Bank Satisfied Mortgage in PINO after Fraudclosure Exposed But Can’t Seem to Pay Off Four Judges in the Florida Supreme Court

The Pino case in Palm Beach County, Florida

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PINO CASE – FL Supreme Court readies for case on Fraudclosure docket (4th DCA opinion here) FL Supreme Court docket here and document links here. and Ice Legal answer brief here. Email Florida Supreme Court let them know the nation is watching the Fraudclosure Case Pino v BONYM SC11-697

Bank was caught red handed in their fraud and dismissed the case voluntarily.

Fraudclosure defense attorney, Ice Legal, said,

“Not so fast. We want an evidentiary hearing and a ruling on the fraud so these fraudsters can’t just come back and try again with spiffed up fraudulent documents.”

Court, Judge Menu Sasser, said

“No. I am a biased bank friendly corrupt judge.”

4th DCA said,

“We are biased bank friendly corrupt judges so we don’t want to touch this with a 10 foot pole. We say Judge Sasser was right but we’ll turf this hot potato up to the Florida Supreme Court.”

Up Pino goes to the Florida Supreme Court.

Both parties request the Court dismiss the case.

A satisfaction of mortgage appears on Pino’s mortgage.

Florida Supreme Court, or more honestly, FOUR out of seven judges (majority) refuse to dismiss the case and are moving forward!

I’ve done some work on the trust BoNYM as trustee for CWALT 2006-OC08, linked here and here. This trust was among the 597 trusts in the 18 FHFA lawsuits against financial institutions listing origination fraud, securities fraud, and underwriting fraud. This trust was named in the Countrywide Financial lawsuit here.

Here’s some preliminary data on the trust.

Original Balance: $1,693,916,200
Initial Number of Loans 6,734
Current Number of Loans 3,032 (45% of initial loan count)
Current Number of NON-Performing Loans 1687

Total Number of NON-Performing Loans 5,389 (80% of initial loans)
Total Number of PERFORMING LOANS 1385 (20% of initial loans)

Satisfaction of mortgage below…



11 Responses to “Bank Satisfied Mortgage in PINO after Fraudclosure Exposed But Can’t Seem to Pay Off Four Judges in the Florida Supreme Court”
  1. Ray says:

    If it is a mortgagae from bank of N.Y. Mellon why is it signed by a V.P. from B.O.A.?

    • leapfrog says:

      Good question! B of A tries to claim everything. One year after filing suit against them, they have finally acknowledged they do not own my loan. Yet, in the original answer they perjured themselves and said they did. No punishment for banksters who perjure themselves. If I committed perjury, I’d be promptly fined and jailed.

      • incognito123 says:

        Yup, leapfrog, that is about the size of it, and the average American is so dumbed down they find it so hard to believe what you just stated, yet that is common place.

  2. IDENTICAL thing happened in recent Ohio Supreme Court case:
    The case took a couple years to go back and forth before being allowed to reach Ohio’s highest court. Then AFTER filing their bank friendly brief….plaintif (US BANK) “Paid in full” the underlying mortgage and claimed the case in conflict….was now Moot – The bank funded judges agreed:
    Ohio Supreme Court’s Shocking Decision in Landmark Case (Linked Below)

  3. Mario Kenny says:

    Wow, I think someone will commit suicide soon, and they will be linked to this case. What would I not do to get a satisfaction of mortgage?. This is priceless, but which one of the judges will kill himself soon?, this is my question.

  4. incognito123 says:

    @indio007, we think alike!! Does she REALLY have the authority to satisfy this mortgage, I highly doubt it! And in the notarial wording, Bank of Ny, blah, blah, blah, on behalf of the corporation – WHAT CORPORATION???? @Charles, I’m not holding my breath. Glad to see four judges MIGHT have integrity, but clearly three DO NOT!!

  5. indio007 says:

    It looks like Pino only paid $10 for the release. Quite the bargain. BTW VP Orr used to work for Saxon Mortgage.

    I’m betting the release is robo-signed too.

    Thirdly. Does BoA actually have a legit power of attorney?

  6. kravitz says:

    Don’t tell Tom Miller. He wants this stuff just plain out of the way.

    Iowa AG says mortgage settlement should be done by Christmas

    “The deal, which Miller has been trying to negotiate since March, would release the five servicers – Ally Financial, Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo – from legal claims on past home loan servicing and foreclosures. The deal would not prohibit individuals from suing the banks, or government prosecutors from suing banks over issues related to the packaging of home loans into mortgage-backed securities.”

  7. Charles Hansen says:

    Actions speak even louder than words. Let’s hope this Court restores faith in the system. Financial predators shouldn’t have been able to attack the country with their so-called contracts in the first place. Eventually, loan sharks will be brought to justice.

  8. Do you have recordings or court transcripts of those things being stated.

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