George Mantor | When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Huroo, Huroo

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Huroo, Huroo “Ye’re an armless, boneless, chickenless egg and ye’ll have to be put with a bowl out to beg.” By now, you probably know that I have a pretty long list of things that get my blood boiling. Sleazy, weasely, trickster politicians, lying, rotten-to-the-core bureaucrats, smirking bankstas, lap … Read more

60 Minutes | Fraudclosure – There Goes the Neighborhood

Bank foreclosures and abandonment are causing high home vacancy levels in neighborhoods across the country. Scott Pelley travels to Cleveland, a city that’s fighting back against blight. Read Story: There Goes the Neighborhood Web Extras There Goes the Neighborhood Foreclosure scavengers go high tech What’s next for Cleveland? More » ~

Update From the Trenches | Bein Aime’s Wells Fargo Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense Unfolding in Broward County, Florida

Update from the Trenches of the BienAime Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense in Broward County, Florida, a collaborative effort involving,, Occupy Fort Lauderdale, Occupy Miami, and Occupy Our Homes. This is an unfolding story of a family of six (mom, dad, 4 children, Grandma) we’ve posted about here and here and here. Payments REF– USED then … Read more

Jilted! | Bondi Canoodles Up with the Banks, Writes Dear John Letter to Floridian Families

Bondi “didn’t feel the banks were as liable as the media portrayed them to be, and people shouldn’t have gone ahead and signed the mortgage paperwork, and that they knew what they were getting into.” ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! ~ Critics: Bondi lax in pursuing big mortgage lenders amid continuing foreclosure crisis As attorneys general in other foreclosure-battered … Read more

Alliance | NY AG Schneiderman and FHFA Inspector General Linick Share Resources & Evidence

Alliance to bolster home loans probe By Shahien Nasiripour in New York The collaboration between New York’s top prosecutor and the federal auditor overseeing half of the US home loan Findings from the New York market raises the spectre of criminal probes and increased scrutiny of Wall Street’s once-lucrative role in packaging mortgages into securities. … Read more

BonusSpeak | 2 Month Tax Cut = Hidden Permenant Fee in Future Mortgages to Help Support Freddie & Fannie

Mortgage Fees Would Rise Under Payroll Tax Cut Deal Homebuyers, beware.In exchange for a two-month tax cut, the Senate on Saturday approved a permanent increase in fees attached to mortgages backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The fee hike would apply to new mortgages and new refinances, and would … Read more

Common BoA Fraudclosure Tactic | Return Payment, Proceed with Fraudclosure

“It’s a horrible feeling in knowing if you’re not going to sleep in the same bed, where you’re going to go,” A national bank admits its error almost cost a Valley family its home. The home loan modification program was supposed to make life easier. It was supposed to take away some of the financial … Read more