Press Release: Occupy Fort Lauderdale attempting to stop heinous foreclosure by Wells Fargo; Occupy actions planned

   December 16, 2011
Topic: Occupy Fort Lauderdale attempting to stop heinous foreclosure by Wells Fargo
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Coconut Creek case exemplifies the worst of a broken system; Occupy actions planned

Despite being willing and able to pay the bank everything they owe, the Bien-Aimé family appears on the verge of losing the Coconut Creek home they built 10 years ago.  Wells Fargo Bank prefers to evict the family of seven rather than work with them to right what, according to the facts of their case, appears to be an indisputable and heinous wrong.

Occupy Fort Lauderdale yesterday joined the Bien-Aimé’s to confront the bank, which was part of an event sponsored by the Urban League of Palm Beach County at which several banks most notoriously associated with bailouts, subprime lending and foreclosures were given a forum to meet the public.  Amidst efforts by Urban League Director of Programs Tammy Anderson to prevent the occupiers from passing out fliers in the public park where the event was held, the Bien-Aimé’s initial attempt to meet with the Wells Fargo representative was denied.  According to Marie Bien-Aimé, Anderson told her, “They can’t help you now.  Take your case to CNN.”

But when local NBC’s Rochelle Ritchie showed up to do a story about the event, the reporter’s interest immediately turned to the occupiers and the Bien-Aimé’s, whom she interviewed for over an hour.  Word of this apparently filtered back to Urban League Development Directory Kate Alvarado who solicited the Bien-Aimé’s to sit down with the bank, which they did for over two hours.  Today, subsequent to a conversation with bank officials stemming from yesterday’s events, the Bien-Aimé’s learned that they would be given until January 3 to stay in the home but that no reversal of the foreclosure would be forthcoming.

Occupy Ft. Lauderdale, December 17, will be hosting a rally and march beginning at Ft. Lauderdale City Hall at 11 am to commemorate the three month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the one year anniversary of the self-immolation of Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi, whose act sparked the multi-national movement known as the Arab Spring.  The date also marks the 24 birthday of alleged Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, a hero to many in the Occupy movement for whom the exposure of US war crimes has been a motivating factor in their struggle for justice and against the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Jean Bien-Aimé, along with a host of speakers, is expected to be present at the event.

Occupy Ft. Lauderdale vows to do everything in its power to engage community support for the Bien-Aimé family in the days leading up to their eviction.


Breaking!: Despite having been informed today by a Wells Fargo representative earlier today that they would be able to stay in their home until January 3, Occupy Ft. Lauderdale has just learned that the Bien-Aimé’s were delivered notice late this afternoon to vacate their home as of this coming Monday, December 19.  Occupy Ft. Lauderdale will follow up with information about any planned action very soon.


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  1. Rebelwithaclause says:

    David b it is worse than interstate, it is intercontinental, the big, bid, boys, illumunates, free mason’s & bill sabers. Google the georgia stone, you will be in disbelief. Everyone please stop watching conventional news, you may think you tube is garbage & some people do put junk on there but search the occupy wall street, then the other cities, you will be in utter disgust at the unnecessary police force & brutality, these are non violent demonstrations, that is our constitutional right to protest and express our grievances they are taking them away on a daily basis. Please google the bill of rights 10 of them print them & make several copies put in your vehicles, your purse or wallet, frame & hang in your office. Also, Get a copy of Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote warning us of government over powers & about a central banking system can be so harmful stripping Americans of their homes & wealth. He was the third U.S. president & he predicted this in the 1800’s to protect us from big government
    He was 100 percent right. He is gone but we have someone with his same morals & beliefs, his name is RON PAUL 2012, again please use you tube to listen to the answers he won the Iowa debate hands down, but the news networks want their special interest politicians in so they continue to take our homes, jobs, savings, liberties, rights, & pride. Listen to Ron Paul, type in the search on you tube Ron Paul & the federal reserve, he wants it abolished, just like president Lincoln, & Kennedy. The federal reserve is not a government bank it is a massive central world bank controlling our money & economy. The presidential debates are controlled media, do your own research through you tube. Newt Gingrich worked & collected money & advised Freddie Mac, Freddie Mac is a government entity who is suppose to help American citizens with housing. But what they did is steal your home, the big banks are only the services (I like to call the pretender lender) that is so our gov. Can look like they are helping us, they want control, steal your home then your life savings & reb
    Rent it back to you. It is not a free country anymore, the bill of rights are meant to be used, use them or lose them & we are losing them. Please research for youself Ron Paul stands for the American people and for liberty. Sorry for mis-spelling I’m on my iPod.

    • lvent says:

      REBEL WITH A CLA– USE…All you say is true…there are many traitors from within…The overthrow of America as our founding fathers envisioned it, all started with the traitor politicians….They are all NWO bitches…Even the banks, Wall Street and the GSE’s are mere perps for them…The banks have been the robber barons for the ruling elite throughout history and none of their dirty work could ever be accomplished without help from the traitors from within America….The so called “BIG CLUB” of ruling elite pigs, who are no more than a vast crime syndicate…La Costinostra…and the Government(s) are running a protection racket for them…

  2. John Challenor says:

    This is typical of Wells Fargo. We are all just a number to them. There is no customer service.

  3. QNY81 says:

    The Bien-Aime’s must sue everyone involved in the foreclosure process individually, including any attorney, law firm, person who signed an affidavit, etc. Vote in Dr. Ron Paul, 2012 – he will get rid of the Fed which will get rid of ALL of these problems.

  4. Mad4Real says:

    They better hurry up and get their stuff out before those jack-booted thugs come and ruin everything. This is so not fair. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!

  5. It all about banks wanting to collect the foreclosure insurance (AIG) that the banks acquire and those insurance are 10 to 1 30 to 1 and even 100 to 1

    • david b. says:

      it is worse than that. the mortgage payments never allegedly make it to the mortgage investor but are diverted in to the pockets of the servicer to pay for their parties, bonuses and lawyers and allegedly no income tax is paid either on these hidden profits . which are then covered up by foreclosure.

      this is a ponzi pyramind scam interstate fraud and racketeering extrordinaire allegedly beyond comprehension

  6. david b. says:

    all they have to do is walk down to the federal bankruptcy court and file their own papers and it is an autmatice stay for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. at least that is the way it used to be when i did it years ago.

    new rules now. I dont understand why more florida homeowners just file in federal bankruptcy court to fight these banks since the florida courts are allegedly a joke, it costs a few bucks to file and they can do it themselves the docs are o nthe internet to fill out and save their home.

    this is not legal advice . i am not an attorney i am just sharing what i did to save my home i nthe past . nothing more. always consult an licensed attorney that can give proper and adequate competent counsel to handle any legal problem like foreclosure.

    these banks make more money on foreclosures than keeping people in their homes. that is for sure. they dont want the peoples money they make fifty times more than that foreclosing. when are the people in florida going t ofigure out it aint about the house, it is about the bank making tons of money from their pain from loosing their home.

    best regards
    David B.

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