URGENT: Occupy LA Prepares for Eviction

URGENT: Occupy LA Prepares for Eviction

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, has ordered Occupy LA to pack up and leave Solidarity Park (formerly City Hall Park) by 12:01AM tonight or face arrest. Villaraigosa – who initially claimed to support the Occupation and has lauded OWS for “awakening the country’s conscience” – is now citing “public health and safety” as justification to evict the encampment, even as LA police chief Charlie Beck refused to reject the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against nonviolent protestors.

As Villaraigosa held a press conference announcing the park would be closed indefinitely after eviction, Occupy LA held a counter press conference outside City Hall. Meanwhile inside, Occupy LA delivered part of its General Assembly’s response, including their so-far unmet grievances:

As a collective, Occupy Los Angeles would like to express their rejection of the City of Los Angeles’ alleged proposal that we leave City Hall by November 28th, 2011, in exchange for an apparently now rescinded offer of a 10,000 square foot building, farmland and 100 SRO beds for the homeless. . . .

We the people have peaceably assembled in public space seeking at minimum a full of redress of grievance for the government’s criminal mistreatment of the people and fraudulent application of judiciary responsibilities, in large part for the interest of exploitative corporations and weaponized banks.

At 485 tents and estimated between 750-900 people, Occupy LA is the largest remaining Occupy encampment. Occupiers have already organized a mass call-in asking their supporters to urge Villaraigosa not to evict the camp, and prepared residents of the camp with nonviolent action trainings and legal advice for those willing to face arrest to stand up for their rights. Learning lessons from the eviction of Liberty Square, Occupy LA moved its library to a safer location. Some people were designated mediators to help keep the resistance nonviolent, while others who wish to take action without facing arrest were given impartial observer training.

Organizers have also begun seeking trucks to help those who wish to leave, and are actively soliciting places for displaced residents to sleep in the coming days. A solidarity march and eviction block party is planned for tomorrow.

Occupy LA has already received a tremendous show of support from the community. For example, the following is an excerpt from a statement of solidarity from the South Central Farmers:

When causes reach out and band together, true movements for economic and social change begin and coalesce. In standing in support of the South Central Farmers, Occupy Los Angeles stands with our occupation of the South Central Farm five years ago, our struggle for healthy food and community rights, and with Los Angelenos’ long history of resistance to our city leaders’ oppression of those among our friends and neighbors who are least advantaged.

The South Central Farmers stand in solidarity with your “Counteroffer to the Mayor and LAPD” of November 24, 2011, and we share your grievances. We, too, recognize that the current social system increasingly favors the 1%, and the 99% is paying for that with our health, our education, our civic infrastructure, and our security. This has been the condition of many in that 99% for generations. For more and more of us, our very lives are degraded and even cut short for the benefit of the rich and powerful and those serving them.

According to some estimates, cities across the U.S. have spent around 18 million dollars policing and evicting Occupations. We must wonder, in a country where one third of people struggle in or at the brink of poverty, why are cities spending millions to assault free speech instead of creating shelters for the homeless or social programs for the 99%? Why do city politicians express concern for “health and safety” at Occupy encampments, while the health and safety of people suffering in impoverished neighborhoods throughout their very cities are willfully disregarded?

And why is their concern for “health and safety” expressed though tear gas and rubber bullets?

We can only conclude that Villaraigosa – like politicians across the world – is a servant of corporate interests, and that “health and safety” concerns with the Occupy movement serve merely as a pretext for suppressing popular dissent. But as Mayor Bloomberg and others in power have already discovered, Mayor Villaraigosa will soon learn:

You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

LA is being evicted



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  1. Leave LA my ass. Stand for our right to assemble. Send an offer to the Mayor’s office and within the letter the offer must have an offer for damages against its citizens. The damage amount shall be for 1 million per offense against any citizen the order by the Mayor places upon the Chief of Police to follow for the enforcement of an unlawful act. If a citizen is harmed we will file a claim against the City for various violations. Watch the City fold. If they don’t then we file the lawsuits. Based on our offer the Mayor will be responsible for damages and the rule of law must be upheld under UCC presentment law.


  2. Glenn Beck is a capitalist and is using his propaganda to get rich. Glenn how much is enough for you and your family?

    Your no different than the elitist using your show, and other propaganda to secure your future and your families future while America burns!


    • lvent says:

      Rodolfo De Hoyos, I am NOT a fan of Heil Becker..I was just using him to prove a point about the fascist NWO plan for the World Tax…Take it easy, I am NOT promoting Beck just trying to show proof of what they are up to in this video…

      • lvent says:

        Please read my comment and watch the video…before jumping to conclusions…they are trying to sneak in communism..that is the point that I am trying to prove..

    • lvent says:

      BTW, Rodolfo, CAPITALISM IS NOT THE PROBLEM…THE PROBLEM IS CRONY CAPITALISM… TOO MUCH POWER IN THE HANDS OF A FEW… CAPITALISM is great when it is not monopolized by the ruling elite. That is what has caused corruption, fascism and widespread theft of the wealth and homes of the people as well as a huge income disparity and poverty in America.. 47% of Americans can’t pay their monthly bills… This truly is a Hitler Plan…very sneaky and strategic class warfare is being waged to steal America…

  3. talktotennessee says:

    Sad that OCCUPY is losing ground but they must evolve or be buried! We want to support but don’t know how!

    • lvent says:

      They aren’t losing ground, just changing course….they are going to occupy foreclosed homes and they may want to Occupy fraudclosure courts and report what is going on in there…It is a tyranny in there…..they are stealing peoples homes they have no legal right to take and there are no attorneys fighting for our property rights….that is real NEWS and the TRUTH needs to go mainstream…All these attorneys want to do is get you to sign a contract that you won’t ever sue the pretender lender for the Origination Fraud and get you to sign up for an all new UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT created out of thin air that you do not owe…and if you fall behind your will lose your home in 3 months….The truth needs to get out to EVERY AMERICAN that the pretender lenders lost their right to fraudclose when they sold the fraudulently induced loans onto Wall Street…THERE ARE NO NOTES…..Wall Street, the GSE’s are $600trillion in mortgage fraud debt….their debt can never be repaid….Stop the fraudclosures, give the people back their stolen homes and their stolen wealth! Freeze the overseas bankster accounts of all of these crooks and make them pay the American People back and then throw them all in prison…throw the book at them before the statute of limitations on the statute of frauds runs out…See the video about it…

      • lvent says:

        There are many ways to Occupy and educate… they can get the word out about what the dirty bastards who are behind this Hitler Plan really want…and that is to steal everything from the people that these crooks do not own under the guise of debt which is their debt, not ours and the end game to that will be…Global Communism and then Global Totalitarianism..A world full of NWO debt slaves…They want to steal every home in America and make everyone pay rent on their homes via a World Tax….It will be like the property tax…you will never own your home…That is what these dirty bastards want…and the truth needs to get out….If they get their way the only way you will be able to own a home is with something like an Alloidal Title like the property…very few will be able to afford to do this…Spread the word…!!!!

    • lvent says:

      Any doubts about the NWO plan for a World Tax just Google the words World Tax…Glenn Beck spoke a bit about how this global plan would be implemented in Feb 08….The evidence is clear, they plan to level the world to ten dollar an hour jobs and bankrupt the people and steal everything from the 99%….very few will survive this evil plan if America is not woken up….We The People have to get on the same page right now…this is urgent..
      listen esp. from 3:00 on….

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