Interview with Scott Olsen About His Injury from the Police Attack on Occupy Oakland (Video)

Twenty-four-year-old Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen joined with over one thousand others on the evening of October 25th to protest the pre-dawn police raid at Oscar Grant Plaza. As he stood wearing military fatigues alongside another veteran in a Navy uniform who he knew through Iraq Veterans Against the War, Scott Olsen was struck in his forehead by a police projectile fired from a distance of no more than twenty feet. Scott suffered a critical brain injury, remained in the hospital for weeks, and is still working to regain his full speech capabilities. Scott says that his thinking is clear but that he struggles to speak fluently. He currently awaits the results of an investigation into the incident being conducted by the Oakland Police Department, an investigation in which Scott himself has not yet been interviewed. There is no known investigation from Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s office and Scott has not decided whether he will pursue civil action against Oakland authorities for his injury. Scott Olsen was interviewed in Oscar Grant Plaza on November 27th while a teach-in on reclaiming spaces was being held.


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  1. see says:

    Wow. As a mother this was hard to watch and I am fighting back tears. God Bless this young man.

    • I know how you feel and 99% of Americans feel about this man and what our shameful government has done to us all. You want to put your arms around him and say I am so sorry for what this SOB government has done and for what Ameicans have allowed this government to do to you and us. We need to vote these criminals out of office.

  2. keepon says:

    Obama? Look at what you’ve done to this boy! SHAME on your police. And don’t tell me that ‘this may be immoral, but not necessarily illegal because he got hit in the head with a can, not a bullet.

    How can you possibly tolerate ‘your People,’ your ‘fellow Americans,’ suffer such abject injury (ies, as there are many) and oppression because you don’t have the balls to stop the madness.

    As a community activist, do you abide this? As a lawyer, do you find this just? As My President, is this an example of what you stand for?


    • lvent says:

      These politicians are all traitors…they are all in on the demise of America…throw the crooks out! I really question where Obama really came from…no one really knows…!

    • rictic says:

      keepon: HE DOES NOT CARE. He is simply another bought and paid for Bankster / Corporate Shill. Look at where the money comes from, look at who makes the donations for his re-election. All he is interested in is getting his 18 holes in. Congress, the POTUS & the SCOTUS are all bought and paid for. It’s time to wake up people…. Oh sorry the Kardashian numpties are on…..

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