NBC Nightly News | Mass. Attorney General: Why we are suing the banks (VIDEO)

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  1. truthmonger says:

    Does anyone have an address to make contact with this woman? She needs as so many do need to know that it all starts with the Bankruptcy which makes us the creditors!!! Second, we need to find out how to claim or reclaim the credit that was issued when we gave them the “application for credit” which they deposited without informing us. third,, she needs to know that the “Note”is not a Note since it is not “due ” after 90 days which means it is a security instrument under section 8 of the UCC (uniform commercial Code) which all states have adopted.. And she needs to know that under the present system it has full face value and we have never received any compensation or “consideration” in return for it nor for the Deed of Trust which they also took under fraudulent conditions, making it all void ab intio. Long with the bifurcation, separating of the Note from the Deed of Trust, making the Deed of Trust a nullity in law. Of course the DOT was also made under fraudulent conditions. The Note was more than full payment so the need for the DOT was and is not necessary so it is void as well. Add to that, the credit they already deposited and use we are still due both values.. actually all three since they used Federal reserve Notes to “pay” with but in actuality even those Notes are ours as well. We pay for the use of them and interest and at the same time we are the value behind the United States Bonds that are exchanged for the FRN’s. Once again the Banksters NEVER brought anything of value to the table. They only brought a sophisticated scheme of deceit to steal our value, equity, energy, peace, security, trust etc. to get us to believe we are debtors instead of the creditors we truly are.
    As the following testimony shows.. “The attorney said, “Is it true or false that the actual cash value that was used to fund the bank loan check came directly from the borrower and that the bank received the funds from the alleged borrower for free?”
    “It is true”, said the banker.
    The attorney asked, “Is it the bank’s policy to transfer actual cash value from the alleged borrower to the bank and then to keep the funds as the bank’s property, which they loan out as bank loans?”
    The banker, showing tears of regret that he had been caught, confessed, “Yes.”
    “The attorney asked, “Was it the bank’s intent to receive actual cash value from the borrower and return the value of the funds back to the borrower as a loan?”
    “The banker said, “Yes.” He knew he had to say yes because of the bank policy.”

    Misprision. A word used to describe an offense which does not possess a specific name. United States v. Perlstein, C.C.A.N.J., 126 F.2d 789, 798. But more particularly and properly the term denotes either: (1) a contempt against the sovereign, the government, or the courts of justice, including not only contempt of court, properly so called, but also all forms of seditious or disloyal conduct and leze-majesty; (2) mal-administration of public office; neglect or improper performance of official duty, including peculation of public funds; (3) neglect of light account made of a crime, that is, failure in the duty of a citizen to endeavor to prevent the commission of a crime, or, having knowledge of its commission, to fail to reveal it to the proper authorities. So we need to Notice all of the AG’s in every state and then they are accountable too if they do nothing…
    Blessing all… may all your desires be fulfilled, all things in kindness, kindness in all things. Reserving all powers, rights, privileges, immunities, gifts, and all endowed by The Creator, not for sale or obligation, C.

  2. talktotennessee says:

    Mass AG is so on target with her lawsuit and how it is supported and why. This is the one we need to watch and support wholeheartedly with our letters, etc. Those who defend banks by claiming homeowners defaulted and should not be given due process are missing the point. Authentically stated by John O’Brien, Essex Cty Registrar of Deeds in MA when he said the banks have no legal right to use fraudulent documents to confiscate homes, period! He is so right. Homeowners have no recourse to prove their claims against big banking and a government who are shouting to flush the foreclosures and get on with recovery without transparency and disclosure from a banking industry that shouted, “help us” from the taxpayers money! They fail to realize there is no recovery in the housing market possible unless they stop and do the right thing now. The market continues to decline in values due to REO sales. It isn’t the person with the default suffering in the end. All homeowners are losing equity value in their homes. We all need to be on that soapbox demanding justice, accountability and yes, criminal charges, levied against the banking system!

    • The Wayfarer says:

      Right on! Unless and until the banks fess us and do the right thing we will be wallowing in this economic sludge forever. We The People have completely lost faith in our government, our courts, and our banks and corporations; We have been pillaged, plundered, foreclosed, and unemployed. How did any of them think this could be a good economic strategy? Wiping out the Middle Class is akin to slaughtering the geese who lay the golden eggs.

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