Explosion Sends Foreclosed Home 60 Feet in Air, Spreads Debris Blocks Away

“We had reports of cars in the area the night before, but no license numbers or anything like that”


Council Bluffs explosion linked to broken propane line???

Tuesday afternoon’s explosion in a neighborhood just south of Interstate 80 blew the house 60-feet into the air and spread debris blocks away.

No one was injured. Council Bluffs Fire Chief Alan Byers says the extent of the damage has made the investigation difficult. “Somehow, propane was leaked into the basement, filled the house and there was an ignition source. With the amount of damage and the way the debris was spread out, we’re probably never going to know exactly what happened,” Byers said.

Although the house was vacant, there was still propane in a tank and electric service hooked up to the home. Byers said the last known occupant vacated the home three weeks ago.

“We don’t know if someone got in the house and was using it, was trying to steal something, broke the (propane) line…we’re just not going to know,” Byers said. “Again, we had debris 60 foot up in the trees and scattered out over an almost 2,000 foot diameter area, so it’s just going to be impossible to tell.

You can check out the full story here…

I wonder what really happened…



5 Responses to “Explosion Sends Foreclosed Home 60 Feet in Air, Spreads Debris Blocks Away”
  1. I dont blame anyone for revenge, however this act could have harmed innocent people and was really stupid in the highest degree. I sure hope it was an accident and not intentional by the banks or a revenger. This is a poor way to act on revenge. No consideration to whom it could have harmes. Even their ear drums. I sure do not support this if it is intentional.

  2. Bryan says:

    Main street media will blame the Occupy movement.

  3. Mrs Doughtfire says:

    see… LOL sad but proberly true, they (BANKERS) will steal the money any way they can

  4. see says:

    It was the bank wanting to collect the insurance.

  5. Readdocs says:

    Sure they will never know, they have no intentions investigating.

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