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“A Soldier, His Prayer”

Stay with me God. The night is dark.
the night is cold; my little spark
of Courage dies. The night is long;
Be with me God and make me strong.

I love a game; I love a fight.
I hate the dark; I love the light.
I love my child; I love my wife.
I am no coward. I love life.

Life with its changes of mood and shade
I want to live. I am not afraid
But me and mine are hard to part.
Oh! Unknown God, lift up my heart.

You stilled the waters at Dunkirk
And saved your servants. All your work
Is wonderful, Dear God. You strode
Before us down that dreadful road.

We were alone and hope had fled.
We love our country and our dead
And we could not shame them; so we stayed
The course, and were not afraid.

Dear God; that nightmare road, then
That sea; we got there-we were men
My eyes were blind, my feet were torn,
My soul sang like a bird at dawn.

I know that death is but a door.
I know what we are fighting for.
Peace for our kids our brothers freed,
A kinder world, a loving creed.

I but the son my Mother bore.
A simple man and nothing more.
But-God of strength and gentleness
Be pleased and nothing less.

Help me God, when death is near
To mock the haggard face of fear.
That when I fall, if fall I must,
My soul may triumph in the dust.

Chaplain Oran Zaebst


102nd Cavalry Regiment

“Essex Troup”

This was read at a funeral a friend of mine went to a few weeks ago by a fellow Serviceman at the deceased’s request.

Three uniformed soldiers folding our flag. Taps. Not a dry eye in the Church.

He was so moved, he requested a copy from the Gentleman. It’s available for download on scribd with handwritten notes below.




A Soldier, His Prayer


11 Responses to “A Soldier, His Prayer | Veterans Day – Honoring All Who Served from 4closureFraud.org”
  1. lvent says:

    These brave soldiers are coming home and can’t find jobs and then have to face foreclosure…that is a disgrace…

  2. talktotennessee says:

    To all the veterans and servicemen and women, past, present, future, Thank you!

  3. I felt every word the soldier wrote….I have never experienced war myself….but my brother was in Vietnam…and he told me ‘ things ‘ they had to do to keep focused on why they were there….some prayed and others saw the war in a different view…..some saw what was happening to our country….before we at home saw it….my brother was a career guy….many years….and he spoke of the evil forces behind the wars that some of the men spoke of….but others did not see their point as evil……it was all hidden from them….so sad yet so true…today we all face that evil that was there all along.

  4. Fury says:

    what a beautiful but sad prayer.

    we can honor our vets by improving the conditions under which they live, (in war and in peace).

    we can make sure that they have the benefits they need for PSTD and make sure that the veterans’ hospitals
    have the funding they need to treat all of the head injuries and lost limbs that are being caused by IEDs in the gulf.

    i gave a small donation to a wheelchair vet who was out tonight in the cold, soliciting donations.
    why should this man have to resort to hand outs????

    matt drudge had his normal hysterical headlines today bashing a handful of OWS encampments.

    oh there are terrible bogeymen in the camps— TB, suicide, rape, etc.

    let’s hear the statistics for ANY gathering.

    the corrupt mainstream media needs to stop the fear-mongering.

    yes, there will TB in places where poor people gather— check out the LA Basin. TB is rampant there.

    how about having a country that provides healthcare for its people, including those who have immigrated here? we are a nation of immigrants!

  5. Ron Moss says:

    I can remember 1940. Adolph Hitler was bombing London. We l ived in downtown Seattle, and were having air raidss. London was saved by the grace of God. Without pllots to fly their airplanes they depended on Polish pilots to help the last day they prayed for a Miracle and received it Hitler was out of gas to come all the way into London, and Winston Churhill prevailed

    • Fury says:

      i have the ravages of WW2 and heard the stories by relatives and friends’ families.

      in poland, i saw russian tanks still sitting in fields. i was told that the townspeople never wanted to forget
      what had happened during ww2 and the russian communist occupation after the war.

      i met very courageous people (men and women) who fought against hitler and later the communists.

      i do believe that our airforce was instrumental in saving london. i think that the RAF could only hit within 5 miles of their bombing targets until the US got involved.

      it was an engineer from Poland who cracked the nazi enigma code.

      i saw a documentary where it spoke of the people in london who were working night and day to break the code. some were young women.

      i have a neighbor who was a small boy in berlin during the war. he told me how generous the american GI’s were to him and his mother after the war. he would get chocolate from the soldiers. he and his mother would get care boxes sent from people in the US that had warm clothes for them.

      and we had been enemies during the war!

      he did say that his mom got some outlandish hats that were totally unsuitable for the weather and
      burned out conditions after the war but that they were so thankful.

      this is who i think Americans are—not the greedy, souless scum banksters and f/c mill vipers who have brought down the world w/ their financial crimes.

      war is a horrible thing but we must stand up against evil.

      it really is not a stretch to compare the fraudclosure battle to the wars of the past.

      my family has suffered so much and we have friends who have suffered as well.

      i think that by reading the accounts of our posters’ experiences, it puts it into perspective—-

      we are not alone. we all have been defrauded. we are not going quietly into the night.

      now, how do we stop this economic genocide???!!!

  6. Pirate George says:

    My Grandfather died in a trench in World War I. My dad lost his hearing in Korea. (Air Force) My Uncle Bob (Marines) still carries a bullet in his leg. Today, the only war that we should be fighting is against the 1% who are destroying the greatness of this Country.

    I pray that Citizen Soldiers never lay down their arms. It is tiime to rise up and let your voices be heard.

    I love ths Country and I teach my children to Love ths Country and they do. Teach Your Children. CSN

    • Pirate George……Yes…that is the only war we must fight….the 1% ..and we do out number them in more than one way…..We are all for our country…it is the evil greedy sicko’s of the 1% we must take to 0%….our government has been bought and sold to the evil monsters that hide …the hidden are the real cowards that fear us…what is hidden is for others not to see…well..we see them so it is a bit to late to hide… they are all in the open now. Remember….the world knows who is to blame….the world feels the pain just as we feel it…..we are not alone…..evil does not win over the truth…..We need to end the Federal Reserve…that is when the evil was allowed to enter our country….and clean out the WhiteHouse….not easy but we can do it….

  7. chunga says:

    Happy Veterans Day! I don’t necessarily support any of these crazy wars we’ve got going on.

    I do support the Men and Women, past and present, who are sent off to fight them.

  8. Jeff West says:

    I pray that young men and women didn’t die for the US Treasury Department, who cares just as little if they get killed or foreclosed upon. It sounds harsh, but that is the truth, the reality today.

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