Joy for the Holidays | Pam Bondi, Greg the Fiancé, and of Course… Luke the Dog (BARF)

A Christmas card from Pami to you…


10 Responses to “Joy for the Holidays | Pam Bondi, Greg the Fiancé, and of Course… Luke the Dog (BARF)”
  1. Grace Bonacorsi says:

    Surprise she isn’t sporting the Bank of America logo. Nice to see that she had a nice holiday and something to smile about. For those of us who live in the state, she along with the Governor should be recalled. This is truly the result of the other party claiming they can do better. Wish I had someone like Beau Biden fighting for me.

  2. Wake Up America! says:

    Funny, but with the way Bondi looks the other way in regards to fraudclosures I thought her card would offer “Siezing Greetings.”

  3. Frances J Keller says:

    Occupy needs to start a movement to prevent Obama from running again for any elected office – an impeachment proceeding outside of the normal channels. Demanding his resignation will be symbolic of change, a fresh start, permanent foreclosure moratorium and universal housing for all. Finally, a return to the rule of law, Obama and his Banksters banished like cancer from a gravely ill victim.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And she bangs and she bangs, and she booms and she booms – – the Big Bad Doggie, that is!!!!

  5. dRp says:

    Something pretty funny. One day I called Bondi’s office and was talking with someone. Before I hung up I jokingly said I was wondering if she had any brains under them blonde roots and he replied that ALL the blonde jokes go around the office. So it appears that even her staff lacks respect for her. Hopefully ‘having reached her highest level of incompetence’ (Peter Principle) she will go no further in politics.

  6. Pamela Edwards says:

    BARF is correct

  7. Amada L Escandon O'Rourke says:

    so the JUdDGE is the one at fault? Judges from California stand by….I want to know who is the JUDGE “JUDGING” illegal EVICTIONS!!! how did THE EVIDENCE get conveniently expunged?…who has access to the County Assessor Records office?

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