Fraud Digest | Palm Beach County Home Prices After the Crash

Palm Beach County Home Prices After the Crash

By Lynn E. Szymoniak, Ed., Fraud Digest

The crash of the housing market has left families with an insurmountable debt problem. Palm Beach County, Florida, is one of the counties hardest hit by falling home prices. In many cases, the Palm Beach County homes are now selling for less than 50% of the home prices in 2005-2006. Even when families are willing to forfeit their homes to their lenders, they still face significant deficiency judgments – the difference between the total amount owed and the amount “recovered” by the bank by a resale.

Bankruptcy is the only way to escape a deficiency judgment, but a bankruptcy will disqualify a family from eligibility for another mortgage. With fewer eligible borrowers, and an increasing number of homes being sold by the lenders, the price of homes continues to plummet and even more homeowners find themselves owing more than the current value of their home.

This cycle will only be ended by principal reductions by banks, for families willing to stay in their homes. More foreclosures will exacerbate this problem and prevent any real widespread economic recovery.

To prevent further deterioration of neighborhood home values, banks must demolish abandoned, moldy homes that have been gutted of plumbing, wiring and appliances. Banks must also limit their home sales in any one neighborhood so that prices may stabilize.

Fannie, Freddie, securitization, predatory lending, and extreme profiteering destroyed economic hope for the majority of Americans. It is time for the banks to implement a policy of principal reductions to fair market value, with low-rate, fixed rate mortgages, and responsible home sales.

The following Palm Beach County homes were listed for sale in November, 2011. The price in 2005-2006 is listed after the current price.

12935 North 57th Road, The Acreage, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $150,000
Sold for $335,000 on 4/20/2005

312 Putnam Ranch Road, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $150,000
Sold for $360,000 on 4/22/2005

1135 Imperial Lake Road, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $99,900
Sold for $270,000 on 7/31/2006

142 Rowley Drive, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $99,000
Sold for $250,000 on 6/15/2006

4818 Poseidon Place, Hypoluxo West, Lake Worth
11/11 Sale Price: $150,000
Sold for $240,000 on 8/30/2005

5436 Gene Circle, Summit Run, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $95,000
Sold for $250,000 on 8/24/2005

5254 West Canal Circle, Lake Worth
11/11 Sale Price: $94,900
Sold for $252,000 on 6/2/2005

400 Superior Place, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $95,000
Sold for $205,000 on 2/14/2005

3706 Shoma Drive, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $95,000
Sold for $269,000 on 4/28/2006

952 32nd Street, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $95,000
Sold for $340,000 on 5/27/2005

6263 Blue Baneberry Lane, Buttonwood West, Greenacres
11/11 Sale Price: $99,999
Sold for $160,000 on 7/20/2004

10735 LaStrada, Ibis, Palm Beach Gardens
11/11 Sale Price: $299,900
Sold for $473,207 on 8/18/2006

6315 Bischoff Road, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $98,500
Sold for $235,000 on 11/17/2006

313 North Ware Drive, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $99,900
Sold for $209,000 on 6/21/2006

1005 SW 17th Street, Boynton Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $99,000
Sold for $172,500 on 6/30/2006

2859 Kentucky Street, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $99,000
Sold for $179,000 on 7/20/2005

1701 Village Blvd., West Palm Beach
9/11 Sale Price: $53,000
Sold for $188,900 on 3/28/2005

8679 Falcon Green Drive, Palm Beach Gardens
11/11 Sale Price: $299,000
Sold for $550,000 on 7/24/2006

2912 South Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $299,000
Sold for $520,000 on 10/19/2005

10241 Orchard Reserve Drive, #1D, Ibis, Palm Beach Gardens
11/11 Sale Price: $299,000
Sold for $478,577 on 7/29/2005

616 Westwood Road, West Palm Beach
11/11 Sale Price: $299,000
Sold for $449,000 on 5/18/2005

There are many more examples of home with significantly reduced value. Most of these homes have been on the market for over six months. In November, 2011, there were 659 homes listed for sale in Palm Beach County for less than $75,000, and nearly 2,000 homes for sale for less than $500,000.

It is time to find ways to keep families in their homes.



Palm Beach County Home Prices After the Crash

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  1. Equity Free says:

    The 99%’s deficit proposal for the super committee to consider , send it to your reps they do not hear you .

    • lvent says:

      Equity Free….The super committee is an act of treason by Obama……Obama is overiding Congress…in order to FORCE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to pay for Wall Street/theBanks and the GSE’s debt WITH OUR WEALTH AND OUR HOMES……..Wall Street/the Banks and the GSE’s rang up the U.S. TAXPAYERS CREDIT CARD FOR 600 TRILLION DOLLARS…MAKE THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR FRAUD AND DEBT….I TOOK OUT ONE MORTGAGE, NOT HUNDREDS……

      • I vent….We all need Obama to keep his a$$ in Washington….you are right…he keeps leaving and pulls his crap while he is out of country…..he is a free for all….gets paid for doing nothing…..he needs to understand millions and millions are waiting for him to step down….it’s called resign……..

  2. Equity Free says:

    The declining home values will continue …..for quite a while .

    The OWS movement has a clear view of how corrupt the system is , the global corporate control of every thing .
    they also have a clear agenda , a fair and just society that benefits the common good .
    Support it . It is the future and it will succeed .
    In Solidarity

    • lvent says:

      The homes are worth one hundred thousand dollars less than what we paid for them…I paid $292,000 to build my home in 1992 and put $100,000 dollars down…Do you want to know what the homes in my subdividsion are now being sold for? $200,000….if your lucky enough to sell it..I will be damned if I am going to sell for that so these crooks can pocket the money to pay themselves and steal my asset…..Wake up America!!!!…Don’t leave, sign anything or short sell your homes!!!!…….The GSE’s, the banks and Wall Streets debt is unsustainable….and we must refuse to pay for their crimes with our homes…There is not enough COLLATERAL to pay for their MASSIVE MORTGAGE DEBT FRAUD…….they are just stealing our country under the guise of debt…their debt…not ours!!!

  3. I vent…You keep telling people to,,,” stop using the banks…small community banks and credit unions are no different.”….Millions receiving Social Security and SSI….and most jobs today have direct deposit on weekly earnings….child support through the DOR is direct deposit….no choice but direct deposit….millions have no choice but to have a bank account. what alternative would they have a choice of ? Sure they can draw the money out right away…but they still need a bank of some sort… not pay on credit cards and monthly house payments is another story….that does not involve using a bank account…just stop paying the banks…but most still need a bank account……..
    To stop paying property tax on a foreclosure is smart…the bank will pay the tax to protect themselves……otherwise within a short time after the property tax is due…the county will warn you to pay or the property will go on a tax sale…homes paid for have to pay the property tax…regardless if it is legal or not…otherwise with a tax sale…it will cost the homeowner $$$$$ to get the paid for home back. That would make no sense …..I for one pay my property tax…I may not like it…but my home is paid for and I can’t afford to just let it go…..regardless of what the future holds….my thoughts are not to be homeless…..that is why I am fighting the good fight right along with all those in foreclosures…and for those who have already lost their homes…we are all in this together….my fight is for everyone in the 99%…..

    • lvent says:

      Marilyn, there is no alternative to receive your S.S. check other than a bank account….? As for a property tax revolt you are not listening to me…I SAID A NATIONWIDE PROPERTY TAX REVOLT…EVERYONE….NOT JUST A FEW…… that TAX REVOLT may be coming whether we like it or not if the economy worsens…I am merely telling people to think outside of the box for once…that is what they don’t want…But, as long as people are sheeple and are TOO SCARED TO DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL..INDIVISBLE……ALL OF THE PROTESTING IN THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE…THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A STAND IS BY TAKING ACTION…

      • I vent…If you are asking the question ” There is no alternative to receive the social security check other than a bank account….NO…it is direct deposit only….years back it was sent to the home but they changed that to be direct deposit only….no choice in the matter…..same with child support thru the courts and the Department of Revenue… deposit only…the CS is sent to the DOR and they direct deposit it in order for records to be kept on payments…the DOR is reguired when the children are proven to be disabled under Social Security and monthly payments are adjusted according to what is paid in the child support payments….either it is SSI or SSD..not sure on that…it is like a chain of departments….but CS in her case is not directly paid to her…but thru direct deposit…..
        I have read and have understood you on the Nationwide Tax Revolt…many times…and have left comments to you explaining my thinking on it….and please stop telling others they are not listening to you….we are not children in school…….I still stick to what I said….Is it now a Nationwide Tax Revolt. NOW…do you even know? It is not a fact of being too scared….it is the fact that I am not going to lose my paid for home in a matter of a few months from now…by not paying the property taxes….I understand what you have said all along…if I was in foreclosure I would let the bank pay sweat…but I am not in foreclosure….I have never had a mortgage on this home…..if the Nationwide Tax Revolt comes…and it is NATIONWIDE than that is a different matter….but I don’t see others telling NOT to pay the property tax…..Most that come on here are in foreclosure and generally the bank pays the property tax to protect their ‘ interest ‘….So how can this be Nationwide…meaning everyone….those who own their homes or have low principal balance may not even know this site exists…..they are not going to listen to others to NOT pay the property tax………if the time comes and the economy worsens and a tax revolt is put into place….than we will see what happens…..Maybe a REVOLT for now should be in a different direction……that is my opinion……those in foreclosure would not be in the property tax revolt because the bank pays the taxes while in foreclosure…..

      • lvent says:

        A property tax revolt is coming if the economy continues to worsen…have you ever watched Chris Whalens Bloomberg video interview…..Foreclosuregate is a Cancer? Google it…I do not believe that you can only receive S.S. by direct deposit….I would inquire further….My son has a choice to be paid by check or direct deposit by his job…Do you remember when the IRS decided to pay the people their tax refunds by debit card because so many people had no bank accounts..? As far as people in frauclosure not having to pay the tax while in litigation I found out that is true….and I say so what? These are the hardest hit Americans…who have most likely lost it all because of the treason by this Government..The people who are in FRAUDCLOSURE have suffered enough already….! IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE NOT YET IN FRAUDCLOSURE TO MAKE SOME SACRIFICES HERE TOO….NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THIS STRATEGIC CLASS WARFARE THAT IS BEING WAGED AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS…..CNBC’s Larry Kudlow suggested a nationwide tax revolt was in order last Spring..Anything is possible..and this website only one way to spread the word..I am well aware there are many who do not even own a computer….and there are thousands in fraudclosure who unfortunately have not found the help they need at this site….but, I am not a defeatist…I will not bow down to these criminal bastards……where there is a will there is a way….Change cannot come when people are too afraid to do something….

    • lvent says:


      • Revolt against the government for allowing this to happen and continue…get to the vascular vessel that has fed this criminal act all along…until this is done…nothing will stop….this country needs to swamp Washington DC…the criminals are within the government….they are the ones now and in the past that have followed the orders from the NWO…United Nations….Rome the owners….Washington DC is to blame for bringing the criminals into this country….and prison awaits them on treason…tyranny….that is where our problems began at least 30 years ago till now….untill Washington has millions to face they will continue with the criminal acts….nothing will stop only if we the people stop it. …Maybe we should dig up Nixon…no..better yet..let’s get the Bushe’s to dig him up…they are the Skulls and Bones that have digging up the graves in their rules…Nixon gave our land away and sold all of us as frigen salves….those who are not dead yet must face charges of treason…..they all have been with the enemy…..that is where the revolt should be…in Washington DC………talking of the 600 trillion gambling debt…we know is not ours…but the only way to solve that issue is to clean out Washington….frig the rules of the NWO…they do not own us and we will not listen to their BS,,,,Oust the bastards that were the enemy all along….Washington DC…..All the talk about the banks and wallstreet just continue as BS….all the demands asked even now…still have to the government….and this is not our government….that was the big lie that got us where we are now…..millions need to head for Washington DC….take our Whie House back…that is the only solution……get to the traitors….

      • lvent says:

        I am in complete agreement Marilyn….the OCCUPY MOVEMENT needs to move to Washington.D.C, the State Capitals and the city halls as well as in front of the corrupt court houses…….It is the corrupt politicians from both parties who are the ones that threw this country under the bus and that is to whom the demands should be made….with a definite course of action if our demands are not met in a specific time frame………

      • lvent says:

        Marily, I cannot see why this has not become a ANTI-POLITICAL MOVEMENT yet….this makes me really suspicious that the Government is leading these protestors astray from behind the scenes…They “think” this is a leaderless movement….maybe that is exactly what the corrupt politicians want them to think…They may be being BRUTALIZED by the cops via the very people who are behind this movement….TIME TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX PEOPLE…THESE NWO BASTARDS ARE EVIL BEYOND BELIEF……!!!

      • I vent..I also thought the same thing…..this is political issues….Wall Street did what they were told to do…by their owners….( and not one political person has shown their face.)… Washington has been dead silent….a HUGH CLUE RIGHT THERE… is Washington DC that needs a whole lot of attention…millions and millions of pissed off people….the politicians are with the enemy..not America….that is where this planned take over to ruin America. got in…….inside job…all of Washington DC….the corrupt politicians did and allowed this to happen and it is still going on…..get to the politicians….gather at their homes….gather at the corrupt court buildings…gather at the corrupt State Capitols…or plan to go to corrupt Washington DC…..I vent…I know what they demand by protesting at WallStreet….but the demands will not be solved there…in order to solve anything we must go to Washington DC….Washington did this …they allowed and sided with the enemy…….they all became weathly as we were being robbed….and for Obama to say we are lazy…what the hell does he know…he has never worked an honest hard day in his life….tell him to come on the streets and tell the people that….Notice he has not done a frigen thing since he has been in.. but vacation and go see sports events………So he needs to change his tone abit….who’s lazy Obama???????

      • lvent says:

        Right on Marilyn…after my husband heard what Obama said, he said, that’s it, he is done for sure now…No one is going to vote for him. This all just gets weirder and weirder….I guess the White House all got subpoenaed for Solyndra while Obama was out of the country….. and Rahm Emanuel was going to speak for Obama? HUH? Nothing makes sense…at all anymore…these politicians are tripping over their own lies now and Obama always seems to be hiding overseas when he pulls an act of treason against this country…Remember he was in Europe when CONGRESS passed the Patriot Act again…and Obama signed the Patriot Act by robo pen from Europe…and he declared war on Libya from South America…..WTF? CONGRESS SHOULD BE THROW OUT FOR NOT IMPEACHING HIM YET AND OBAMA AND CONGRESS ALL NEED TO GO TO PRISON FOR HIGH TREASON…ALONG WITH THE BUSHES AND THE CLINTONS…AND ALL OF THE REST OF THE TRAITORS….!

      • I vent……What was this so called Emanuel going to say? Since when does someone else speak for the president…? This sounds like some back alley club that meets in a garage……Obama did ‘ these things ‘ in my opinion to show the people of America….that he did not believe in the Constitution…nor does he believe in America….remember Arizona and the flood of Mexicans and the state government fighting that….Obama and the DOJ went against the constitution and it was brought up and they ignored everyone…in fact…he invited the Mexican president to WhiteHouse and we the tax payers paid for a hugh ‘ in honor ‘ party for the Mexican president…smashed it in the Americans face……Lybia was a sovereign nation/country and the fighting was internal and Obama stuck his nose into Lybia’s business…he had no business even being there period. ,,,so he calls in Nato…and they killed the people who were not even fighting…bastards all of them…same shit as Bush did to Iraq…..Do you remember the guy that was found dead when his body fell out of the garbage truck at the dump? He was a top government person? And someone hit him over the head and stole his case with his papers in it? Anyways I just read lately who he was and why they feel he was killed….He knew alot of undercover shit being done by the government…and he knew of the planes that tested Chemtrail Gas spraying…and hugh flocks of birds flying in air were all killed in certain states towards the west…and millions of fish killed also…this not to long ago…he spoke to ‘ them ‘ about this gas spraying….and he needed to be shut up cause they thought he was going verbal on it….He was murdered to shut him up…when you get time google Chemtrail Gas spraying….you can tell the fake sites on it….one site showed the planes and how they were built to spray….I take it no one can tell they been gased….and the planes fly higher than commercial aircraft….but it kills….

      • lvent says:

        Marilyn, My local media, WGN morning news gave Rahm a grilling last week…they pretty much told him he was corrupt right to his face…and they blew the whistle on the Rahmfather speaking for Obama…Apparently the secret word is secret with the not really so “transparent” Rahm Emanuel administration..Whenever the media asks him for something…his office does not respond! Imagine that…! I thought is was too great that the mental patients camped outside of Rahm’s office last week because he is threatening to shut down the mental health clinics….!!! …I have known about the chemtrails for a long time…Arsenic and Barium and all kinds of stuff to make all of us sick…Evil, so evil…did you see the Alex Jones video I posted, Alex Jones said they are putting the cancer virus in the vaccines….!!!

      • I vent…. That Solyndra Co….maker of solar panels…got that hugh loan from the governemnt…set up business and filed bankruptcy….they even asked for a BAILOUT….all this is a short period of time….plenty went on there for sure…there was some dirty pool being done in Washington……and how many other times was this same practice done over time……we have been ripped off big time by this frigen government…no matter who was in….they frigen robbed us ……I say death to them…….after the people get to spend a few minutes with them on the streets….what level of rage can rage go too.?

      • lvent says:

        OMG, I mean no offense to this site…… did anyone see the CITI ad on this website? Offering Jumbo mortgages and refis! These criminal bastards are still at it with impunity!!!! While the American people are fighting fraudclosure because these financial instituitions are too broke to pay their ownn bills….the U.S. TAXPAYERS ARE STILL FUNDING THEIR MORTGAGE FRAUD….WTF????? WHAT A SLAP IN OUR FACES!!!

      • lvent says:

        You are right Marilyn, the Obama administration made sure SOLYNDRA got their loan…this is actually worse than what MF GLOBAL DID…MF GLOBAL screwed their rich clients…. the U.S. TAXPAYERS funded the SOLYNDRA LOAN….and we got screwed again…!! There is no end to the fraud…they are all stealing the money from wherever they can and filing for bankruptcy and running to their overseas bankster accounts with the loot…We would be in trouble for running up one credit card right before a bankruptcy filing…..It is unreal!

      • I vent… You had to bring up the one thing I have fought so hard on….VACCINES….years back after my 2 month old baby got her first set of a few shots…that was given in 1975…within hours we almost lost her..the DPT..whooping cough caused 3 months of hell for us…it took 6 hours to have her breathing faint and barking like a seal…with eyes rolled back… that was the last time she got any vaccines…I fought it when she went to school…I was not going to let her out of my sight for fear they would give them to her…but she was smart enought to tell me…..the vaccines came with a required info on the vaccines being given…but doctors did not give it to the parents…5 years after that shot I read the side effects to watch for….MS, Cancer, Diabetes and so on…it even stated that it may ly dormet for years….I saw the video of the researcher ( who since has passed on) that told of when they even put the cancer into vaccines and other types of shots….vaccines have been contaminated….they don’t recall vaccines…mostly are sent to poor countries to be used up…Did you ever wonder where AIDS came from…it started in Africa…and it was not from eating the wrong kind of monkey either…..illness is engineered….that keeps the profit high and the Federal government is right with the pharmaceuticals…..all conflict of interest….tell me all these millions and millions of kids all over the world just happened to be AUTISTIC..ADD..ADHD…MANY DIED FROM THE SHOTS…MANY BRAIN INJURED…..Sids…known to happen at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months…..death unknown on death certificate. That happened to my Mom’s cousin’s baby boy…but back than it was all hidden from the public…YES…CANCER IS IN THE SHOTS SO IS A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER ILLNESS….BASTARDS…AND THE GOVERNMENT MANDATED THIS SHIT….I watched his video but the one I saw he was talking to a guy on the Illuminity….was it in that one?

      • I VENT…I WENT ON YOU TUBE AND FOUND ALEX’S VACCINE VIDEO’S……THAT IS EXACTLY RIGHT….JUST THINK…MANDATED THAT ALL NEWBORNS MUST GET THE HEP. B VACCINE WITHIN HOURS OF BEING BORN….THEY DON’T TEST THE MOTHER CA– USE INSURANCE SAID IT WOULD COST TO MUCH MONEY…SO INCASE THE MOTHER MAY HAVE IT FROM DIRTY SEX OR DIRTY NEEDLES..THEY MANDATE THE NEWBORNS TO GET THE VACCINE…SO THE PHARMA CAN PROFIT FROM IT…this is found out when my first grandson was born…..I WAS AGAINST VACCCINES FOR MANY YEARS…BUT MY DAUGHTER THOUGHT SHE WOULD DO RIGHT BY ALLOWING THE SHOTS…i AM 100% AGAINST…AND I DO NOT HIDE THAT FACT…..NO SHOT’S AT ALL…ALL VACCINES WERE STOPPED WHEN THE OLDEST HAD A HORRIBLE REACTION FROM SHOTS GIVEN AT SAME TIME IN BOTH ARMS AND LEGS…AT 17 MONTHS OLD…i SAY IT IS BOTH THE VIRUS AND THE CHEMICALS ADDED THAT DO THE DAMAGE…..OR WHATEVER THEY HAVE ADDED IN ADDITION…..VACCINES ARE SOMETHING ONE CANNOT TRUST OR VERIFY..ONCE INJECTED IT IS TO LATE….In the video I watched… Alex tells of the cancer can be spread when given the shot…for how long on that not sure…in otherwords….It is like the case of the service guy home on leave and getting preped to leave for oversea’s duty… he was given a small pox vaccine…goes home and plays with his yound child and wife…leaves…and the wife and baby come down with small pox..this crap is not told when given the vaccines…I vent…the federal gov’t and Pharma are in bed together…neither can be trusted….period.

    • lvent says:

      acmodspecialists..what is the course of action we will take if they don’t meet the demands….? Will they sleep in a tent on the frozen ground for the entire winter until they get their way? So you think these dirty bastards give a shit? Maybe we need to boycott all of their businesses and banks and manufactured holidays…

      • I vent…..I can’t see them freezing and trying to sleep on cold ground…but the will to go on may be strong in the younger people…plus…if it snows…I heard snow holds warmth..maybe an Eskimo said it….that has not been my opinion when I was in snow storms…but I may not have had the will either….that is why I moved to Florida….I thought of that when they said Occupy would start in October…why didn’t it start like last March or April..? I give them all credit….they have demands….did they reach Washington DC? At their age it is their future and at this point it is zero ahead for them….I just feel it may get very rough on the streets…when…who knows….

      • lvent says:

        I stand behind the protestors…they are genuine…it is the Government that I do not trust…They worm their way in…they are sneaky bastards. They made demands but what are the consequences, the course of action if the demands are not met….that is the question….That is what makes me suspicious…Wall Street are crooks but, did you ever see the Conspiracy Theories episode entitled Wall Street?…the part when Jesse Ventura asks the Wall Street crooks why they did what they did…The one guy said if you throw a dog a raw steak, the dog is going to eat it..That was very telling….They are crooks but, they were carrying out orders…and who gave those orders is who the people should be going after……Should Wall Street and the GSE’s be made to pay their own debts they created and go to prison?…of course they should. All of their overseas bank accounts should be seized…..but the politicians should be forced to step down for HIGH TREASON….CLINTON AND THE BUSHES SHOULD ALL BE ARRESTED AND THROWN IN GUANTANAMO BAY…Clinton was in Chicago for a book signing a couple of nites ago…If I would have known, I would have bought a copy of his book just to get close enought to tell him he is a TRAITOR and he and his wife Hillary both belong in prison…along with all of their minions and cohorts……Obama is a traitor too…that debt committee was an act of treason by Obama…he wants to override CONGRESS and impose Wall Streets debt unto all of us until we are bankrupted…Did you hear back in the summer when Congress wouldn’t agree to raise the debt ceiling, Obama threatened to override Congress by invoking the 14th amendment…??? This is serious and Occupy really needs a leader or two…who get it..Like Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert..Demands and a call to action by WE THE PEOPLE, if the demands are not met is what is needed…It is too cold in the North in the Winter time to sleep in tents…Time to move on Washington and give them a deadline…MAKE THE CRIMINALS PAY FOR THEIR $600 TRILLION IN COLLATERAL FRAUD OR THEY ALL MUST STEP DOWN…THAT IS NOT OUR DEBT…

  4. Javagold says:

    and still no one in DC or in the 50 states wants to talk about the real issue/problem staring us ALL in the face !!!!!!!!

  5. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    And still some people not in foreclosure are in denial of the impact the mess is having upon them. This is effecting EVERYONE, and will be for quite some time (like decades).

    When you begin to study and consider the REAL sources of the problems a level of rage that is difficult to tolerate begins to take hold.

    • Readdocs says:

      Livinglies has an article explaining how destructive the real estate crises has become.
      Even if the economy stablized, the number of homes with clouded titles will keep home
      ownership stalled until there is resolution.

      • lvent says:

        Readdocs..the economy is never going to stabilize as long as WE THE PEOPLE KEEP PARTICIPATING IN THIS TYRANNY…..Stop using their banks PERIOD…Small Community banks and Credit Unions are NO DIFFERENT, THEY ARE ALSO FDIC INSURED…..IT IS A MIND GAME, A TRICK TO MAKE US “THINK” WE ARE EFFECTING A CHANGE…..THE PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED…WE SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL OF THEIR MANUFACTURED HOLIDAYS AND STOP BUYING CRAP FROM CHINA AND THESE LARGE MULTINATIONAL CORPS…STOP EATING AT PANERA BREAD AND CHIPOTLE AND TACO BELL AND MCDONALDS…..WAKE UP AMERICA….STOP PAYING THE MORTGAGE, REVOLT ON THE TAXES AND THEIR CREDIT AND DEBIT…HAVE SOME GUTS AMERICA….STOP PARTICIPATING IN THEIR MANUFACTURED ELECTIONS…..DON’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THE REPUBS AND DEMS…THEY ARE CROOKS AND TRAITORS…ALL WORKING FOR THE FOREIGN ENEMY……THIS IS A TYRANNY…. Wall Street is still doing business as usual and Washington keeps allowing the NWO, THE FEDERAL RESERVE to force WALL STREETS DEBT and the GSE’s DEBT down our throats….The entire NWO system is a sham and a fraud….It is time for the people to make demands or WE THE PEOPLE will stop participating in this illegal and unconstitutional tyranny….WE MUST STOP CONFORMING AND COMPLYING….Bill Cohen who wrote the book House of Cards said that the Wall Street protestors look like an amorphous blob……He is right…WHERE ARE THE DEMANDS……EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THESE BASTARDS DID….WHERE ARE THE DEMANDS AND WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES IF OUR DEMANDS ARE NOT MET? A PROTEST WITHOUT DEMANDS IS JUST A PROTEST….They have the peoples attention….now we need to use that to our benefit….that is what they really fear about the protestors….DEMANDS…..

    • Stupendous Man…..You are so correct that many people who are not in foreclosure DO NOT understand what and where this all happened and why…..there seems to be a blockage in their thinking……My home is paid for…but my retirement money was put into my daughters home…over $105,000.00….so I am a fighting raging mad female….I saw this coming before it all happened….years back but even family members said ‘ never ‘….HA…thought I was crazy to blame it on the government…Now I notice they don’t even mention it…NOW THEY KNOW…..My daughter divorced after they bought the house…and I intervened in the divorce proving I paid for the large downpayment and she got the title sole in her name thru court and her (ex to be) signed it over to her but he and his lawyer failed to realize that the Note was signed only by him. So when she wanted to get the payments lowered WAMU would not even talk to her cause they said she did not sign the Note…that her ex had to do it…and he was in hiding cause he was thousands behind in child support for 2 autistic small children… she kept paying the payments…till summer of 2009 and called and also went to Chase Bank who were now servicer…told again they could not help her or even tell her who owned the loan….” Stop making the payments and they will talk to you “….she told them that was exactly what she planned to do…so they foreclosed…they couldn’t find him so they sent the foreclosure summons to her….in court the judge told plaintiff lawyer to refile with correct documents…and they refiled the copy of the Note with the endorsed stamp ‘ PAY TO THE ORDER……WITHOUT RECOURSE …WASHINGTON MUTUAL FA SIGNED BY A VP….”…..They deposited the Note and was paid for the note….The first copy of the note in the first filing in court had just his signature and a big ‘ X ‘ was below his signature…the second copy had the paid stamp…..and no ‘ X’…..waited 10 months for answer from Chase to produce 21+ documents and they denied all by ‘ Objected “….silence since….When you tell others what you go thru with the foreclosures…they just give a blank look…I don’t think it sinks in…….they still believe the Arabs did the Twin Towers…..I am to the point I don’t even mention the NWO and Rome….that would fry what brain they have……

      • lvent says:


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