Three Lender Processing Services (LPS) Whistleblowers Still Alive | Meghan Shaw, Jennifer Lowe and Joseph Noel Testified Before a Grand Jury that Handed Up a More than 600 Count Indictment Due for Arraignment Dec. 28

Las Vegas police have said there were no obvious signs of foul play in Lawrence’s death, and that it wasn’t being investigated as a homicide. It could take another month for the Clark County coroner to obtain blood toxicology test results and rule on her cause and manner of death.


I hope that these other three do not end up dead like Ms. Lawrence…

Please get these witnesses into protective custody before they kill themselves!


3 Nevada notaries named in foreclosure fraud case

(AP) LAS VEGAS — Three more Nevada notaries are accused of falsely attesting to legal signatures on foreclosure documents in a broad Las Vegas-area mortgage fraud scheme that has led to the indictment of two Southern California title officers, the state attorney general’s office said Monday.

The announcement that Meghan Shaw, Jennifer Lowe and Joseph Noel each face one charge of notarizing a signature of a person not in their presence came a week after Tracy Lawrence, the first notary identified as a key witness in the so-called “robo-signing” case, was found dead at home after missing sentencing on a similar charge.

The charge is a gross misdemeanor and carries up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. Court records filed Wednesday refer to Lowe as Jennifer Bloecker.

Each of the three, like Lawrence, testified before a grand jury that handed up a more-than-600-count indictment accusing Geraldine Ann Sheppard, 62, of Santa Ana, Calif., and Gary Randall Trafford, 49, of Irvine, Calif., of heading a scheme that led to the filing of tens of thousands of fraudulent foreclosure documents in Las Vegas between 2005 and 2008.

Sheppard and Trafford are employees of a publicly traded company, Lender Processing Services Inc., based in Jacksonville, Fla., that provides technology and services to major banks across the company. Noel formerly worked for the company.

The indictment alleges that Sheppard and Trafford directed employees to notarize forged signatures on documents filed with the Clark County recorder’s office to begin home foreclosures.

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18 Responses to “Three Lender Processing Services (LPS) Whistleblowers Still Alive | Meghan Shaw, Jennifer Lowe and Joseph Noel Testified Before a Grand Jury that Handed Up a More than 600 Count Indictment Due for Arraignment Dec. 28”

    I am currently fighting a foreclosure case in Dayton, Ohio. I have proven the Note is a forgery and the bank PNC N.A. has claimed they cannot find the robo signer in my case. I got hold to the contact log associated with my file and found out that PNC was in contact with LPS during the filing of the foreclosre and ordered documents from this company. The name in associated with LPS in my contact log are Aundrea Higginbotham, Nick Grundei, Charles Moua, and Adnan Dzelilovic. ANYONE EVERY HEARD OF THESE PEOPLE WITH LPS???

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    Lets hope they throw the book at these fraudsters. unfortunately this is as good as it gets. We The Sheeple get charged with everything, but the banks & their CEOs don’t get touched. Its very clear how the special interest get away with massive fraud and a regular Joe who commits one 100th of what these CEOs did and the Joe will get thrown in a jail cell with know bail, to await trial. Lets restore America! Ron Paul Revolution 2012! Lets bring home our troops now!

  3. macy says:

    Here’s a funny story about my LPS experience- when I did my QWR- I received a letter from the Service Provider which had a copy of an attached letter sent from the Sr. Foreclosure Specialist of LPS Default Solutions to -[ who may be a rep. or counsel for the Provider ( I plan to investigate) ]- it reads-
    “I received this correspondence from the attorney see below & attached & advise?” -What was ‘below’ was the following – “Per the attorney, please be advised that borrower has previously sent a fair debt dispute letter, which we already have provided a response to. Now the borrower has sent us this latest correspondence which qualifies as a qualified written request. Please be advised that they must respond in writing to the borrower within 60 and provide our office with a copy of the response letter sent to the borrower.” The letter ends with a ‘Thank you’ , the Sr. Specialists Name, LPS Default Solutions, A Division of LPS, Inc. @ Onsite xxxx, CA. <—- this is the funny part- LPS is onsite of the service provider. LOL!
    btw- neither the first dispute letter nor what qualified as a QWR questions were ever truly answered except for the typical BS they think is a response but is never a real answer (quelle surprise!)
    Any ideas, info or input on that would be appreciated.

  4. macy says:

    I would like to share with you all a statement I received from an OCC “Resolution Letter” to a complaint I filed regarding a wrongful / illegal foreclosure-
    “Please note that the OCC has recently issued a consumer advisory on “Avoiding Mortgage Modification Scams and Foreclosure Rescue Scams,” which is available at” This advisory describes new rules issued by Federal Trade Commission, which has advised there is no evidence that forensic loan audits will help you get a loan modification or any other foreclosure relief.”

    I visited the provided link as well as that link pages web link to the FTC rules and NO WHERE did I find any information supporting the statement about forensic loan audits.
    Peace, Love & Light.

  5. Pamela Edwards says:

    More whistleblowers have stepped to the plate recently,problem here is even though they were complicite in what they did this does not take care of who was giving the orders to do this.These are the people who need to be pursued along with the robo-signers and so forth.When an apple is rotten it’s rotten to the core.No amount of gleaning will make it usable.Throw it in the trash and start over.Does everyone get that?

  6. bofaemployee says:

    Maybe they should look into the major banks upper management. A lot of people that work for these companies that do the same thing do it in fear of unemployment which leads to the inability to feed their families and prosecution from the banks for divulging confidential company information.

  7. tonycat says:

    If the “low-hanging fruit” can get a suspended sentence and a small fine, such that they could move somewhere else and start a life, and not be punished so severely, maybe more whistleblowers will come forward with some internal document copies that “prove intent” sufficiently that our law enforcers CANNOT fail to act. The Assistant Attorney General of the United States when interviewed on 60 Minutes in December 4th’s aired program claimed that that was the problem with trying to prosecute the banks, the prosecutors cannot be sure they can show “intent”. Seems to me that the very existence of credit default swap insurance on the mortgage notes shows the intent. What games are these guys playing? We need something to force their hand to save us homeowners.

  8. mario kenny says:

    its a great idea first you go after the low hanging fruit, but then it never goes right or as planned

  9. lvent says:

    Committing 3 felonies gets you life in prison….!

  10. chunga says:

    If all three die tomorrow resulting in a perpetual ongoing investigation that immediately and definatively rules out only one thing – foul play – do not question anything.

    Enemies of the State who do otherwise pose a clear and present danger and will practically guarantee themselves a trip to gitmo.

    Look at it his way. The all expense paid vacation means the glass is half full. Be thankful. Don’t think of what’s in the other half.

    There is no spoon but that is none of your business

  11. STILL ALIVE!!!!………………………………………It would look pretty bad if any more die! Especially after 60 minutes made the whistleblowers famous. The more that come forward publicly , the safer they all are. Ya can’t kill all of them, you wrotten to the core banksters.

  12. lies is all they tell says:

    I just found out that wells fargo put me on a stated income loan added700$ to my was never verified I signed it at closing.I think a mortgage designed under false pretenses should be deemed null and bid. so they were given free rein too lie on applications and of we didn’t discover the discrepancy they were home free too collect the credit default swap insurance that’s a nice scam going on our backs I do not understand stated income loans and why they arealoud to purchase a home for do much money. you would think verification of employment would be mandatory. then the application is the last Paper initialed at closing scam after scam it doesn’t end

    • lvent says:

      lies is all they tell..The more you dig, the more you find…it is like there is no bottom to their lies and fraud..Obama said it is.not criminal what they did?…what a crock!

  13. Fury says:

    and about ny sen schumer asking for a visas for foreigners who buy ny real estate…
    pretty disgusting.

    who was the bankster who said that they thought they had paid off new york senators gillibrand and schumer?

    the ONLY people who are buying ny real estate are the russian mafia.

    tthank you , schumer!

    i will actively support and campaign for whoever runs against you!

  14. Fury says:

    i thank God for the bravery of these whistleblowers.

    i pray that the Countrywide whistleblower seen on 60 minutes last night gives her
    Grand Jury testimony ASAP.

  15. mario kenny says:

    I am sure those religious freaks will wipe them all out one at a time, they will all kill themselves doing God`s work for sure.

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