Letter | Patrick McHenry Requests Richard Cordray to Testify on How He will Implement and Enfore the Unparralleled Powers of His New Office

Patrick McHenry Requests Richard Cordray to Testify on How He will Implement and Enfore the Unparralleled Powers of His New Office

UGGG McHenry is the rude bully jerk who called Elizabeth Warren a liar!


The whole May 24, 2011 hearing video is here: http://www.c-span.org/Events/Elizabeth-Warren-Defends-Consumer-Watchdog-Agency/10737421715-1/

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Patrick McHenry Requests Richard Cordray to Testify

26 Responses to “Letter | Patrick McHenry Requests Richard Cordray to Testify on How He will Implement and Enfore the Unparralleled Powers of His New Office”
  1. lvent says:

    I just watched the CNBC interview with Cordray…Cordray said he already met with Jamie Dimon…..WOW!!! Seems Cordray and Dimon have the view that it was the shadow mortgage market that caused the mortgage meltdown..!!!! The CNBC interviewer said do you mean to say that the banks had nothing to do with it? Cordray said no but…blah, blah, blah….and more blah… He is not here to save the day folks…he is here to prevent another mortgage meltdown and he is obviously a very good friend of the banksters!!!
    I would rather watch Dylan Ratigan…he had another great show today….Dylan and his guests talked about the ZOMBIE BANKS…and the need to shut them down….and restructure them..and the need for CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BANKS AND THE RESTORATION OF GLASS STEAGALL ….they also talked about the SHADOW CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS MARKET…$700 TRILLION + IN DEBT THAT THE DIRTY BASTARDS CAN NEVER PAY BACK…

  2. lvent says:

    Here’s one for Cordray..my commercial property was sold off to BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING after the fraudclosure was filed…no bankruptcy by the original pretender lender…the servicer claims they bought the loan in 2011 from First Midwest Bank…and U.S. BANK is the trustee…for a REMIC CERTIFICATE SERIES 2010-2…..Looks like fraud, smells like fraud..must be fraud? How bout it Mr. Cordray?

    • lvent says:


    • lvent says:

      Cordray is going to be interviewed on cnbc this hour…..

  3. Ali says:

    Notice how close and educated the people have been getting to proving the the massive fraud perpurtated on the homeowners (who by the way don’t own their loans anymore, the investors do), by the banksters and wall st. All my research for three plus years, down the toliet. These polititians can’t get there stories strait. I have been callling the orininator of my loan and bugging them about the fact that that my first lender, Washington mutual was never recorded with the county recorders office, boy Ive heard everything but the truth. Well at least I think I’m shaking things up with them.

    • lvent says:

      the day they sold that note onto wall street they got paid and lost any legal right to collect money from us…once the note was cashed…they can’t cash it again..the investors only bought an investment in the revenue stream….they took a gamble…they never delivered the notes to the trust because they could not have multipledged notes if they followed the law…our homes are paid for free and clear because of the massive fraud ponzi scheme with our mortgages!

      • lvent says:

        The investors don’t own jackshit….the fraudsters never delivered the notes to the trusts….the trusts are empty! The crooks destroyed the notes because they had to…..they cashed the notes when they sold the loan to the second bank…..the investors were sold sn empty bag…!

      • lvent says:

        the pretender lenders attorney told me outside of court….there is no trust…no trustee…no psa……there is no discovery….they have no chain….no proof they own my loan….they are a third party bill collector….they have no standing!

    • lvent says:

      If wa mu did not record the mortgage then who did? If the mortgage was not recorded you win automatically.

  4. lvent says:

    I watched Dylan Ratigan today…He and his guests were talking about this appointment and how there is a rumor the banksters are afraid because of the bailouts..( I doubt it) .Dylan’s guest asked Dylan if this appointment of Richard Cordray was Obamas Roosevelt moment….Dylan said something like…NO…not until they stop trying to redo the fraudulent loans…and put back the bad loans…that money is never getting paid back…..and reorganize the banks…..I love that!!!

    • lvent says:

      Gotta love Dylan…he is the bomb!!

    • lvent says:

      Rumor has it Obama may want to give a TRILLION dollars to the banks to refi mortgages…if you haven’t missed a payment…no questions asked… Kudlow reported tonite this is the bailout rumor that Obama may use to save his presidency….I guess the fear is if this is not done many more property owners will soon default…WOW…ANOTHER TRILLION FOR THE BANKS TO SQUANDER??? UNBELIEVABLE…!! And little do these people know that if they lose their job….and default after a refi…they will lose their homes in 3 months…they are trying to get these poor people who do not realize how bad this economy really is to re-establish a new debt.,…and no doubt there will be a waiver in there that if they default..they will have no legal recourse to sue for the origination fraud….Obama is a very crafty deceiver!!!!

      • lvent says:

        I missed an important part..if you haven’t missed a mortgage payment in 3 months…you will get refied, no questions asked! Sneaky, sneaky!!!

      • lvent says:

        If obama does give another trillion to the banks people should know that the economic outlook for 2012 is bleak….the fed is talking more quantitative easing and geithner predicts the economy in the fall of 2012 to be really bad…..worse than ever!! One of kudlows guests tonite had the nerve to say that the banksters have nothing to gain from refinancing mortgages….they won’t be able to sell an interest in them and make any money off of this scam….ha…if the people default they will get the insurance money and the house with ease!!!!! This is awful!!!! Obama should be impeached if he does this to unsuspecting homeowners!!!

      • lvent says:

        Bloomberg reporting…obama has no plans to give the banks another trillion dollars to refi homeowners mortgages…..I get the feeling they are testing us. Why would the banks need a trillion dollars to do refis? There is no lending involved in s refi and they never had any skin in the game in the first place….there is no end to the deception and the robbery of America….!

  5. Jack Hammer says:

    Patrick epitomizes the corrupt revolving door. The measurement is simple, too many people have been hurt for the benefit of a lesser number. We need the rule of law, not conveniences for a few.

  6. Jason Werner says:

    Richard Cordray is in bed with the banks. Truly, I know him. I have personal knowledge. He’d be a bad director. I am from Ohio. He is funded by the banks. He supports the banks’ fraud!!!!!!!!!!

    Do NOT let a friend of the banks get appointed anywhere in our government.

  7. Richard Neva says:

    No one can answer my question! I have waited and waited and nothing. Here goes again, why must I paid 804.00 dollars each month to a known Felon? My home is under water and has been for two years running. I owe more than it is worth and I want to get out of it! I am 71 years old now and I owe my soul to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and they will not re-finance me! I pay a staggering 6.5 interest rate and it is killing me. I can’t even afford to drive my car anymore. I know not a soul in this town and I want to move to a smaller home but I am a prisoner to a felon! I thought we were not supposed to deal with know felons!

    • lvent says:

      Richard Neva…Stop paying them then until they can prove they own your loan… and put the money you would be sending them in a safe place..Ask them for the QWR…do your homework…get copies of all of your recordings…look for the fraud in your mortgage docs…there is alot of info on the web..Can you find an attorney to file a quiet title suit? Was your loan ever in MERS?

  8. lvent says:

    Bloomberg news reporting Cordray already picked a Citi bank minion to be his cohort in investigating these corrupt financial institutions…!

    • lvent says:

      I wish it was not true but you just can’t make this stuff up…Why would Cordray hire anyone from Citibank to help him to investigate other banks..? That just sounds shady…!

      • lvent says:

        So all of the politicians can stop putting on their act…this was planned this way…Nothing will change under these corrupt politicians…Like some reporter at CNBC said today…this is a post Glass-Steagal financial world…

      • lvent says:

        Why would these politicians care what happens to all of us on Mainstreet?…They got their Casino on Wall Street and they used us all to carry out the biggest heist of our wealth in history..Throw the bums out America!!

  9. TheHutMaster says:

    Patrick McHenry is a first class SCUMBAG! He even looks like a little weenie.

    “Fight The Good Fight”

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