Chilling | Foreclosure Fraud Fighter Matt Weidner Under Attack – A Direct and Specific Threat (From a Coward)

This just in from our friend and colleague Matt Weidner. What kind of coward does this right before Christmas? ~ A Direct and Specific Threat To Me Personally…Creepy Really…..See For Yourself I recognize the very real risks that I take by sticking my neck out and speaking the truth. I take those threats seriously. I … Read more

First Amendment Rights | Please Excercise Your Right to Redress this Dangerous Precedent Set by the Pensacola City Council Members

First Amendment Rights | Please Exercise Your Right to Redress this Dangerous Precedent Set by the Pensacola City Council Members Do not let this violation of the man’s first amendment right to redress grievances to his government go unaddressed. Please watch the above video and contact all members of the Pensacola City Council. It is … Read more

Erin Collins Cullaro | Florida Attorney, Document Executor, Notary, Fired Assistant AG, Now On FL Bar Grievance Committee

Grievance Committees Thirteenth Circuit Grievance Committee “F” Grievance committees are made up of volunteer members, at least one-third of whom are not lawyers. Each of Florida’s 20 judicial circuits has at least one such committee. The grievance committee reviews complaints with much the same purpose as a grand jury. That is, the committee decides, after … Read more

Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks

Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks By Christopher Ketcham Check it out below… ~ ~ Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks [scribd id=76391710 key=key-elmsp38h2xhz2fk312f mode=list]

Capital One Financial | More Illegal Conduct By Banks Excused?

The Market Ticker – More Illegal Conduct By Banks Excused? Wow man, another story of illegal conduct that is unpunished and excused. A personal bankruptcy is supposed to cut borrowers loose from lenders and debt collectors, but Capital One Financial Corp.—one of the nation’s largest credit-card issuers—sometimes doesn’t want to let go. …. It wasn’t … Read more

TIME | Details of Mortgage Servicing Settlement Between Banks and AGs Begin to Emerge

“In return for the $5 billion in cash and the $20 billion in credits, the banks would be released from claims against them for servicing and foreclosure abuses that might be brought against them by the states and the federal government. The states also release the banks from origination claims, that is, claims they might … Read more

Criminalizing Mortgage Delinquency | Bailed Out Wall Street CEOs of Recidivist, Predatory Financial Institutions Blame Homeowners in Foreclosure Fiasco

“Your mortgage didn’t get to a robo-signer by accident, it’s because you’re not paying.” ~ Wall Street blames homeowners in foreclosure fiasco (Reuters) – Wall Street’s reaction to the allegations that some banks cut corners while foreclosing on 3 million homes since 2007: Pay your mortgage in the first place. Some quotes from the asshats … Read more

Blacks, Latinos, Deployed Military | Wall Street’s Victim List Grows with Increased Scrutiny, Outcry, Outrage, Exposure

Lending settlement can’t undo the damage This “settlement” is a farce. This week, Bank of America agreed to pay $335 million to resolve allegations that its Countrywide unit engaged in a widespread pattern of discrimination against qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers on home loans. From New York’s Lower Hudson Valley’s MLoHud’s article: It sounds like … Read more