#Occupy Bat Signal for the 99% (VIDEO)

Video from the #occupy bat signal crew. Inside look at this series of inspirational video projections on the side of the Verizon building on November 17th.



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  1. http://www.UnitedWeStand.US.com Occupy Supporter. Post your videos and comments let’s go global, let’s go viral TOGETHER!

    CouRAGE! against the tyranny and corruption. Fight the good fight!

  2. Truth says:

    To: OWS

    The world sees you, hears you, and loves you.We hear your Cry from the heart! It is our cry from the heart .
    Know this, that there is a difference between a democracy and a republic.

    When asked if the framers had created a monarchy or a republic, he
    framed the dilemma, the challenge that has faced each generation of
    Americans ever since:
    “A republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.”

    quoting Roosevelt, whose words are just as
    relevant today as they were nearly a century ago:

    “In facing the future and in striving, each according to the measure of his individual
    capacity, to work out the salvation of our land, we should be neither
    timid pessimists nor foolish optimists.
    We should recognize the dangers that exist and that threaten us: we should neither overestimate them
    nor shrink from them, but steadily fronting them should set to work to
    overcome and beat them down.
    Grave perils are yet to be encountered in
    the stormy course of the Republic – perils from political corruption,
    perils from individual laziness, indolence and timidity, perils
    springing from the greed of the unscrupulous rich, and from the
    anarchic violence of the thriftless and the turbulent poor.
    There is every reason why we should recognize them, but there is no reason why
    we should fear them or doubt our capacity to overcome them, if only
    each will, according to the measure of his ability, do his full duty,
    and endeavor so to live as to deserve the high praise of being called a
    good American

    (this a quote from a 2004 speech )


  3. Antipodeus says:


  4. Fury says:

    i wish that whoever else has those $30,000 sanyo projectors would let them be used by the Occupy Movement
    all across nation.

    internet billionaires could pony up some money — buy the projectors and donate them!

  5. lvent says:

    Brilliant and Awesome…..F–K the NEW WORLD ORDER…!

  6. Faith says:

    thank You Occupy!!!!!!!!!!


  7. XXXX says:

    This was very , as stated by Fury awe inspiring…a very nice job indeed.
    Now to see the names of the people that have lost their lives as well as the ones that have been terribly hurt due to tyranny of our world idiot rapers of humanity, it would be very moving to see all the names of those people all over the buildings in every major city in the world, on the same night around the world in unison plastered all over as many buildings possible showing the utter disgrace of the elite’s greedy lust filled disgusting larking about.

    This vid was uplifting indeed, thank you Vega Family, and yes we are winning!!!!

  8. Fury says:


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