarantee the legality of the documents and database information contained herein and accepts no liability for any damages incurred, whether directly, indirectly, incidental, punitive or consequential, as a result of any errors, omissions or discrepancies in any information published on this website or any use of this website, including, but not limited to use of on-line forms or affidavits.

    Not just Cook county, but these seems to be the problem in most of the Country.
    It doesn’t have to be right as long as our bodies are here 9 to 5.

    Fidelity National, Chicago Title, Coronet Title, Old Republic etc knowing how lax the recorders attitude
    is, a few dollars could make the recorders deaf and dumb in spite of the glaring fraud.

    the purpose of land registry is not to to just fill up pages. It has to be accurate ot its useless. The countrys
    wealth of its citizens is recorded in its land recorders. This just looks like another way to steal our wealth.

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane…I have read the disclaimer..I have been to this site countless times….you should read the second paragraph of the Cook Country Recorder of Deeds homepage…where they talk about the mortgage fraud that was pervasive in the mortgage industry…they even have a mortgage fraud hotline…Eugene Moore, is also in fraudclosure….

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, When I went down to the Cook County Recorders office in the fall of 2010.. and after they sent me to the onsite attorneys office, who gave me my old pin#, which I never knew I had a new pin#…….they got right to my LIEN FREE DEED…and told me my house is paid for, I can live in it, sell it or do whatever I want with it…there has not been a lien recorded in 18 years…! Yet I am still fighting fraudclosure! BTW…it was the same with my COMMERCIAL PROPERTY!!!

    • marilyn lane says:

      what good is a certificate of complaince if in the next paragraph it stays Cook county is not responsible for any conveyance fraud or any other illegality etc.

      It look like Moore had good intentions but he is not doing so well for himself.

      • marilyn lane says:

        Rep Cummings and Susan Chana Lask have to have laws written to include how the land records reflect the true facts of ownership. or in just a matter of time Fidelity Title ,Chicago Title , Coronet Title, Old Republic will undo all Susan Chana Lask and Rep Cummings hard work.

      • lvent says:

        marilyn, they have all been really nice to me down there…I think this fraud goes way back before Eugene Moore was even there….I give him credit for speaking about it and bringing the mortgage fraud to the forefront on his home page..I think his honesty may have cost him…one day I went to the website and the website went right to a TONY REZCO mortgage…If you dont; know who he is…he is a real estate fraudster and has some ties to Obama…another time I went down to the recorders office…they had up on the computer screen..A PROPER LEGAL ASSIGNMENT…One day last spring the website was down and was rerouting people to a PORN SITE….They are a hoot…!..Funny story…I went down there to get copies of some docs…the clerk who waited on me was really great and he gave me alot of great tips….He asked me how I would be paying for my docs…..I said by check…He smiled and said now you know if that check bounces you will owe me your house…? We both laughed….

  11. Fury says:

    since the halloween pictures mocked the service of baum’s victims,
    rep. cummings should take a hard look at baum’s process server wing of his fraudclosure factory:

    A&J Process Service LLC
    900 Merchants Concourse
    Suite 212
    Westbury, NY 11590

    (516) 408-1200
    Fax (516) 565-2425

    besides the sewer service wing,i hope that rep. cummings looks into all past and present employees of the law firm of steven j. baum , pillar processing and any company that is under the baum umbrella.


  12. Molly says:

    You people are taking this stuff way to far, it was a halloween party. GET OVER IT!

    • How would you like your eyes cut out and displayed on a national scale? The people are coming for you inconsiderate freaks. I say YOU get over it and stop supporting these actions.


      I know who you are. You did not mask your ip address while posting this comment from your Android phone that runs on Tmobile. Dont make me expose you.

    • lvent says:

      Molly.. When you demean the AMERICAN PEOPLE who are having their lives and homes stolen from them through no fault of their own…the AMERICA PEOPLE are being ROBBED OF EVERYTHING… UNDER THE GUISE OF DEBT AND THE COLOR OF LAW….WE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING FORCED to PAY for WALL STREETS MASSIVE $600 TRILLION IN MORTGAGE FRAUD…BACKED BY ZERO COLLATERAL…….this is only occurring because of crime and corruption WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT…ALL OF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE ABOVE THE LAW….. …. Then these spawns of satan went even further and threatened Susan Chana by what could only be described as…. demonically desecrating her picture by cutting out her eyes… and placing her picture in a coffin…Get over it? Not a chance…All involved should be and will be held accountable…

    • Fury says:

      molly = baum employee

  13. marilyn lane says:

    @ Ivent

    You have to remember that Fidelity Title( Chicago being part of the same)
    is a such a corrupt company that laws and rights of an individual is unimportant to them
    and Fidelity operates with bribes and networks of corrupt attorneys.

    That being said, I too thought that as long as the proper authorities know of their fraud
    it will be corrected .

    In 2008 I went back to New York Supreme Court with all the documentation proving the fraud.
    Re: Astoria Federal S & L v. Marilyn Lane

    Pursuant to US Supreme Court case Elliot v. Piersol; under Federal Law which is applicable to all
    States, the US Supreme Court stated that if a Court is “without Authority, its judgments and orders
    are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable but simple void and form no bar to recovery sought, even prior to reversal in opposition to them. …

    Marilyn Lane v. Astoria Federal S & L was in Federal Court from May 8 1997 thru July 29 1997 and the State Court judgments was signed without jurisdiction on June 30 1997. Void ab initio.

    New York being a lien state Astoria Federal’s new attorney knowing they never owned my two condos ,looking at the issue stated Its indemnify Indemnify Indemnify we are stepping aside and the title attorneys are stepping in. And I should have been back in my two condos.

    However in steps Frank Malone of Fidelity National Title and David K Fiveson of Coronet Title that don’t want to indemnify their clients for their forged deeds and instead wanted to be intervenors and be heard and what they told Judge Schlesinger is Time makes a forged deed good, besides they had equity and Judge Schlesinger looks over her glasses at me and says “doesn’t look good for you”

    I actually thought as I had heard a Judge never lets you know how they will rule and that is what I thought she was doing. She had only one way to rule- hand down Elliot v Piersol’s ruling on jurisdiction, cause when the US Supreme Court rules on an issue that is the law of the land

    Just as Justice Schlesinger decision ignored Elliot v. Piersol, so too noticeably absent from the defiant,angry and lengthy Appellate Decision of July 9 2009 by Judges Saxe, Friedman Moskowitz, Freedman and Richter was the US Supreme Court case of Ellliot v Piersol and instead the five judges focused and blamed me by them distorting the facts, AND the Dates of Jurisdiction in order to defend Judge Schlesinger and let their friends at the Title Companies stay in possession of my two condos wile holding forged deeds

    This same Appellate division in a case Yin Wu v.Richard Wu had ruled
    a forged deed is void and conveys no title. A person cannot be a bona fide purchaser through a forged deed, since the forger has no title to convey in the first instance.

    I went directly to the NY Court of Appeals our highest court and Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman ruled
    …the order sought to be appealed from does not finally determine
    the action within the meaning of the Constitution.

    I made a motion for a final determination and the Appeallate Dept would not give me a Final determination.

    I Petitioned the Court ofAppeals for Judicial Review and Judge Lippman denied it.

    a catch 22 situation. Judge Lippman said the decision is not Constitutional and the Chief Judge of every state has the resjponsibility that the lower court judges follow US Supreme Court case and the Supremacy clause of the Constitution.

    As Elliot v. Piersol states a judgment without Authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable but simply void and form no bar to recovery sought, even prior to reversal in opposition to them. So these two condos are mine just like Astoria Federal said.

    it a high rise with a 24 hour doormen. I know some people in the building and I thought of just breaking into my two apartments. This might have to be my plan. I much prefer the authorities go after the thugs at Fidelity and Chicago.

    • lvent says:

      Bravo to you marilyn for all of your hard work..!! .All of these criminals should and must be held accountable…that is where I am at with all of this…This is no longer about a house and a piece of commercial property…this is about how this was an evil HITLER plan…It was INTENTIONAL and meant to permanently financially destroy all of us in order to steal everything from WE THE PEOPLE……The NEW WORLD ORDER are no more than all a bunch of greedy, freedom stealing, wealth stealing, property stealing, arrogant, ungrateful bastards who would be nothing without all of us…Not only that, they think they are above the law… and they are all going to pay for all of this..I saw Holder got a “grilling” from the Senate Judiciary Committee…..While they are at it, they should ask the dirty LYING bastard why he has not dropped any CRIMINAL AFFADAVITS on any of the BIG FISH on WALL STREET..?

  14. marilyn lane says:

    Where did Baum get all his fraudulent information and fraudulent paperwork?
    Bet there is a connection to these corrupt Title Companies.
    and their network of Attorneys.

  15. marilyn lane says:

    So few Registrars of Deeds are correcting the bad and fraudulent title in their land records.
    Something had to have gone on in the past with the Title Attorneys.

    I have had great difficulty finding the name of the NYC Registrar of Deeds. All I can find
    is getting referred to the County Clerk. No name.

    I should be able to go to the Registrar and show him or her that after Astoria Federal S & L
    admitted that they never owned my two NYC condos when they auctioned them off ,
    that Frank Malone of Fidelity National Title and David K Fiveson of Coronet Title’s clients
    are in possession of my properties holding nothing by forged deeds.

    Besides the NY Dept of Insurance, the NJ Dept of Insurance nor several other states
    have ever registered a Coronet Title nor heard of them. More fraud more fraud.

    Get the Title companies investigated and the core of the fraud will be exposed.

    • lvent says:

      marilyn lane, have you ever filed any formal complaints against the title companies?…I am going to file complaints with anyone I can think of including the American Association of Notaries on Chciago Title and Trust and Premier Title and Trust who is the title company from my commercial property who slandered that title.. No proper assignments which means, no equitable transfer, just an assignment of leases and rents…which is not an equitable transfer…There is a lot of smoke and mirrors here but, no legally enforceable liens.

  16. Fury says:

    let’s see baum fight a US Congressional subpoena…

    rep. cummings will find out the names of EVERY baum and pillar processing staff member
    who were and are working to throw people out of their homes through fraud and deceit.

    the halloween pictures represent the tip of the toxic iceberg.

  17. Fury says:

    the tipster who gave the NY Times the halloween photos would know the identities of these baum fraudclosure factory creeps.

    doesn’t facebook have a facial recognition function? it tags and identifies you on all of your photos that appear on your wall plus other people’s walls.

    i thought that europe was fighting facebook on this function because it was so invasive and violated privacy.

    i know that there is software that can be used.

    let it be used against the Bad guys instead of the Bad Guys using it against the crime victims.

  18. Fury says:

    i hope that rep. cummings also takes action against steven j. baum’s
    nefarious staff.

    according to gawker and gothamist, the girl in disgusting halloween photo 3 has been identified as
    kristen doyle. the comment was made by a poster if you scroll down.


    • Fury says:

      typo correction: Christen Doyle

    • lvent says:

      Great job Fury..! She asked for it….whoever participated in this should have their identies exposed because they really are evil sickos.

      • Fury says:

        … and no doubt these disgusting employees are creating and signing baum’s false court filings —
        it is a f/c factory after all.


    • The Truth says:

      Oh Fury….. are you BLIND or just trigger happy?! The girl in that picture is NOT Christen Doyle. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you try to ruin someone’s life. You are worse than the people that actually were in the pictures. Educate yourself.

      • lvent says:

        drop dead Troll..

      • Fury says:

        the information was posted on
        gawker and gothamist by other posters.
        i believe that the posters on those sites are correct.

        imo, the blonde girl in the facebook profile of christen doyle, looks very much like the blonde girl w/ the black roots holding the sign WILL WORK FOR FOOD in the halloween photo.

        if you are so adamant it not doyle, then tell us the names of the people pictured at the halloween party. you seem to know.

      • Fury says:

        The Truth = christen’s mom

      • lvent says:

        Fury, I always know I am on the right track when the TROLLS come out and attack…!!! Fury, I would consider it a job well done..APPLA– USE!!!

      • Fury says:

        i’d like to take credit for it, but i was just sharing the information that i had read.

        i find when people use nics like “The Truth on message boards,” they rarely tell it…

      • Fury says:

        “The Truth” not.

      • The Truth says:

        I can’t believe that I’m even dignifying your uneducated, immature bantor with a response…. BUT since you obviously have nothing better to do than blog all day, I’ll take some time out of my busy day to educate you and tell you THE TRUTH. I’m not Christen’s mom (if I was, you would already be getting sued for defamation of character), however I do know her personally and even though there’s probably no chance of you taking off your blinders and opening your mind/eyes, you should realize that you just set something in motion that will effect her for the rest of her life. She is not in any of the pictures because, once again if you knew her you would know, she would never mock anyone or judge anyone (like you are doing) that she didn’t know. If I knew who was in the pictures, I would tell you so you could stop ruining innocent peoples’s lives. My point simply is… 1) THAT GIRL IS NOT HER! and 2) she would never do anything like that so maybe you should think about that before make anymore accusations. I’m not saying that those pictures aren’t incredibly wrong in so many ways, I’m saying stop going after innocent people.

        P.S. For the record, a “troll” is a hairy creature that lives under a bridge, which I am not.

        P.P.S. Don’t bother responding because if you didn’t get the message/point of what I said than you are not worth my time and I will not respond.

        Thank you.

      • lvent says:

        The Truth…you are obviously involved in this somehow or you would not be trolling on this site…

      • Fury says:

        people are free to look at the photos of the baum halloween party and those of the facebook of christen
        doyle and draw their own conclusions.

      • see says:

        My guess is the names of those nice, compasionate, never mock or judge others and would never do anything like that “ladies” are already known. One thing that I have learned in life is that some people who you think you know are not who they portray.

      • Fury says:

        its’ simple.

        christen doyle can contact rep. cummings and clear the whole thing up if she is not
        one of those pictured in the baum halloween photos.

        she can also contact gawker and gothamist. those 2 sites are where i read the information
        posted by people who made comments.

  19. Fury says:

    this is fantastic news —
    susan chana lask teaming up w/ rep. cummings to bring the dastardly baum down!

    all of the families and individuals who have ruined by steven j. baum and his evil-doers
    are praying that you stop these vile criminals!!!!

    stop the evictions! stop the foreclosures that were procured by fraud by steven j. baum and his despicable firm!


    • Thank you Fury–it’s not just Baum I’m after–it’s ANY ATTORNEY THAT AB– USES THE SYSTEM. But Baum’s definitely the top ten this month–he ripped my eyes out and put me in a coffin–pretty psychotic. The problem ifor him is I’m not dead and his freak show is going to be on tour as the next Barnum and Bailey Circus showing the rest of civilized society what a demon that happens to look like a human being looks like.

      • marilyn lane says:

        hows about you ;going after William P Foley CEO of Fidelity and all his cohorts.

        LPS Docx is just the tip of their fraudulent activites . Fidelity attorneys have infiltrated
        the country land records with their fraudulent documents and forgeries.

        We need someone like you who could outsmart them -we’re waiting- thanks

      • lvent says:

        marilyn lane, It would not be hard to find a reason to drop subpoenas on the ESCROWEES from the title companies on the millions of manufactured, forged and altered documents that they recorded at the county recorders offices..and the Notaries Public who “witnessed” the signing of all of this crap…

  20. XXXX says:

    Power to you Susan Chana Lask and you my dear will be one that will show the devil his works are no good when used on those that are not in favor of the ill gotten gains form crappy people such as his employees and “that man” for lack of a better term . Time the tables have turned and they are as we all communicate. Great work and you have a lot of intestinal fortitude fueled by the right cause. I have a nasty lawyer chasing me at this very moment but will fight him tooth and penny until he gets it!!! and he will GET IT as he is thief!!! Good luck good to see some employees do not favor his stupidity and devil attitude., so to the one employee that was so sickened and that got the pics …you are the hero. Let the sun shine in!!!!

  21. The Department of Justice, The NY Attorney General and the House of Representatives state about Baum their investigation into “allegations of abusive, improper and illegal actions committed by the law firm of Steven J. Baum…” It’s a humilation that the US has to spend it’s time on this freak show Baum created; but we have no choice when people do bad things, they face the consequences. In the end the right result will occur. He’s going to curse himself to his grave as to why he let his employees throw that demonic Halloween party and built a coffin and put a live person in it, me, and ripped my eyes out–that shows what he really is–a monster, not a human being. I’m sure when Baum’s on his death bed and his lfe passes by him, the last thing he will see is me and the last thought in his head will be how demonic he was to do so many evil things to so many innocent people.

    I’m proud to do my civic duty and participate with the government against ANY lawyer that thinks they can play with the justice system and waste precious judicial resources needed for real cases and people who need real help from the courts. Thanks Baum for giving me the courage to continue this.

    • lvent says:

      What they did to that picture is evil and demonic, like the movie Jeepers Creepers…where the Creeper cut out the eyes of those he murdered….I think they need to go to prison and they need an exorcism..If this were my picture they cut the eyes out of, I would not take that lightly, at all…

      • Lvent, thank you for reminding me what that movie was. I saw it along time ago and it was the scariest movie I ever saw in my life. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw my eyes ripped out. I want Baum and his demon employees in jail for this. There’s no excuse. They are a disgrace to the profession to take a person’s life, rip her eyes out and put her in a coffn. Why? Because they’re the losers they are and I won the case against them an I was 110% right when I started–now every agency is ollowing what my suit started.
        It happened to be me thye messed with, and I promise him and his freak show end very soon. Remember, his wife just divorced him–we can only applaud her for getting away from this creep. BUT what really needs to be done is to get the names of every employee at that demonic party and insure they never work again an dpsot their disgusting faces w/o their makeup so we can see how truly ugly they really are. I’m working on that right now.
        Last, I still invite those freaks to meet me face to face and look me in my eyes that they ripped out because I will rip them apart personally one by one. The cowards won’t meet me because they’re miserable lives are just the beginning of the misery they’ll suffer by karma alone. They’re souless wastes of space on this earth that need to face justice….they just picked on the wrong lawyer. and this lawyer knows how to shut them down.

      • Fury says:

        the Night Stalker, richard ramirez, cut out the eyes of at least one of his victims.
        the baum coffin photo of susan is beyond the pale.

      • lvent says:

        Susan, my husband was watching that movie last nite and I saw what the demon did to the victims eyes in that movie…I told my husband this movie really creeps me out..I can’t watch it..! I saw that movie a long time ago and it is evil..I remember hearing that the guy wrote this story while he was in prison and he was a child molester or something …that made the movie even creepier..
        Bravo to you Susan for winning your case against them! It looks like this was the last straw for them and I am so glad they got caught! They need to be held accountable for this, this is unconsionable behavior!….Go get em Susan!

    • Fury says:

      we are all proud of you, susan chana lask!
      go get that scumbag!

      • Pro Se Way says:

        Hey Susan…can you go after Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg next? They too are souless wastes and need to face justice!

      • i am more than getting that “scum bag” as you say; I’m going to take his license and rip it up in front of his face…and I can assure you this bulley is crying his eyes out right now…that is, unless his employees ripped his eyes out too. You know how these people are; they’ll turn on ecah other so fast they’ll all be ripping each other’s eyes out and building their own coffins. Typical losers. Judge Schack said it years ago–Baum’s in the Twilight Zone, operarting in a parallell universe. You know what I say, he’s not even from a universe–he’s from hell and the NY State Office of Court Administration has an obligation at this point to shut him down for talkig an officer of the court’s picture, me, ripping my eyes out and putting me in a coffin.

        By the way, I’m still waiting for Baum and his freak show crew to meet me face to face and look in my eyes they ripped out. They’re such cowards they can’t face me and can’t even publicly apologize..

      • Fury says:

        what my family wants is to stop all evictions and foreclosure crimes committed by steven j. baum
        and other f/c mill attys like rosicki and rosicki.

        we want them


        i pray that you, rep. cummings, judge lippman, other ny judges and AG schneiderman
        can stop these goons!

    • see says:

      Susan, the day you take down this soulles Baum will you take pictures so the rest of us can see this piece of shit bury himself in his own filth? I am from Washington State and we are getting killed here by trustees such as Recontrust and NW Trustee Services. So take that bastard down and show the rest of the scum that their days are numbered.

      • Not only will I take pictures, but I’ll make sure there’s a film crew from CNN, MSNBC and every major media outlet to show these monsters to the world. I’m not stopping because that coffin and my eyes ripped out are not something he can make believe he did not know. I have documents showing he did know, he did condone this mess and he thinks its funny to take a court officer who has a stellar record of pro bono work,me, and put her in a coffin with her eyes ripped out. like psychotic murderers do. Be assured Baum hasn’t done pro bono work at anytime–the only thing he’s done is ruin this State and country with his mission to take people’s homes away in his foreclosure mill factory then laugh about the very people he put on the street. while he got really ricj doing it. I’m going to have the last laugh with this clown. What Baum doesn’t seem to understand is he’s finally messed with the wrong person–me; I’m dedicated to whatever I do and I fight to the end; Right now, he’s the first and only thing (and I say “thing” literally as he’s not human) I have on my mind to put an end to before the holidays so we can all cheer to his demise and be happy that there’s one less freak show in Buffalo. By the way, what in the world is going on up there in Buffalo that they let this mess of a man even walk the streets. He should be run out of town.

  22. Fred Grandy says:

    Baum, one of many.

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