Chris Hayes | Story of the Week: The Foreclosure Tsunami (VIDEO)


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  1. lvent says:


  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    Finally it would seem we have a banker that gets it.Forclosure should be dead last and restrucsing should be a way for banks and consumers to work out the debt.Sounds too good to be true.IMO I have never run into a bank that bargains with consumers.It’s either thier way or the highway.

  3. Fury says:

    1 in 4 american children go to bed hungry each night.

    i hate to link to diabolical asshats , but i want to point out how we are feed BS by the news media. it is just like Pravda in the old USSR.

    look at these headlines…

    feeding a staving child has nothing to do with “entitlement.”
    it has to do with doing the decent thing as a society.

    i praise the Muppets for helping kids to not feel ashamed for taking the food that they offered in school. many times, the meals they get a school are they ONLY
    things those kids are eating.

    the banskters took trillions in tax-payer money on top of the ill-gotten gains
    from the securitization ponzi schemes.

    i will take the word of a little brave boy who worries about his mom as they
    sleep in their car (see 60 minutes) over the lies of a jamie dimon or other stinking l banker who has destroyed the global economy.

    go here for the real facts:

    • Fury says:

      typo correcteds:

      starving child.

      we are fed bullshit by the news media day and day out.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Fury – and people in general truly believe that the ONLY news is the news from the mainstream media on television from the major networks. Even on my facebook page people call me the “political junkie” because I am constantly trying to educate them on the “real” facts and for that I am ridiculed! Just to give you a laugh I posted this message for one of my family members who did indeed ridicule me:

        This is for my niece. Let’s see now – I ate homemade carrott soup today; Destiny, my dog, has been having stool problems; my vaccuum cleaner broke; it’s warm & sunny here today; my car is dirty and needs to be washed; my daughter informs me of her pregnancy via email; and my Christmas shopping is all done. How’s this for a posting, eh? Ya know, all the important stuff that I need to share to everyone. I have not been to a glorious place to visit; don’t have any Kincaid photos to share; have not been on a boat, train or plane and can’t share any new cars, new furniture, new hair cuts, or how lovely my Christmas decor looks at
        my house. So, this about raps it up…how did I do?

        Needless to say I did not get a response back!

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