Jilted! | Bondi Canoodles Up with the Banks, Writes Dear John Letter to Floridian Families

Bondi “didn’t feel the banks were as liable as the media portrayed them to be, and people shouldn’t have gone ahead and signed the mortgage paperwork, and that they knew what they were getting into.”



Critics: Bondi lax in pursuing big mortgage lenders amid continuing foreclosure crisis

As attorneys general in other foreclosure-battered states step up their investigations into fraudulent mortgage practices by large U.S. banks, some Florida groups are accusing state Attorney General Pam Bondi of being soft on the giant lenders.

Florida’s Democratic state senators recently released a video (see below) that targets Bondi, a Republican elected to a nonpartisan office. Titled “Ignoring the Florida Foreclosure Crisis,” the video contrasts new fraud investigations launched by California Attorney General Kamala Harris with controversial forced resignations of two key mortgage-fraud investigators in Bondi’s Fort Lauderdale office.

A coalition of religious leaders, homeowners and others has scheduled events Wednesday in Orlando and Miami that will include calls for an investigation into ongoing mortgage-fraud settlement talks between major U.S. lenders and state attorneys general from across the country — talks in which Bondi is a key player. The coalition, known as PICO United Florida, describes the current negotiations as “deeply flawed.”

Meanwhile, Orlando-area members of a faith-based nonprofit group called Focus complain that they have come away from meetings on foreclosure-settlement issues with Bondi representatives in recent months disappointed with what they describe as a seeming lack of interest in foreclosure fraud.

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23 Responses to “Jilted! | Bondi Canoodles Up with the Banks, Writes Dear John Letter to Floridian Families”
  1. Mary says:

    To tell the truth……………….Well said

  2. Mary says:

    Who is digging up the dirt on her?!!!! We all know she has been paid off!!! How much did she receive I wonder? WHAT did she receive I wonder?

    • Steve says:

      See comments today on Bondi coming up short-there is a whole list of contributors to her campaign from the foreclosure industry-amazing.

  3. Mary says:

    She is bought and paid for by the banks!!!!!!

  4. To Tell The Truth says:

    The Lord says we are to bless our enemies, to do good to those who despite fully use us and say all manner of ill against us…so, Pam Bondi, may the Lord bless you, may He shine His face upon you, May he lift up the light of His countenance upon, may He be gracious unto you and give you shalom in Jeshua’s name.

    When we do that, God knows how to best take care of our enemies and bless us in return…so, those who agree with me join me and lets see us being blessed with progress in our fight against all this fraud etc. We need to not allow bitterness to take root into our souls so we can see clearly all the issues and how to address them.

    I am sure some of you will probably come down hard on this appeal but you know, I wont take offense..am seeing how the Lord is unraveling all the sordid details of what was done to those of us who were innocent in all this.

    Have a blessed Hanukkah, Christmas and holiday season and lets believe for better and surprising, unexpected blessings in the area of the fraud-closure issues and new hope for all of us especially those that actually already lost their homes…we don’t want to reflect the banksters characteristics in our dealings with them. We don’t want to become like them and start disregarding our humanity…Your thoughts…

    • lvent says:

      To Tell The Truth…Those are beautiful words..this is the season of goodwill towards man..Problem is, they don’t care…I have spent not only the entire month of December fighting off these wolves in my fraudclosure, but this has been going on for well over 2 years now….I wish I could say I feel the way you do…I am afraid there is no high road when it comes to these criminals…Satan has their souls and you only get back what you give..and they give nothing but ill will.

      • lvent says:

        The pretender lender who I am fighting in fraudclosure court had the nerve to call me, 5 days before Chrismas to harass me about a loan mod…their motives are not in keeping with the spirit of Christmas I am afraid….There motives are greed……Sorry to say this but, these Grinches have put God only knows how many families and their pets out into the street this Christmas!!!…there are many people who can’t even afford to feed their families this Christmas because of what these criminals did!!!!..that is despicable. I just saw a report on Bloomberg news that there is another giant wave of fraudclosures coming in 2012…these crooks have no souls…!

    • lvent says:

      To Tell The Truth, I do believe what you say is true, that God is helping us unravel this complicated mess through many wonderful people like at this site and FH and others…. There are still too many though, who for whatever reason can’t unravel this, and that is what worries me. Too many aren’t fighting, or even showing up for court…that is very disturbing to me…I know many are still brainwashed with the thinking if you don’t pay the mortgage you can’t win or they think an attorney will save their home and they are not bothering to look into things for themselves and are taking the attorneys word for everything…Too many still don’t have a clue what has happened to them…The day I was denied my loan mod, I knew that never should have happened. I had the income to afford the payment…I made all of the trial period payments on time…I qualified for it..that is what got me mad and got me started into looking into what exactly took place here..I was shocked to say the least at the scope of this conspiracy..Now I look back and say the pretender lender or the U.S. TREASURY or whoever did me a favor by not approving the loan mod…I would have never gotten to the truth if they did.

      • incognito123 says:

        Absolutely well said lvent, about the best thing I have ever seen you write and DEAD ON!!! Had my foreclosure not started four years ago, I never would have known all this either!

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Incognito 123, Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    • Steve says:

      I think it is good to keep that attitude: blessing your enemies and doing good. I just wonder though how Jesus, meek and mild, blessing children and people, took a whip, turned over tables and got totally ticked off with the money changers in the temple? He was blessings His enemies with a whip. Is it possible that there can be righteous indignation? I have struggled with some of the same things you are talking about. I believe that God is in this as His throne is established on justice and righteousness. I don’;t believe He is pleased with the fraud going on, families torn apart and communities disrupted to keep feeding the greed, love of money machine of corporate America. Money above people, families and communities. Not just money, but theft of money. Maybe He is waiting for us to have the back bone and courage to stand up and fight. Have the boiling passion of some of the founding fathers of : Give me liberty or give me death! How long will we be slaves to this feudal system where the lords and ladies of the land create money out of thin air and the serfs work their entire lives paying it back. Unjust, unfair, false weights and measures-an abomination to God. The zeal for Your House has consumed me. This is fighting for our country, our freedoms, our families and our lives.

      Just some thoughts, Maybe the anger many of us feel is because of the unrighteousness going on and not just because we have the same spirit as the banksters. It is not people that we are fighting against, but ideas and a system that has locked most of us into an enslavement to debt. It is deception and lies that many people are now just waking up to see. The tables are turning. Read Hab 2:2-14. Those that have been made rich through extorsion (another translation promissory notes which cost them nothing) will suddenly become afraid. We are in the season. Good things are ahead for our country but this will be a difficult transition.

  5. J. Alonzo says:

    To her & all of them we are the sheeple! Fight back! She is a bank lover! She makes it very clear, yet Floridains voted her in on all her lies. She should be investigated, but that will likely not happen. David J Stern, Watson & all the other banks attorneys caught doing fraud have not been touched! Go figure! Fight Back! Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 He will end the bail outs & Audit the Fed! The Banks will hate having him as president. because he goes by the constitution, not by the law of the banks.

  6. lvent says:

    She is not dumb, she is corrupt and useless, like most of the politicians..We need to force these people to sign contracts if they are nominated as candidates and if they get elected…they are under contract to do the peoples work, if they don’t, they must resign…immediately…For too long now, the Politicians make promises to the people they never keep…people forget, these people are not under contract about the promises they make to all of us…When will we stop going along with the charades….? That is truly what they all fear! The day we all walk out of their show….!

    • lvent says:

      We need an amendment that not only takes the money out of politics but forces the politicians to sign legal binding contracts as to keeping their campaign promises……then, they can’t make promises they can’t or won’t keep…or they must step down…

      • lvent says:

        Without the contracts, everything these politicians promise will never, ever be kept!…We continue to hold Politicians accountable for nothing because we keep believing the lies that they tell…and they are all laughing all the way to the bank..! They probably can”t even believe what suckers we all are..! WOW!!!…We keep thinking a Repulican can change things, then a Democrat,back and forth, back and forth, they have us like ying yangs… things will never change unless WE THE PEOPLE make the change…Hope and Change can only be accomplished by all of us…We The People must make the demands….and hold them all accountable if they are not met…Start with our own currency backed by gold…

  7. J.R. Homeowner says:

    I can’t understand why everyone is so upset at an LPS employee.

  8. John Wright says:

    Pam “Blondie” protest at piggybankblog.com
    Don’t forget to read John’s Daily Blog@
    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!
    John Wright

  9. Her citizens need to recall her from office over Breach of her oath of office. If she has done the oatth as required by law, and if she has not she is in office unlawfully.

  10. This woman is outrageous and obviously bought and has to be of the know she is breaching her oath of office.

    • Steve says:

      Or maybe she is just a dumb blond? She needs to be investigated. I have been a conservative Republican most of my life, but the Republican party is totally absent on the fraudclosure issue and overwhelmingly on the bank’s side. Bribes blind the eyes and she probably received one too many contribution or maybe her retirement is tied to bank stocks. She is obviously conflicted caring more about corporate banks than families in FL. crazy in the light of the other 5 AG’s investigations unfolding. History will not be kind to Bondi. FL citizens need to act and demand her resignation.

      • Carolyn Pfotzer says:

        @Steve…I’m a blond also but I do NOT take offense about your reply. I also do not think Pam Blondi is a “dumb” blond! She knows what she is doing and which side she is on in this issue. I am also a conservative republican. There is always something underneath the issues and you may have pointed to some of them. I agree about demanding her resignation. I am in foreclosure on my home of 12 yrs and I am 63 yrs old…and some “blond” is going to tell me, “I did not CHOOSE to pay my mortgage!?”

      • Steve says:

        I was teasing about the dumb blond. I am convinced she is deliberately choosing to ignore homeowners-just giving an appearance of investigating, hiring more staff. Not only from long lists of contributors from Foreclosure companies to her campaign but also heard she had been threatened with foreclosure on her own home several years ago. Possibly some extorsion going on by a lender. As the Tribune article today says if you are threatened with losing your job for doing it too well, who cares about hiring more people that are merely there to preserve the fraud. Finding nothing wrong-the obvious guilty party is the deadbeat homeowner for not paying. Who cares if they are paying the wrong party? Bottomline to all of this is banks have deliberately defrauded investors by not transferring documents timely into Mortgage Backed Securities, so investors/pension funds and many with 401k’s have been decimated (they are discovering that it is a security but just may not be mortgage backed :-)). The banks took the money from investors, then from tax payers through bailouts and now taking property that they don’t have a dime of their own money at risk. CNBC announced that banks had record profits in the 3rd quarter of this year (most since 2007). How is that possible if they had any exposure whatsoever to mortgages or the housing market? More proof that they actually make more profit (2-3 times the mortgage amount through credit default swaps) in foreclosure than they do receiving a normal payment. I doubt that any of that money on default insurance is going back to the pension funds that had money at risk. I hope this woman can be replaced-I don’t think FL will ever get relief with her in charge. I love blonds so glad you didn’t take offence. She obviously is intelligent to be in this position-too bad she is going the wrong direction.

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