Matt Weidner | Please Take A Moment To Think About The Defense of Basic Rights (VIDEO)


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  1. Deborah Ferris says:

    Just started listening to your videos.
    I concur with your comments. However, my experience (Florida) and attempts to obtain protection and remedy relative to civil rights violations, financial and other crimes (via complaints filed with the DOJ) suggest that civil liberties are already a thing of the past. A government without the resources and ability necessary to uphold its’ laws is, well, clearly is not for the people.

    It might be a matter of too little, too late. Fundamental rights are a function of collective action. We as Americans have become fat, lazy, selfish and dependent. In many cases, the struggle to maintain the financial status quo relative to keeping a roof over one’s head and food in the belly restricts available time; preventing action – organized or otherwise. Throughout history money converts to power, power controls, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money/greed is the root of all evil.

    Protect and defend? Desperate times? American Ideals? The decline of the moral fiber of our great nation started long ago. Perhaps, starting an upward trend during the Johnson era and civil rights movement, which came with social programs attached with fraud and abuse. The integrated efforts of corrupt public officials throughout the judicial and executive branches of government (state and federal) have set the stage for a self-perpetuating cycle of waste, fraud and incompetence.

    Legislative changes further restricting our civil liberties occur daily and without notice.

    No, I am not a pessimist. My faith is strong and I do what I can; still fighting a good fight, taking the hits and refusing to go quietly into the night. However, bad guys (corrupt officials) are becoming more numerous and I’m getting older. I become wiser, but my energy units are declining. Attrition is a bitch.

    I credit you for your enthusiasm. Getting the message out and inciting the masses to riot (in a positive way) is what we require – immediately. Keep up the energy and good works!

  2. Ted says:

    Matt, where are the banks taking this position (i.e., asserting a right to self-help in the mortgage context)? I agree it would be pretty scary if that were the law of the land, but at least here in Florida, of course, it’s not. You still gotta get a writ of possession. I kept waiting for you to explain this contention in your vid, but you did not.

  3. There are several great books about the advance of corporate power in America since the revolution. One such is “Gangs of America”. I picked it up last week at the local library. Did any of us know that the Boston Tea party was actually a protest against corporate power? That the British East India company had more people in its private army than the British empire had in its own? That the British East India company had designs of enslaving the colonies the same way that they did India? How many of us ever heard of Justice Field and “Ninth Circuit Law” ?

    Good reading and curse your memory Tom Scott, and your ilk!

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