Action Alert | SOS For Danielle Sterling Endorsements & Signatures For American Home Mortgage Entities

SOS For Danielle Sterling Endorsements & Signatures For American Home Mortgage Entities

Friends & Colleagues:

We have a BIG case that will turn industry on its head. We are now going after “robo-endorsers” which is similar to robo-signing, but with the actual endorsements placed on alleged wet-ink promissory notes and allonges. We have evidence and testimony that American Home Mortgage and its various entities such as American Home Mortgage and/or American Home Mortgage Corp. and/or American Home Mortgage Acceptance and/or American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. and/or American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. and/or American Brokers Conduit were/are involved in fraudulent endorsements of notes.

We have strong evidence that a Danielle Sterling’s signatures and marks on such notes and assignments were not placed on such notes by her nor did she have any authority to do so or did not know her signature was being used. Needless to say, this could blow up any American Home fraudulent foreclosures using her mark or alleged signature on note endorsements.

We would love to see how many are out there and how many different signatures she has out there. Robo-Endorsed Notes are not enforceable by the endorsee if the endorser never had authority to endorse the note to the endorsee or the endorsement is a forgery. The authority to enforce the Note reverts back to the last payee on the Note absent the current possessor of the Note being able to show a transfer for value under UCC and accounting rules.

Please send evidence or PDFs of any and ALL Danielle Sterling marks, signatures, endorsements, and assignments that you may have to As always, many thanks and we will keep you all abreast of any developments and results.

Nye Lavalle


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  1. Brian in Virginia says:

    anyone have: Karl Brisard signing with a “KB” on an an endorsement in blank? pls post doc or a link to info….phone or email if you want to talk…thanks…Brian

  2. Hell No, No More Blasted Bank Bail-Outs says:

    I SURE WISH that SOMEONE would do the same thing for “America’s Wholesale Lenders Corporation”.

    At the time the loans were written naming AWL Corp as the LENDER, there was NO SUCH CORPORATION.

    CountryWide falsely entered these mortgages into MERS using the COUNTRYWIDE relationship with MERS. While Courtrywide did have filings of “Countrywide Financial Corporation D/B/A America’s Wholesale Lender”, that D/B/A relationship was NOT CLAIMED on either the DOT or the NOTES in the numerous cases I am aware of.

    Since AWL Corporation did not exist at the time of the mortgage origination, these loans were NEVER PERFECTED. Court cases in several states have shown that Countrywide can not validly show any relationship with these loans.

    An filing of AWL Corp did occur in NY state on 12/16/2008, well after the origination of these mortgages.That firm is unrelated to Countrywide or Bank of America.

    CW/BOA still TRY to claim the ability to foreclose on these mortgages. NUMEROUS parties are used to dummy the false assignment documents for these loans. I have even seen a foreclosure publication in one news paper that claimed there had been a ‘name change’ on the part of “America’s Wholesale Lender Corporation” which was how CW/BOA were the proper parties to foreclose. Oh, really? Now HOW can you have a name change of the corporation that did not exist at the time? That is just the same as the fact that you can not have any relationship with either MERS or with Countrywide which allowed proper legal control of these mortgages.

    Check out the NY case of Alderazi v Bank of New York Mellon (April 2011 and also April 2010).

    Check out Pagano from 2005.

    But because no wide-spread issue has been raised that Countrywide and now BOA have no legal standing, they still are not being challenged in courts and told to take a hike. They come to court touting the “D/B/A” which judges have pointed out is NOT ON THE DOT OR THE NOTE.

    How do we get some attention to these repeated frauds? HOW? WHEN?

  3. Javagold says:

    i have good old Krystal Hall on some robo endorsed chain of assignments……nevr worked for the Bank, let alone VP

  4. indio007 says:

    Here’s a couple I found for Middlesex County Massachusetts.
    The funny thing is I found about 25 new Linda Greens used by AMHC in Middlesex and Suffolk County.

    If I had a date range i could find alot more

  5. A.Peter says:

    I have the same problem and I submitted in court in my Final Argument. I had Antonio Arganda assitant secretary and I found this person’s signature 100% different from each other. They are all big fraud. I also have Linda Green Robo signing and Cheryl Thomas notary fraud. Also Option One Mortgage Corporation status in Carlifornia Secretary of Stat has been suspended since 1990 how are they controlling financial documents? There are many other things which I have proof against Wells Fargo, Option One and American Home Mortgage.

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