WOW | Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Michael Bloomberg and #OccupyWallStreet


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  1. Fury says:

    i tried to watch our local NYC 11pm news last night to see footage of the OWS protests for nov17th.

    you could not believe the propaganda.

    CBS and NBC focused on the same story about kids not being able to get to their schools.

    (how about kids living in poverty and hunger due to fraudclosure???!!).

    NBC even had graphics that said,
    how much OWS has cost the city.

    (how about a grahic that shows what fraudclosure has cost the world???!!)

    NBC then had a tally of how many cops were injured.
    (did they have the tally if how many protesters were injured by the cops? no.) and the mysterious
    agent used on cops was VINEGAR. i don’t condone using anything like that unless it was self-defense, but i have to think that vinegar is not the same as pepper spray.

    i felt like i was watching Pravda or something. our MSM is a crock!!!

  2. Fury says:

    bloomberg is on the last leg of his mayorship. any future political career is over.
    he’s elitist, (depsite taking the subway to work) pissy, and put his friends into office who do an extremely poor job.

    the blizzard finished bloomberg off — whatever is left will be wrecked by his handling of OWS.

  3. He Vents says:

    Mayor Bloomberg needs to be evicted from office.

  4. I got to say this….This man Keith Olbermann….has what it takes to run a country…compare him to what we have had in the past years sitting in Washington DC…he out classes every one of them….Keith and some others in the public eye…swamp those who have been ‘ put in office ‘… has been so disgusting …..(.Could it be that contaminated blood line that they all are bred from? )…NEW blood is needed….outside blood….that is the only way to end the corruption in government…. I don’t see anyone of them that are planning to run for next election worth the vote… will have to be a write-in on the ballot….and campaigns need to be shorten to a shorter time limit…and end the lobbyists / corporate funding campaigns….think about it…what we see now with those in the running is a calamity….a disaster waiting to happen…do we really want that again?

    • Fury says:

      speaking of pissy… that’s keith olbermann too.

      he’s good at is tv show but is not a nice person. he prone to immature meltdowns and using young women.

      • Fury says:

        a few typos—but i think you get my drift.

      • Fury says:

        maybe the girls use keith.

        i have to say that keith and jon stewart are the ones who have the balls to speak up for what is right
        on their Tv shows and they do it nightly. rachel maddow has guts and smarts too.

      • Fury….It seems to be the trend lately and all along for years……..either ‘ using ‘ young woman ‘ and ‘ young men ‘….is it the young ones using the older ones or the older ones using the young ones…after reading on the Black Masses and the elite ‘ clubs ‘ ..and the Freemason’s symbols and their meaning’s…and what goes on in the White House…’s a sicko world……maybe that is where the saying derives from…’ Two heads are better than one “……..LOL

  5. lvent says:

    Great Job Keith! A Communist dictatorship is staring us right in the face..and we won’t back down…This is our country..not theirs! We The People refuse to comform and comply to this UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL DEBT TYRANNY!!!!….We The People will not be slaves to the GSE’s and Wall Streets debt…we will not pay for their crimes with our homes…….WE THE PEOPLE REF– USE TO BECOME A NATION OF RENTERS…..RESCIND THE PHONY MORTGAGE LOANS!!! .

  6. Jen Quinn Realtor says:

    Realtors Occupy Wall Street

    • Bobbi Swann says:


    • lvent says:

      Jen Quinn Realtor…I spoke with an unemployed realtor who is still brainwashed even though he can’t find a job to feed his family or pay his bills and has been on food stamps for over 2 years…. and has lost his home to fraudclosure and is fighting eviction…he .was trying to make me believe that the banks are owed alot of money…..!!!!!!! HA….NO, MY FRIEND,IT IS THE BANKS, THE GSE’s and WALL STREET WHO OWE ALOT OF MONEY……600 TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH…IN MORTGAGE DERIVATIVES FRAUD ALONE….AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HELPED THEM STEAL YOUR HO– USE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR FRAUD…WTF? WAKE UP AMERICA…!!

  7. talktotennessee says:

    Someone has to say it! In a time when the Republicans are spouting “reduce government” with every breath and the Democrats are cowering in the corner afraid of the tea party and the GOP. Mark my words, if we reduce the federal government so that we have local power hungry demigogues like Mayor Bloomberg and Gov Haslam of TN and others who remove our rights and privileges and trample them in the dirt along with the Bill of Rights and Constitution, forgetting WE THE PEOPLE own the government!

  8. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    this was a GREAT RANT!!!! FUCKING -A….. KEITH GET IT ON!!!!

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