Copwatch: Oakland Police Officer Responds to Video About Police Infiltration @ #OccupyOakland (VIDEO)

This is Oakland Police Officer Fred Shavies responding to a recent Copwatch video produced about police infiltration at Occupy Oakland. The Copwatch video was produced by Jacob Crawford with assistance from Ali Winston and Josh Wolf. Justin Warren interviewed Officer Fred Shavies separate and independently.

Original infiltration video here…


2 Responses to “Copwatch: Oakland Police Officer Responds to Video About Police Infiltration @ #OccupyOakland (VIDEO)”
  1. Javagold says:

    doesnt matter, you are a traitor and a scumbag

  2. lvent says:

    I heard about this on a radio show…a couple of Occupy protestors followed an irratator all the way to a military base 2 hours away..To believe that the Government is not involved in Foreclosuregate is precisely what they want us to believe..The NEW WORLD ORDER INFILTRATES EVERYTHING….THAT IS HOW THEY PULLED OFF THE BIGGEST ROBBERY OF OUR WEALTH IN HISTORY… THE BIG SWINDLE …That is precisely the reason why there has been not one prosecution of any of these crooks to date…The culpibility for the entire manufactured financial crisis as well as the begining of the Foreclosuregate cover up that occured on 9/11, all lays at the feet of the POLITICIANS and the U.S. GOVERNMENT…TRAITORS FROM WITHIN….

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