Robo-signed | Banks, Officials Near Pact on Fraudclosures, Document Fraud and Origination Practices

“Under the proposal, banks would be released from legal claims tied to servicing delinquent mortgages as well as certain mortgage-origination practices


Banks, Officials Near Pact on Foreclosures

Bank representatives and government officials are pushing to put the finishing touches on a broad settlement of most state and federal investigations of alleged foreclosure improprieties felonies that could force five large banks to make concessions worth roughly $19 billion.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and state officials hope to reach a deal as soon as this week, though any agreement could be delayed by unresolved issues including the naming of a monitor to oversee the agreement.

The settlement would end months-long negotiations among federal officials, state attorneys general and the nation’s five largest mortgage banks: Ally Financial Inc., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co. The talks center on the banks’ use of “robo-signing,” in which employees approved legal documents without proper review, and other questionable felonious foreclosure practices. Representatives of the five banks declined to comment.

The value of the settlement could be as large as $25 billion if it includes California, which left the talks in September. California accounted for 13.1% of all mortgages outstanding at the end of September and 10.8% of all loans in foreclosure, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Without California, the value of the deal is likely to be roughly $19 billion, people familiar with the talks said. A spokesman for California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris declined to comment.

The dollar value of the deal would include the value of principal write-downs, interest-rate reductions and other benefits to homeowners as well as cash penalties.

The Obama administration has been pushing for a 50-state deal, but its efforts have run into opposition from labor unions and liberal groups that have warned that the proposed settlement is inadequate. Previous efforts by the administration to deal with the foreclosure crisis have been criticized as falling short of expectations.

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  1. lvent says:

    Chek out what these dirty bastard NWO members, the traitors in Congress cooked up..share this with everyone that you know…RT NEWS EXPLAINS:
    Senate Pushing Martial Law Police State:

    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:


      • lvent says:

        Gotta see this video folks..Alex Jones saying that they are getting the ACLU, Ron Paul and Rand Paul to cover up for this bill….See what I mean? Can’t trust any of the politicians.,….if this is not true, than where is Ron Paul on this? Haven’t heard him say a word about the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT…These are perilous times…I believe much more perilous than the last time they tried this during the last manufactured Great Depression..because this time they are determned to succeed with all of their evil plans for world domination….I read a prophecy a while back that said the NWO will torture us and say they are doing all of this for peace and security but there will be no peace and securtiy…they will do these things to acheive their evil end game plans….The NWO and all of their minions and cohorts are trying to normalize what is not normal and create a new normal that no one would accept unless they sneak it in..Tell everyone that you know about this Act of treason by Congress and the Senate…They are waging war against the 99% to protect their criminal business model of racketeering and fraud with more racketeering and fraud under the guise of protecting us….THEY ARE LIARS and want to use the military that we fund, against WE THE PEOPLE!!

      • lvent says:

        In this prophecy the NWO is described as being the Government(s)

      • lvent says:

        My local news reported on NDAA this morning…Here is what the MSM is not showing us but RT NEWS IS REPORTING THE TRUTH:
        For Sale: Welcome to the United States of Tent Cities:

  2. kravitz says:

    The Banking Committee met over the issue of the Foreclosure reviews.

    Helping Homeowners Harmed by Foreclosures: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency in Foreclosure Reviews

    However, Housing Wire notes that the OCC admitted some who are suing their bank could indeed be giving up their right to sue by submitting to the review process.

    Borrowers may give up future claims in foreclosure reviews

    • Nora says:

      Go here and check out the Monetary Reform Act, which dissolves the Federal Reserve Act, implements 100% reserves in place of the current 8.5% fractional reserve requirement, and replaces all federal reserve notes with U.S. Notes! This is a fantastic reform, prejudiced against the 200 years of tyranny imposed on us by bankers.
      Under this reform, banks would no longer be able to expand or control the money supply. Federal Deposit Insurance would be a thing of the past, because no bank would be at risk under these rules, the insurance would be unecessary. It also dissolves our relationship with other central banks in other countries, and pays off the national debt in ONE YEAR!
      We should pound on our senators and representatives to pass this act, whatever it takes.

  3. Nora says:

    to incognito123;
    My concerns, too. The corruption of the three branches of government are the root of the problem, and before we can get anywhere we have to remove money from politics. There can be no campaign contributions or lobbying permitted by corporations. That practice has to stop. The people alone should elect those who are put in office. The contribution limits that are already in place will prevent anyone with a financial advantage from souring the outcome of the election process. The reason the wealthy families have had such an advantage is the fact that they were successful in getting corporate limits removed. With money taken out of the equasion the people will again control their government, and government will have to be accountable.
    I don’t think it will be over at that point, and there still should be prosecutions for every CEO and executive of the TBTF banks. The Bilderberg Group needs to be tried for treason and barred from domestic soil. Send them all back to hell where they belong.

    • Igor says:

      Why has the Atlanta VA Loan Guarantee officer not been prosecuted? Any ideas? Possibly the answer to this question is the key to many others, in light of the difference in this case and the others.

    • lvent says:

      Nora, we also need to remove our nation from the U.N….no CFR members, no more dual Israeli citizenships for politicians or any secret societies members should be allowed. Abolish the FED…Issue or own currency and restore the U.S. CONSTITUTION back to its original form with a few added amendments protecting our nation from being overthrown from within.

      • Nora says:

        Absolutely. Stop taxpayer funding of the Tavistock Institute, a $6 billion a year network of foundations, ten major sub-organizations and their 400 subsidiaries that originate programs to increase control over the American people through propaganda and mind control. Get rid of the TSA, Homeland Security, the Brookings Institute, the International Institute for Applied Behavior, the RAND Corporation, the Heritage Foundation and of course the continued cast of the Bilderberg group, Kissinger, Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, Warberg et al, whose psycho political operations are intended to break the psychological strength of individuals so that they won’t resist the dictators of the NWO. End our association with the Carneggies, the Rockefellers, Kissinger, and the other traitors, who have met in secret to further their agenda of destroying our country. End their plans to build a North American Union, get out of NATO, revoke the charter of the central bankers, including the IMF, the BIS and stop their planned integration of global governance. Study Daniel Estulin’s book, The True Story of Bilderberg Group, to learn who the key players are in this plan of global financial oppression.

      • lvent says:

        …and time to ABOLISH the PATRIOT ACT….I called the White House and said I did not want Obama to sign this…the operator told me, I think that is the right choice..but, he did it anyway of course…and he signed it with his robo-pen from overseas…!

  4. indio007 says:

    Another PR trial balloon. Time for some email push back.

  5. Nora says:

    If you’re paying attention, I’m sure you’ve heard estimates that the banks now hold 56% of the entire world’s money supply, thanks to their giant transfer of wealth from the entire world into their own pockets. Then you hear somewhere else say that they’re insolvent. Both situations can’t be true. It is more propaganda, intended to confuse everyone so they can’t organize a take-down of these criminal institutions. The bail outs were a hand out to supposedely shore up the banks, funded by tax-payer dollars. I doubt these banks were ever any where near failing, they just wanted to get even more of the money supply while they could sell the lie that they should be kept in place. The very thing they say through the media is always the exact opposite of the true nature of things. Black becomes white, up becomes down, left becomes right and then there are the derivatives of those inconsistencies like half-truths and exaggerations. Their Tavistock type brainwashing has been very successful this time, after fifty years of adding flouride to our water supply and forcing us to be educated in their deliberately worthless system. They have gotten bolder, because they think they can get away with it and we won’t do anything about it…they think they are close to winning the game they have invested so much money and time in, but the truth is, they’re about to be de-throned. People are not more tractable without homes, they are ANGRY. We’re going to stop funding them, enabling them, supporting them. We will take our country back and crush them permanently. This time we will not forget what they have done to enslave the planet, we will amend the constitution to prevent a central bank from ever getting a toe in the door here in the land of the free and the brave. There are so many more of us than there are of them, there is no way this could ever succeed, and even the sociopathic crazies behind this whole “rule through an imperialism of capitalism” plan have to face the reality of the situation: They are losing. I am happy to report that Mark Spencer (R-GA) introduced Constitutional Carry here, and it looks like it will pass by a landslide! We are armed and dangerous, and we are the 99%.

  6. lvent says:

    Dylan Ratigan rocks..He had a great guest on today Mike Mayo who is a banking expert and wrote a new book entitled Exile on Wall Street: Saving the Big Banks From Themselves…Mr. Mayo said that main cause of the entire financial crisis and the MF Global scandal is that the CEO’s and the like do not have enough skin in the game which causes these companies to take on too much risk with other peoples money….He suggest Sarbanes- Oxley be put back in place.he states the main problem is that capital requirements of these insititutions is minimal and the private investment firms are not looked into enough by regulators to see what they are investing in…risky investments such as European Sovereign debt…Time to shut the Casino down..they are destroying the country!

    • lvent says:

      I believe when President Obama states that what Wall Street did was reckless or irresponsible, not criminal….he is referring to the too much risk business model…But, the problem is much deeper than that….The crimes they committed to be allowed to take on too much risk is why they should all be in prison…. They vicitmized millions of people by lying and deceiving to enable them to commit massive fraud which has caused permanent harm to millions…and that is what they need to be held accountable for…
      The criminal racketeering, deceptive practices and unfair dealing that is being allowed by the U.S. GOVERNMENT to fraudclose on millions of homeowners who were set up to fail by these large financial institutions must stop..

    • lvent says:

      BTW, Dylans guest today also said that what these institutions are engaging in is NOT CAPITALISM…CAPITALISM is not the problem…Too much corruption because of too much wealth and too much power in the hands of a few that is the problem…Break them up!

      • incognito123 says:

        lvent, are you on LinkedIn?

      • Nora says:

        Absolutely true, capitalism is NOT the problem, and what we’re experiencing is not true capitalism, it is oppression through unchecked corporate greed. The main stream media was told to put that into play in the Occupy Wall Street “interviews” they did with supposedly random protestors, that they were against capitalism, when in fact they are not protesting against it, they are protesting about Wall street corruption, cronyism, the fleecing of the 99% for corporate profits, and the corruption/control of our government by the wealthy and powerful. It started on Wall street because that is the seat of the evil bankers, those perpetrating this egregious tyranny.

      • lvent says:

        incognito 123, no I am not on linkedin but I am on FH…..

      • incognito123 says:

        Darn Ivent, I know your on FH (forget ID, but we talked there as well.) Do you have my email address? or phone # I forget? I want to talk to you off this board. I’m on FH same name, can you send me message there if you don’t have my other contact info…thanks

      • lvent says:

        incognito 123….I didn’t know if you remembered talking to me..No, you never provided me with your e-mail or phone..I’d love to chat..
        Check this out, Neil Garfield from living lies answered my question! I am incredibly honored to say the least…here is the link..

    • Reggy says:

      Are there double books? Did MF Global loose 1.2 billion on one visible side, and transfer it to another side? Maybe a SHORT side? Can the investments it lost on be shorted? If so, how can it be determined if the lost funds were transferred to some type of shorting account, so it appears the 1.2 billion was lost, rather then found, and and concealed alternate set of books. No one ‘looses’ 1.2 billion dollars.

  7. Igor says:

    What is the status of the VA loan gate? Does anyone know? Is the Atlanta VA Loan guarantee officer under indictment? I cant find anything on it. This case appears to be under some type of cover. The Atlanta VA office of loan guarantee is apparently a crime scene. The Atlanta VA loan guarantee officer a un-indicted conspirator?

  8. leapfrog says:

    Blah, blah, blah. For at least a year, we have kept reading the lamestream media/bankster spin about how the AGs are “closer and closer to a deal every day,” and it hasn’t happened yet – so some of the AGs out there must be doing something right.

  9. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    what – state official[s] are agreeing with any of this?
    please name state[s] and their authority to commit their state[s] consent.?
    please pass this on so the public of these states know before a commitment is made.

    • Angry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Great question…………… What authority does any AG have to cut a deal on behalf of the people in his state? Any deal cut would be and interference with contract and therefore sounds unconstitutional……………

      • lvent says:

        Yeah, who said? FRAUDCLOSURE is RACKETEERING and they are ALL involved in the cover-up of these massive crimes and in the continuation of the theft of the peoples homes…! There has been massive securities fraud committed here among many other felonies….They are ALL committing FELONIES PROSECUTABLE UNDER RICO..THE STATE AG’s ARE AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMES AND COVERING UP CRIMES IF THEY SETTLE WITH THESE CRIMINALS!…..WHERE IS THE FBI AND THE DOJ? I was just watching the Corzine hearing..what a bunch of criminals….! Anyone can see they are all liars..!

  10. J. Alonzo says:

    We are the sheeple. Bush, Obama, and all the politicians are war hungry bank loving corrupt politicians who sacrifice our civil liberties and twist our laws to do as they wish. The only one that makes any sense is Ron Paul .
    I heard of him 8 months ago and I believe he will be the only one that will audit he fed and restore our country.

    • lvent says:

      J. Alonzo, I like what Ron Paul has to say but,…will he sign a contract with the people swearing to do what he says he is going to do?…Or will it be 4 more years of political stagnation while the nation rots under all of the crime and corruption? What about prosecuting these criminals, is he willing to do that? What about relief for homeowners, who were the hardest hit in this massive crime spree by the GSE’s , the banksters and Wall Street aided and abetted by the politcians…..?

      • Nora says:

        Ron Paul has even volunteered to reduce his presidential salary to $39,000! He is the genuine article–one of us–who worked his way through life, stands on principle and has a 30 year track record of voting for constitutional laws ONLY. It may be that he is the only one in the race with core values that represent what America used to be, a great nation founded on principles of liberty, freedom and justice.
        Have you seen his plan? He plans to get rid of five government agencies, restore the control and printing of money to the congress and U.S. Treasury and get rid of the criminal, federal reserve. That alone will correct many of the problems we’re facing, because we won’t be borrowing our own money at usury interest rates, and we can clear the mountain of debt we’ve racked up in only three years if we implement his budget plan. The government doesn’t need to be involved in health care, education or foreign wars, and electing Ron Paul will put an end to all the evil that results from the industrial military complex’s involvement in our every day lives. He plans to end the IRS and income taxes, which are unconstitutional. I’m telling you, he is our best hope for going back to being a nation the rest of the world admires, rather than hating. We are meddling in international affairs that we have no business getting into, and Hillary Clinton is trying to provoke Russia, who is a nuclear-armed super power, by sending operatives to stir up political unrest in Russia’s election process. What right do we have to do such things? When you compare how our country was doing until we allowed a few evil men to get control of the central government, and now that they have risen to control us through corporations, there is a huge desparity. Our hard won freedoms and personal happiness have disappeared, thanks to a small faction of politically controlling kleptocrats. James Madison said; “If Tyranny and Oppresion come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” We are wise to their false flags and imaginary terror. It’s time to put the “fountain of power” –the people– back in control of our government and put the criminals behind bars without parole.
        We have to elect and then PROTECT Ron Paul. The evil oligarchs murdered Kennedy and six other presidents who stood on principle against their plans, and they won’t hesitate to kill again, when their whole plan is about to be vaporized by one man with the guts to stand up for us. They know how much of a threat he is, and that’s why they have instructed their media outlets to black out his campaign! He completely contradicts everything they have tried to engineer.

      • JJ says:

        The “Lame Stream Media” is so afraid of Ron Paul that it is using censorship to stop us from knowing anything about him .. they know that if they do any real true reporting on Ron Paul, their Corporate sponsors will punish them .. because corporations, banks, the democratic and republican parties, and the federal reserve are all afraid of Ron Paul because his goal is to take back control of our country from them and give it back to We the People .. check out these videos on how they are trying to hide Ron Paul from us .. and why they are conspiring against him ..

        Mainstream Media censorship – not reporting on Ron Paul

        Bankster Conspiracy against Ron Paul

        See video – Ron Paul has been trying to save us for years .. he cannot do this by himself, he needs our help ..

        Ron Paul needs Our help

        See the video below on how to Vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries, (if you need to change your registration to Republican, you can change it back to whatever you want after you vote for Ron Paul), after he is elected as the Republican candidate for President, we can support him in the General Election for President in 2012 .. that is the best chance for him to win because his voice can then be heard .. no more censorship by the media and hiding him from everybody .. if worse comes to worse and the Banksters keep his name off of the ballot in the general election, we may still have a chance to elect him if we write him in .. write his name .. Ron Paul .. it is our only hope. Vote for him as soon as you can .. see video below ..

        How to Vote for Ron Paul

        God Bless America.

      • lvent says:

        Nora, I agree, no one can go it alone against this evil empire…it is going to take the entire country, indivisibly standing up against this tyranny and we all have our work cut out for us..Occupy is the begining of the push back against the establishment that has hijacked our Constitution and all of the laws and protections that were put in place to protect us from a Government that is completely corrupt and acting like a tyranny by oppressing its own people…the people must revolt!

      • lvent says:

        I also believe in the truth movement..I believe that Occupy is a direct result of that…The truth about who was behind the assassination of J.F.K. and the 9/11 cover up as well as this entire manufactured financial crisis, the biggest financial coup de tat by the establishment in history is a directly connected to of all of that… They tried to accomplish this takeover of the world during the last great depression..People have to realize all roads lead to Rome and all of the wars and poverty are manufactured by a very small fraction of society.

      • incognito123 says:

        Nora, my fear is several fold, one that you touched on as well. First, as genuine and good as Ron Paul seems, the problem is far bigger than one man, like Dylan Ratigan hit it a few months ago, it is a corrupt integrated system. Even if Ron Paul is elected, he still has to overcome the corruption of both parties, and I don’t see either doing what needs to be done. Secondly, if elected, as you pointed out, he will be a target, and a big one at that, and it will be hard to protect him, especially when he really goes after demolishing the fed. Also, like you said, they’ve killed before, and they will no doubt at least try if not succeed again. People have killed for a few dollars, when he starts to take the thieves money away, they will at least try to assassinate him. Think it was on Neil Garfields site, but someone mentioned the ND banking system. That state really did clean up a lot of the corruption, I personally know someone up there who has fought the system for years, including the assassination of his wife and attempted killing of him as well. But in the end, they have done a good job up there!

      • lvent says:

        I agree that we need more State ran banks like the ND model…Ellen Brown is an advocate of the ND business model and she has a wesite called Web of Debt…Most important we need our own currency…..We The People have to demand it…and INDIVISIBLY, we have to be willing to make sacrifices like stop using the debt cartels banks, credit and patronizing their multinational corps….Nationwide revolt on everything…and I agree with you incognito123, you cannot mod a fraud….An attorney who I trust told me many months ago…do not sign or agree to anything they offer….their debt is unsustainable…I believe what Michael Savage said a while back, we will be lucky to live throught this…I say, we are not a nation of cowards, never were, never will be…Stand up for your rights America!

  11. talktotennessee says:

    Well, lets see the states will divide the spoils and the homeowners will get nothing, is that about the size of this deal. Oh, yes and the banks will get immunity from investors. The homeowners never had a chance of getting anything anyway. We are still the deadbeats who failed to pay our notes, right? Is that how this will play out? No one is t alking modification or write downs. No specifics, just twisting the banks arms to pay out something to everyone but helping homeowners and yes they will not be prosecuted for the crime will they?

    • rictic says:

      You got it in one tennesse. Once again the homeowners will get the shaft…. BOHICA !!!!

    • incognito123 says:

      I’d say that about sums it all up. But as far as modifications and write-downs, it still gets back to the same point as in foreclosures, how can you modify or write down something with an entity you do not owe any money TO? Why WOULD YOU? You can’t, and they don’t KNOW who owns any of this, so that part is a mute point.

      • lvent says:

        The proof of the fact they do not know who owns these fraudclosed properties is in the City of Chicago, bulldozing homes because no one is paying the property taxes and the banks can’t find out who owns them…When you see businesses and homes bulldozed the reason why is no one is paying the property taxes…taxes are less on vacant property but, they are bankrupting the states with these fraudclosures…

  12. 7.7 TRILLION DOLLAR BAIL OUT and Frauds vs $19 billion penalty? what a joke !

  13. Cutting a deal? Cutting victims rights would be more accurate? Servicers get to walk free and homeowners get to walk out into the cold?

    • lvent says:

      Why of course, they don’t give a damn about the lowley U.S. TAXPAYER, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID FOR EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY…!!! See how well they all do without all of us working for their debt cartel…!!!

  14. John says:

    For some reason they don’t want to settle this in court with a jury. Our laws are in place to settle unfair practices and misconduct. Why do the mortgage companies and banks seek other negotiations rather than bringing it before the people?

    That alone tells me something is amiss.

    • notmyhomeyournot says:

      Well you see,……. there is that little problem with getting anyone to take on the fraudsters, as the same attorneys and congress and teachers and government workers and police, and the courts are all bundled into the whole system that has the retirement and pension funds in the banks that ran the scams. So don’t count on any help from any of them, they are protecting their retirement funds so they can retire in luxury with the rest of us holding the empty bag of money that is being printed up from the debt that our government is buying and giving the money back to the banks with interest paid for wit our blood sweat and tears. And when it seems we have nothing more to give, they take the only thing left, our homes. Research all what I said if you don’t believe me. Our birth certificates are just a blank check in the vaults of the federal reserve, and that’s what they print the money up from, and then the securities are sold to foreign interest groups. We are not the USA any longer, we are property of the world banks and all the world banks are the NWO. I dare any politician to prove me wrong, or any other hotshot who thinks everyone who sees this is spreading conspiracy theories. Revolt is the only way to get our freedoms back, by taking all the government units apart and filing treason charges on them, as they are not working for the people, the people are being sold to the highest bidder as slaves to debt the politicians have ran up to pay for the empty boxes of securities they sold.

  15. lvent says:

    Looks like the commies who have hijacked America are putting the finishing touches on the next phase of their evil plan…What this is all about is a “FIX’ to LEGALIZE FRAUD FOR THESE CRIMINALS…WE THE PEOPLE have to keep pusing back on all of their evil plans for America…or if we let them get away with this what comes next will be even worse than anyone could ever imagine…!

    • lvent says:

      Ms. Baird also layed most of the blame for everything on the servicers…..but, she said the banks need larger capital requirements and to lend more…! Personally Ms. Baird, I would not borrow last weeks newspaper from these dirty criminal bastards…. theGangsters on Wall Street would no doubt gamble on and create debt off of that loan as well…

      • Nora says:

        This point, is exactly why things have gotten so bad; the banksters and the wall street traders (gamblers) run this game. Until we take money out of politics, it will remain the same game.
        We can do this, and we should be fomenting a plan to take control of our government again.
        Write up a bill to restore government to a constitutional size and have a group of senators and congressmen back it. Remove all the ones from office that oppose it. There are some good people left who serve the public’s interests.
        The next major hurdle is removing the unelected from power. Enforce the legislation that forbids the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group to discuss government policy in secret. Try them as criminals and put them in prison for life with out parole. When we return to being a nation of justice for all, and not a corrupt country run by capital cronyism, when we demand the laws that affect us are passed in the light of day and when we are again at peace with the rest of the civilized world, we will have erased the evidence of the darkest chapter in U.S. history. We have to unite and work toward this goal. We aren’t going to yank control back by cowering in fear. Fear is their most effective weapon, and we’ve fallen for it time and time again. Stop them. Stand up and say no more false flags, propaganda or fear-mongering. There’s too much at stake to just sit there in front of the TV and hope someone else fixes it, or government steps in. We have to unite and act as the force of change. Just about everyone knows the banks that make up the federal reserve are at the root of the problem, so GET RID OF THEM.

      • lvent says:

        Nora, I agree, the b appointments by the President are a big part of the problem, that is where the power structure is hidden. I believe Obama’s appointments are perpetuating and enabling all of this evil that we are all living under..

  16. Pedro says:

    don’t make me laugh out loud…my lips are chapped. haven’t we heard this same litany of drivel for over the last year? They have been within days of a settlement more times than I have gray hairs….and that is quite a few

    • neidermeyer says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a deal ,, LPS stock has been moving up on bad news (the NV cases) for a few weeks …

      • Hell No - No More Bleeping Bankster Bailouts says:

        Yeah, I see the same movement with BOA stock rebounding somewhat after hitting a new low recently.

        We need to start vetting knowledgeable candidates for all the electable offices, putting together a slate of candidates who are willing to serve but who are not part of the problem.

      • JJ says:

        Yes .. and we can start by electing Ron Paul for President in 2012 .. he is the only candidate that makes sense.

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