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This…….is only the beginning……….one Homeowner at a time

Live Studio show broadcast from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida – WDJA (1420)
9:00am: Join Lisa & Mike for a Citizen Warrior Radio Broadcast
Special Guests:
OhioFraudclosure Blogger: Marco
Attorney: Bruce Broyles
Brave Ohio Homeowner: Brian Bayless
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2 Responses to “Citizen Warriors | Live Studio show broadcast from Palm Beach County Florida – WDJA (1420)”
  1. Teri Petit says:

    We have a great deal of more court victories and our sworn securitization/fraud affidavits are being used around the country to help homeowners win their homes! Thank you for allowing us to be on your Securitization shows. Please let us know if we may be of assistance for follow up shows on more securitization information and winning legal strategies! Teri Petit

    • lvent says:

      Teri, I have tried calling you guys…can’t get in touch with you. I have to answer the second amended complaint in a couple of weeks…I told the bank attorney after court a couple of weeks ago I am going to ask him for discovery, he came right out and told my husband and I that the loan was never delivered to a trust. There is no PSA, no assignments, no trustee..The “original” note is unendorsed…I asked him him where is the assignment? He said it isn’t in the fraudclosure filing? I said no…! He looked through it and told me, the allonge is the assignment.. I told him that is not true!…He said that Illinois has no property law in regard to assignments and someone is giving me false information..I told him that is a lie!..He keeps telling the Judge IMFL…says…and recites a statute. I know there is alot more to this..I have fraud through out the entire loan history and I told the Judge that…He said he sees my point and I need to have a hearing…If the note is unendorsed and the loan was never delivered to the trust…that is securities fraud. The original “lender” is Amcore Bank, the biggest bank failure in Ill history and the servicer is PHH mortgage…they have been servicing this loan since the closing..I know they are just an arm of the Originator and nothing was every done right..Then the escrowee
      from the title co. is also in deep doodoo I believe because she was also the notary at the closing….She has been the escrowee since I bought the home in 92 and if she breached her
      fiduciary duty among other crimes of fraud and altering docs/forgery…..
      …The recorders office told my husband and I over a year ago..there has not been a lien on my home ever….my house is paid for because the statute of limitiations is 12 and it has been 18 years…Why would they lie? This is nuts..I am also fighting a fraudclosure on my Commercial Property as well,
      …they forged my name on the note and other frauds…We are trying to settle that out of court…but I think I am letting them off the hook way to easy…they sold the loan to Bayview LLC,after the fraudclosure was filed and recorded 4 out of state assignments after the lis pends was recorded…I am going to try to call you guys…I am not settling for a loan mod…..I refuse to sign or agree to anything in this suckhole economy…!

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