Catch the Replay of Citizen Warriors Radio December 10th 2011

Special Guests:
OhioFraudclosure Blogger: Marco
Attorney: Bruce Broyles
Brave Ohio Homeowner: Brian Bayless


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  1. Charles Deihl says:

    Wells Fargo are nothing more then Criminal Enterpriz,My fha/hud loan never had a finished appraisel & it was hidden from me for 7 months.Fraudulent Documents of Homes year & Structure protrade too.But yet no legal action was taken against them.But yet the Justice System is egar to foreclose on us and evict us quickly.Justice System is so onesided that there really isn’t a HONEST Justice System anymore.

  2. lvent says:

    Florida AG Bondi is on the Fox Republican Presidential Forum tonite asking the candidates questions…She seems like a dingbat.

  3. allisunra says:

    The reason they want to foreclose instead of modify is that they collect insurance on each fraudclosure and/or Wall Street entities get to collect on their “bets” against the mortgage failure….more money here than modifications. These folks have absolutely no investment in the country, its people and they are conscienceless.

  4. lvent says:

    Well folks,I found PROOF that the dirty commie bastards are instituting the Hitler Plan..A NATION OF RENTERS..!! Go to and look for the story of how BOFA wants to sell OUR HOMES…TO INVESTORS so they can rent our homes back to us…..!!! THATS RIGHT.. A NATION OF DEBTOR SLAVES WHO WILL NEVER OWN A HOME EVER AGAIN IF WE LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY!!! SPREAD THE WORD, THE COMMIES HAVE HIJACKED AMERICA!!!

  5. lvent says:

    Here is the latest Keiser Report:

  6. Fury says:

    i only watch Max Keiser from the clip links that you post. he is good.
    i crappy cable andvene even a slower internet downlaod spped.
    but after last night’s holiday musical program (an even before), it really made me realize how
    much michael redman, lisa epstein and all our posters, including you, iVent, help me to carry on.

    i was trying not to cry after hearing my little friend’s mom say that she lost her job, and i just wanted to stay strong like a lion.

    we have truly been f’d-overed but i still have a helluva fight in me.

    • lvent says:

      Right on Fury, after paying these criminals a million dollars in interest…they want us to rent our homes…@$^%# !! ARE WE NUTS….??? Like Max Keiser said they want a nation of serfs..SCREW THEM…..!

      • Fury says:

        my family likes the idea of the occupy or homes bu i feel like
        we should should Occupy Our Own Homes.

        we paid for the damn things and wall street made a fortune off of our banks–many time over.

        the photoshop signatiue that was posted is just ONE example of what we have faced.

        as much as i want homeless families to have their own home. the first dibs should be to the families who truly own the dam paces.

        i col;d cry a million tears as what has happened to my family and others, like the 103 yr old
        woman who was nestled in rose sheets.

        for once, the cops did not toss her but i keep thinking about her 83 yr old daughter who had to be taken by ambulance due to the stress. our mom was that age when she passed away.
        i cannot image the the strain of trying to save your 103 yr old mom.

        it just kills me.

        it i so sad to say, but i am glad that my parents are in heaven and did not have deal with
        this massive corruption and fraud. i do not think that they ever would believe what has happened.

        stop this madness. stop it!

      • Fury says:

        last night when i was hearing the children sing (and tried to comfort the crying single mom),
        it made me realize that we ALL are suffering! not just my family who has lost everything that we worked for for over 20 years but EVERYONE has lost or is losing EVERYTHING.

        stop the bullshit propaganda..

        things are really, really bad. Recession? laughable. we are in a Greater Decession than the 1930s

        i think all of the politicians need to be booted out. i will take my chances on a
        third party candidate.

        democrats and republicans have been bought by the banks.

      • lvent says:

        Fury, I was watching the Republicon debate on ABC tonite…As usual Ron Paul blew them all away..If we could get that man to sign a contract with the people we might all just survive this..The MSM shows him at the bottom of the heap..I think they are lying…I am not opposed to a third party candidate but we have to be careful we don’t hand the election to Obama by splitting the ticket..that is what I fear…I was watching Judge Jean on FOX tonite…Congress is calling for Lonny Breuer and possibly Eric Holders resignation because of Op Fast and Furious..Obama is getting the blame as well because this all happened under his watch….I say throw them all out!…I would love to see Eliot Spitzer as the head of the DOJ….We need some real American Patriots in 2012 or we are doomed…

      • lvent says:

        Fury, they have no souls…I remember a while back on one of the Citizen Warriors shows I think it was Carol who said, they don’t care about us, or the dog buried in the backyard…This is an evil plan and it is up to all of us to save this country..No politician, attorney or Government agency is going to save us..”If the social contract is broken, the people must revolt.”

    • Fury says:

      that got pretty mangled.
      slow internet.
      bad cable.

      i am so grateful to the occupy movement, michael redman. lisa epstein and our posters.

      i am thankful 60 minutes. it took them a while but you cannot deny their influence.

      the world has caught us with us. we have been right.

      this has been massive fraud.

  7. Fury says:

    this is my feeling as well. before the whole fraudclousre scam, i was always taught by my parents NOT to put my money into improving rentals.

    i feel now that owners who have been defrauded by banks and their henchmen are not squatters at all.

    they own their homes plus they are entitled damages plus the ill-gotten gains.

    stop the shame! recoup the money that they deserve and are entitled to getting back.

    • lvent says:

      I agree with Fury, stop the shame! This entire nation of renters plan is evil and is NWO makes no sense..

  8. lvent says:

    Why would anyone want to rent their home…? What is the incentive…? If the house needs work, what renter is willing to put money into a home they will never own? We are still kicking the can down the road…the financial criminals debt is unsustainable..there is not enough wealth for them to steal to save themselves…I want clear titlle and I will not settle for any of their so called fixes for this manufactured mess..A nation of renters is what they want…now, are we a nation of cowards like Eric Holder said? No..not that I see..What is needed is the entire country needs to be educated about what has occured and what these criminals have done…..

    • lvent says:

      I would like to add that it costs alot of money to maintain my home…We have an inground pool which has to be opened and closed seasonally which is costly…the whole house needs is 20 years old..Now why would I want to put another dime into it? What if the house needs a roof , a furnace, new air conditioner? The utility bills are astronomical…There are God only knows how many homes like mine…It would cost the banks a fortune to get all of these homes in rental condition….The banks would not be able to collect enough rent money to pay the taxes in most cases…renting is not the answer..

      • lvent says:

        If homeowners can pay the property taxes utillity bills and the maintenance the Govt(s) should walk away and be thankful for that much…the banks are never going to be able to pay their debts back anyway…..and they have already made hundreds of trillions. The banks are fraudclosing and the cities are bulldozing the homes because the banks are not paying the taxes once they fraudclose and the towns and cities are all going to go belly up with not enough tax revenue…..then where will the cops and teachers be…? They will be out of a job and they will discover that their pension money is gone as well…My home is not even worth what we paid for it in 92 and the values are only going down yet the property taxes are still being based on the bubble price…and more..The Counties are committing property tax fraud to cover up for all of the missing revenue from fraudclosed homes and closed businesses….I am completely disgusted with the whole manufactured mess…Their evil plan is a bigger failure than the last Great Depression and there is no fix for this..They can lie and cover up all they want…even if they take back every house it will fix nothing…These homes are way to expensive to maintain and operate to make them all into rentals…

    • Fury says:


      i want to say that what i have seen on the streets of new york is NOT what is being
      reported in the MSM.

      i watched the video of the german b-bprn senior who was pepper prayed in seatle and i must say that is had mande a big impact on my life.

      when she spoke of reading one state-owned newspaper that heralded germany’s “winning” of WW2,
      it was like the headlines i had seen ion our news stands in nyc.

      they bear NOTHING like what is going on.

      USA Today had some bogus headline that said something like , “Occupy Wall St – not cut from the sane cloth.”

      they had quotes from some nutters that trivialized the protest. it really made me mad.

      we are really seeing propaganda from the news media. it is maddening and frightening.

      read citizen blogs to get the true.

      • lvent says:

        Fury, I know the MSM is mostly full of b.s… I don’t believe their lies…I call out their lies as well as the politicians lies on a daily basis…I AM ALL FOR THE PROTESTORS…..but what they need are demands…and a course of action if those demands are not met…..I get my info from many sources…The only way to sort out the lies is by getting to the truth first….This is a war on the 99% and that is what everone does not understand…when they understand that we will have accomplished exactly what these sneaks never wanted…they never wanted any of us to know the TRUTH..about this evil plan to destroy America..

      • lvent says:

        Fury, do you watch RT news and Max Keiser? that is one of the best sources for news and the truth…

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