Desert Underwater Part 1: The Hardest Hit Neighborhoods

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    Hardest Hit Fund in NC CAUSING my foreclosure – WILL NOT take responsibility for delaying/losing – screwing up my application –

    Mark McArdle’s response is that I contact my lender – who has initiated foreclosure ONLY after NCDC (the hud-approved agency I had to go through to apply) waited SEVEN MONTHS to complete my application!!!

    first they apologized – explained being swamped – a person left – had to retrain with constantly changing rule – then, when they and I learned their delay cause the lender to demand the whole mortgage, they started BLAMING ME – for THEIR delay.

    I don’t blame them – I don’t KNOW who is to blame;; I only know it is NOT me and I should NOT have to suffer the consequences.

    The program is either LEGIT or it’s not — if they mess up THEY need to fix it and MCARDLE needs to oversee and make sure they do!

  2. Together we stand for justice. We stand together with COURAGE to fight back. Understanding what really happened to our local community’s. We are here to empower you with understanding and knowledge. How to take action in foreclosure defense strategies. God Bless America and God bless all of you in these difficult time. Post your stories and share you knowledge. If you have a radio program have us on to expose the bank fraud.

    Yours in the fight for Freedom and Justice!

  3. Fred Grant says:

    This is a war folks, total downright insanity. When a society breaks down, the first thing to go is the rule of law.
    What you have here is financial terrorists being given, with the “Government’s” approval, the green light to attack American citizens on their own soil. To be less subtle, they would need to use guns, instead of pens and so-called contracts.

    • notmyhomeyournot says:

      The OWS is proof of the control of the citizens on a small scale. And every time they claim to protect the citizens, they are just whitewashing the real agenda. Every police action against the people is just another test of control of it’s people. The FEMA Prisons errrrrrr I mean camps are set up already and we are just a few votes away from being carted off to one of them in cattle trucks. They are taking the rights from the people in small bites, and soon we will be fully surrounded with the weapons we pay for with the taxes we keep paying. They start wars so they can keep building up the armys, until they have enough to take over the control of it’s people. Why are they using force and guns against the OWS who are unarmed and are not raising their anger against the police? They are testing the capabilities of the people to fight back against the forces of evil that we keep voting for. Every vote the people keep putting in, are just another signature to enfource the permission that those votes are giving to the government to take us over. your vote is used as a free ticket to the government that we are giving them the power to run our lives. What are we waiting so long for to fight back? We have been so downgraded and dumbded down, that we don’t have the ability to take our own lives and do as we see fit. We even put up with corporate control of our government that we all were swindeled by the Wall Street gang, and none of them even went to jail, proving that they are above the laws of this country. What would happen if one of us stole someones home and sold it right from under us, would we not go to prison? What about all the undercover police installing themselves in OWS, is that not impersonating a citizen? So how do they get away with arresting one of us if we impersonated a policeman. The police are paid for by the people weather we want them or not, against our will. Our own government is dealing drugs around the world, for just that same reason, to destroy the family units. They are bringing in the drugs themselves, and suddenly tons are dissapearing out of lockup. Where are these drugs going? To the support of the underground government to sell so they can keep building underground bunker cities that they plan to go to for a few years after they destroy the people with plagues and wars, maybe even atomic bombing of it’s citizens.

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