Matt Weidner | RE US Bank Verification of Foreclosure Complaint – Compliance with the Court’s Order Would Require the Petitioner to Perjure Itself

Complying With This Court’s Order Would Require The Plaintiff To Perjure Itself…

That’s not my statement, that comes from a Plaintiff in an appeal that just came across my fax machine as I was walking out of the office today. The whole appeal is quite interesting, but the statement that really blew me completely out of my mind was the following:

Compliance with the court’s order would require the petitioner to perjure itself.


Compliance with the court’s order would require the petitioner to perjure itself.

Now let’s put the whole dispute into some context here. Remember no less an authority than the Florida Supreme Court passed a rule revision that did a very simple thing… required Plaintiffs filing lawsuits to investigate the central facts in their complaint before trying to throw a citizen out into the street.

(Read More About It Here)

The foreclosure mills went nuts and filed an appeal of this simple requirement. The appeal filed by the banksters said essentially the following:

How Dare The Florida Supreme Court Tell Us What To Do


You Can’t Force Us to Investigate Facts Before Filing A Lawsuit

The Florida Supreme Court rejected the bansksters’ ridiculous arguments and ultimately dismissed their appeals. But the banksters did use their filed appeal to advance an absurd argument that they were not required to follow the rules until the appeal was dismissed. Now this absurd argument was not supported by the law at all, but that didn’t stop them from making the argument over and over and over, all across the state. God only knows how many complaints they were able to avoid verifying based on their merit less argument, but they got away with it for months.

Be sure to see the rest, including the actual Writ of Certiorari, from Matt here…


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  1. stanley scheinman says:

    There are 50 states where unscrupulous, uncontrolled abusive attorney firms,fraudulent loan servicers, big banks and purported securitization trustees, their state regulatory cohorts,and judicial enablers are and have been destroying American families by the millions . It is not just Florida!We need imput in other jurisdictions.

  2. J. Alonzo says:

    Good work man! Does your firm represent property owners in Lee County? I have a home that was in foreclosure with Marshall C Watson, & I had a very bad attorney re[resent me last minute. Watson got summary judgment and was moving to sell the home. I filed Bankruptcy protection and Watson asked for mediation by mistake instead of a sale date, but the Bankruptcy court told them to mediate. All they had to was wait it out, go to mediation and if that didn’t work out, they could have them sold the property. After all they had summary judgement already. Amazingly they motioned the court to with draw the whole complaint. Know one knows why. We were all extremely happy, but still could not understand why they with drew. My bankruptcy attorney told me it was probably because their paper work was so bad, that it would have come out in mediation and they did not want to have to face a federal judge, with any of that nonsense. They will most likely file again one day, and would like
    to hire you to us to represent us.

  3. Christie says:

    WAY TO GO MATT!!!!




    • Glenda Chauncy says:

      One thing I hope most very “competent” Attorneys, like Matt Weidner and luckily I work alongside Ms Ann Pellegrino in Tampa, is any time there is a threat of FEDERAL Court…the banks don’t want to show up in court…so no surprise how you ended up…now I can recommend to you to pull up land records to see how they have recorded your deed and title and if any “slipped” new assignments or note allonges (just keep watching)…they are trying to cover up their tracks…but again a Matt Weidner, Ann Pellegrino, Chip Parker (Jacksonville) ICE Legal Team in South Florida…April Churney…these are the Attorneys who can best represent ILLEGAL foreclosures in my opinion….NEVER GIVE UP…and THANK YOU Mr Weidner for being the voice…we are BEHIND you 1,000 percent!!!! We will win this war….

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