Rachel Maddow | Scott Oslen Speaks on the Future of the Occupy Movement



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  1. This and so many wrongs done by the crime s caused by the banks has just overwhelmed the imaginable in all of us. So wrong with very little help! The AG’s need to hurry in all states to prosecute and jail the banksters and their enablers. I pray for Scotts recovery and his family that must be heart sick.

  2. papergate says:

    Look at this beautiful child – he’s so young and sweet – and it is so obvious there is damage in hearing his voice – you can hear that the injury has done something – whether or not you heard this young man’s voice before – it is apparent something is (bio-mechanically) wrong – I’m sure this circumstance was not there while he served two terms as a marine . . . this young man has been totally wronged against – I don’t believe for one second that the security in place ever intended for anyone to get hurt – unfortunately they were ‘doing their jobs’ but what should be evident is that all – police, security, sheriff’s departments – put a human being before any piece of paper brought into existence by a corporation or financial entity – or at least make sure that you are totally 1000% assured that there is a lawful and unbroken chain of events and documents before affecting the life of another – all these financial entities will gladly trade a human life for a piece of paper . . . don’t you let them – just say no – no evictions no nothing that will injure, harm or hurt in any way another fellow being in the name of wallstreet or any financial entity.

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