Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf Mic Checked at NC State by Occupy on 11/30/11 (VIDEO)


Mic Check!
Mic Check!
John Stumpf
We won’t take your home
but we will take a minute of your time.
Your leadership has led to
the death of the American Dream.

Wells Fargo is guilty
of widespread predatory lending
And holds over 5.7 billion in student debt.

Wells Fargo targets people of color
And the poor for high interest student loans,
urging loan officers to misreport income and forge documents.

Wells Fargo foreclosed
On hundreds of thousands of homes last year,
Many of them illegally.

Wells Fargo has been fined
85 Million dollars for its crimes,
You have issued no admission
Of guilt or apology.

Wells Fargo took 25 billion
In taxpayer dollars,
The larges bailout in bank history,
Yet reaped 4.1 billion last year
While paying no federal income tax.

You yourself made 19 million last year
Making you the highest paid bank CEO in America.

you invested nearly 100 million dollars
In racist for-profit prisons
While lobbying for harsher anti-immigrant legislation.

You are what is wrong with the culture of Wall Street.

A culture that values corporations
More than rights of “people” with hearts and minds.
A culture that buys politicians
And corrupts our democracy.

A culture that exploits the dreams
Of working class and middle class Americans.
For the benefit of the 1 percent.

John Stumpf
Have you no shame?

By members of Occupy Raleigh and Occupy NCSU.




9 Responses to “Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf Mic Checked at NC State by Occupy on 11/30/11 (VIDEO)”
  1. Linda says:

    The media seems to think OWS is dying out. Not true. OWS is SPREADING out. Into little nooks and crannies around our nation. Thanks for sharing this great video!

  2. elizsarfina says:

    I love this spirit! Please keep it going and coming; these banksters are criminals who have destroyed our country and raped and pillaged our economy; tell the banks Their Kingdom Must Come Down!!

  3. Nora says:

    Loved watching this

  4. Javagold says:

    love the wave…….great strategy……….the low paid mall cops couldnt keep control of it

  5. The 99% movemant is working see this letter from the Bankers Ass.es ( I mean asses) that threaten politicians that they will dig up dirt on them and the politicians will suffer political losses if they show any public support to the 99%. [PDF]

  6. Fury says:

    the speaking in “waves” that the protesters did was very effective.

    as each person was hustled out (a guard literally shoved a girl), a new one stood and joined the shouting.

    stealth waves is the way to go.

    this was fantastic.

  7. Sharon says:

    This was friggin great. If you noticed some in the audience laughed but others were not laughing. They were thinking to themselves, if I laugh it will be viewed by millions of people and I will look like them, the 1%. I can imagine the ones that laughed and clapped are going to take some heat from the 99%. Wake up people, you in the audience are the 99% too and your average living standards and your American dreams are coming to an end as a direct result of what the banks have done. There is no easy off-ramp for you that laughed. And the security guards what is up with you? You are the 99% too. How many jobs are you working these days to support your family? That was mighty cleaver of you to get the audience to clap to drown out the voices of the 99% but you too are well on your way to living in property.

  8. Pamela Edwards says:

    This man is an absolute twit with no intention of answering questions honestly.He’s a major part of the problem especially with the assertation that the buck and resposibility stops with him.What a crock!!Still suffers from the complex syndrome that defies medical science TBTF.

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