Joy for the Holidays | Pam Bondi, Greg the Fiancé, and of Course… Luke the Dog (BARF)

A Christmas card from Pami to you… ~

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction | Mortgage Reincarnation – Paid Off Mortgages Coming Back to Life at an Alarming Rate

Manufactured Fraudclosure Via Revocation of Satisfaction of Mortgage Over a year ago, we started noticing documents filed in county land records that were “clarifying” or “correcting” previous documents. The previous documents happened to state that a mortgage was satisfied, or paid off, and the debt was extinguished. Then a new document showed up, “clarifying” and … Read more

Cover Up | Whistleblower’s Affidavit Exposing Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud on 195 Grove City Terrace Unit 3 Disappears from Public Records

Expunged from Public Record: Evidence of Fraud Warning to Future Buyers and Real Estate Researches In the course of our fraudclosure research, we found, recorded in Charlotte County, Florida an affidavit by a notary who attests to the fact that despite a mortgage on the property bearing his notarial stamp and signature, he did not … Read more