Abigail Field | Moral Bankruptcy, the Bankers Edition

Moral Bankruptcy, the Bankers Edition We all know that when it comes to character, actions speak louder than words. So let’s call the moral bankruptcy showcased daily what it is. Let’s start with the bankers. The Bankers To show you the moral bankruptcy displayed by people like Bryan Moynihan (Bank of America), Jamie Dimon (JPMorganChase), … Read more

Chris Hayes | Video: Story of the Year, 2011 – Protests, Uprisings, and Massive Mobilizations of International Dissent

~ 4closureFraud.org

Lee Camp | What TRULY Offends The Masses? (VIDEO)

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised My brand of comedy is not for everyone. But why is it that jokes justifying wife beating are acceptable on TV but not jokes exposing the truth about corporate greed?? MOC #103 [Get more at www.LeeCamp.net] ~ 4closureFraud.org

Florida’s Pino Case Deja Vu | New York – Wells Fargo v McNee Case Shows Florida Judges How It’s Done

No Standing | New York Fraudclosure “Trick” and “Scam”, Magically Appearing Endorsement by Wells Fargo The McNee case was great. The bank wanted to voluntary dismiss the action, we said no chance and moved for sanctions. Then they used the new trick I spoke about when I was in Florida as the latest bank scam … Read more

April Charney “Angel of Foreclosure Defense” Speaks to OCCUPY JAX (VIDEO)

Ms. April Charney, foreclosure attorney with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, educates other attorneys how to challenge the system so that people can keep their homes. April has offered to help the Occupy movement and has requested those seeking assistance to contact her by email at april.charney@jaxlegalaid.org April spoke and gave a short introduction of her … Read more

Matt Weidner | I Always Feel Like… Somebody’s Watching Me… (I AM COFER BLACK)

I Always Feel Like….Somebody’s Watching Me…..(I AM COFER BLACK) I do. I feel like someone’s watching every move I make. And reading every single email and text and tracking every keystroke on every computer and listening in to every single phone conversation. They have a diagnosis for my condition….Paranoid Delusions….except for me…and for many of … Read more

Legislation | Let’s Fix The Fraudclosure Mess

The Market Ticker – Let’s Fix The Fraudclosure Mess Here it is folks…. let’s push this as a singular piece of legislation that we want introduced and passed nationally on a state-by-state basis this coming year. The Legislature finds that: The practice of failure to accurately record the real parties at interest in mortgages and … Read more

Evicted | They Are Coming!!! Are You Next??? (VIDEO)

Police: “OPEN THE DOOR”….(door is opened)…..”GET BACK” Police: “ARE THERE ANY WEAPONS IN THE HO– USE?” Police: “WE’RE GOING TO MOVE YOU OUT TODAY” WE MUST STOP THIS INDIGNITY WE MUST STOP THIS CRIME WE MUST STOP THIS EVICTION and FRAUDCLOSURE PROCESS    EVICTIONS RESUME JANUARY 3rd, 2012 As an exclusive from http://www.ohiofraudclosure.blogspot.com, the video … Read more