Robo-signed | Banks, Officials Near Pact on Fraudclosures, Document Fraud and Origination Practices

“Under the proposal, banks would be released from legal claims tied to servicing delinquent mortgages as well as certain mortgage-origination practices“ ~ Banks, Officials Near Pact on Foreclosures Bank representatives and government officials are pushing to put the finishing touches on a broad settlement of most state and federal investigations of alleged foreclosure improprieties felonies … Read more

Locked Up | Unpaid Bills Land Some Debtors Behind Bars

Although debtors’ prisons are illegal across the country, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to serve jail time as a result of their debt. ~

Action Alert | AZ Rep. Jack Harper (R-Sunrise) Introduces “It’s Not the Banks’ Fault” Bill

 AZ Rep. Jack Harper (R-Sunrise) Introduces “It’s Not the Banks’ Fault” Bill Harper, a Republican lawmaker from Surprise, acknowledged that lenders may have ignored normal underwriting standards. But he said that’s not their fault.  He also said he does not believe that the banks bear some responsibility for the bad loans and should have to … Read more

#OccupyWallStreet Ten Top 10’s (INFOGRAPHIC)

Created by CNNTEES. Read the original blog here. ~

Lee Camp | A List Of Corporate Criminals Ravaging The World

Some Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised There are websites that show you every registered sex offender in your area. Why don’t we do the same for corporate criminals? (Also, on the next Moment of Clarity podcast – I have investigative reporter and NY Times bestseller Greg Palast) ~

FL Homeowners Hit a Bump in Suit Over ‘Reprehensible’ Fraudclosure Court Filing Fees but Case Can Go Forward

Homeowners Hit a Bump in Suit Over Court Access FORT MYERS, Fla. (CN) – Florida officials do not have to create a special reimbursement account on the chance that they lose a lawsuit over new filing fees homeowners must pay to challenge foreclosure proceedings, a federal judge ruled. A new Florida law requires that parties … Read more