Occupy Denver Camp Destroyed After Police Blast Protesters with Fire Extinguishers

Crystal clear video from the front line of protestors as police released excessive fire extinguishing chemicals, destroyed the community kitchen and tents, and forcefully shoved protesters, independent journalists, and innocent bystanders with their nightsticks.



5 Responses to “Occupy Denver Camp Destroyed After Police Blast Protesters with Fire Extinguishers”
  1. Joseph Simpson says:

    This is just Wrong for this type of thing in this country. those officers need to be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps peaceful is not the way. There are enough Americans fed up and I want more veterans to stand up….

  2. keepon says:

    Awe inspiring? I am sickened and ashamed that such misuse of a badge is happening here in my country. Don’t know what sickens me more: seeing the impish sneer on the face of the “officer” who’s relishing the chance he’s waited a lifetime for- all that police training- and now finally: a chance to kick over the Peoples’ entire table full of food! WHAT A MAN! Or, the disgust created by the table actually going down.

    These guys would REALLY have enjoyed themselves in Nazi Germany pulling Jews out of their hiding places for extermination. Yes: orders from above.

    You don’t suppose the message here is: This is what we can do to food, when dressed in a fancy new unform so, don’t ask us what we can and will do to People who will not obey.

    That Chief of Police and the 1% AND THE PRESIDENT OF MY COUNTRY MUST BE SOOOO VERY PROUD OF SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT against those who come in Peace to speak freely.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      I really don’t know how these police officers are sleeping at night…really. How can you do this to one of your own who is participating in a peaceful demonstration under the rights of the US conastitution? How can a city police chief stay in power when this kind of abuse is taking place? C’mon people of Denver, wake up, put up the crack pipe and the weed and pay attention!!!! You are being robbed and subjected to tyranny.

  3. Javagold says:

    peaceful protests are a waste of time…….do it right

  4. lvent says:

    These are your own neighbors, family and friends…Shame!

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