The People Vs Goldman Sachs | Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov 3 2011 (VIDEO)

Recorded November 3, 2011, 10.15am. The People vs. Goldman Sachs mock trial people’s hearing held at Liberty a/k/a Zuccotti Park with fiery commentary by Dr. Cornel West, eloquence by Chris Hedges, and testimonies from people directly affected by Goldman Sach policies.

Among the topics discussed, education, housing, prison industrial complex, etc.

speakers in chronological order:
(00:03) Opening statement by Chris Hedges
(08:23) Opening statement by Cornel West
(12:50) Sade Adonis
(12:50) Agnes Rivera
(14:40) Cornel West
(15:40) Chris Hedges
(17:25) Cliftonia Johnson
(20:13) Chris Hedges
(22:45) Cliftonia Johnson
(24:05) Cornel West
(25:45) Chris Hedges
(28:10) Tony Bates
(29:58) Cornel West
(30:05) Chris Hedges
(32:15) Shelly Seabrook
(38:20) Wanda E.
(39:38) Cornel West on hope and defiance
(40:20) Chris Hedges on hope and defiance
(44:50) Chris Hedges on the energy and impact of the movement
(45:45) Cornel West’s impassioned speech on the energy and impact of movement on transforming public discourse.

(49:00) The verdict finding the investment bank guilty of felony fraud, the demand of the return — with interest — of billions of dollars looted from the US Treasury; and the demand for prison terms and other penalties for Lloyd Blankfein, and other senior executives.

(51:41) Last words by Chris Hedges
(53:25) Cornel West

The program was additionally broadcast on WBAI-NY 99.5 FM

A march delivering the people’s verdict to the bank holding company’s headquarters immediately followed the trial.



4 Responses to “The People Vs Goldman Sachs | Mock Trial Occupy Wall St Nov 3 2011 (VIDEO)”
  1. ???? says:

    I am confused why is Chris Hedges treated so nicely yet the other are roughed up, ???
    what is wrong with this picture??/

  2. Patrick Farrell Secured Party Creditor says:

    Why doesnt someone show up with a machine gun and open fire on the fat fucking cock sucking Cops?

  3. Bobbi Swann says:

    I have no respect whatsoever for the police forces, especially in NYC. They are bullies, hiding beneath the shield of the city. They no longer protect the citizens as they are only there to protect the crimminals. Heck, most of them are just fat a$$ who can’t even run or bend over, bellies hanging down from too much drinking the Koolaid, egos as big as the ocean. Would you really think one of these could protect you from a crimminal? Disgusting…..totally disgusting!

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